False Pretense Episode 13


His phone began ringing. He answered it. “Ola,wassup?…..umm, nope…kenny and…” He raised a brow and his eyes darted to her accusingly. “What now?” She wondered knowing she’d done something again, if it was about her hurting his obnoxious friend who’d been taking advantage of her then she wasn’t sorry or even guilty of doing any wrong. She hoped the guy hurt like hell, she hoped he hurt so bad he had to get to the hospital. He hung up.

“You were in Ola’s room?” He asked accusingly

“Yeah?” She frowned ” I didn’t find the restroom and I was pressed, it was the room I saw, so I went in.”

“Did you take anything of his there?” The accusation hit her like a blow

“What? No!”

“I don’t believe you. He can’t find a wrist watch, a very expensive watch. It was on the dresser, I don’t believe you just walked past without taking it.”

“I swear to you I didn’t take it. I admit I did see about three wrist watches on the dresser but I didn’t take it.” She told him, she’d admired them though and had even touched one but she hadn’t taken it

. ” Maybe we should just let the police decide on this one? I did warn you, didn’t I? One more stealing incident and it’s the police for you.”

“I’m telling you the truth!” She would be damned if she was going to be arrested for something she knew nothing about. “Okay look, you seized my bag, where would I put the watch?” She let the bags in her hand drop and lifted up her hands. If she had a wrist watch on her, it would bulge in the pocket of her tight jean skirt. She turned around for him to see she didn’t have it on her. He looked her over and was about saying something when the phone rang again. He answered it, his eyes still on her.

“Yeah?…okay, good.” He hung up and then addressed her “he’s found it. You’re off the hook.”

“I’m off the hook? I’m off the hook? That’s all you’ll say?”

“What should I say?”

“No ‘I’m sorry for accusing you falsely’? Or please…..”Her own phone began ringing, what was with these damn phones?

“One moment,” she told him bringing it out. Checking the screen, she saw it was her immediate younger brother Stanley “yes, Stanley?”

“Sis where have you been? I’ve been calling your phone for the past two hours!”

“Why, what is it?” She was getting scared now, there was obviously a problem from the tone of his voice. Her mind went to a million things at once. Was their mother okay? Or was it Dafe?

“Kite, it’s mum! She’s in a coma.”

“Mum…?” She whispered feeling faint suddenly, she leaned on Ise’s car for support as Stanley broke the news to her.

“Yes, she lost consciousness this evening!” He repeated.


Ise watched as kitty slept peacefully in the huge bed. She’d had a rough night and needed the rest, he made as little sound as possible as he came into the room, closing the door behind him.

Last night had been crazy for her, he hoped she’d feel better this morning when she awoke. He’d been by her side in a flash when he’d seen her lean on his car for support, obviously getting some really bad news on the other end. Putting two and two together from the conversation he had been hearing, he’d surmised it had been her mom. He’d watched as the emotions had played out on her face, she’d been hit really bad, her mom was in a coma, they weren’t sure as of then what was wrong but she was in a critical state.

After she’d ended the call, she’d totally broken down. The tears had started slowly at first and then the sobs had followed. Ise knew he had to step in, he couldn’t have left her in the state she’d been in, that would have been callous. He’d taken her in a hug while she’d held on to him for support and strength. Sobbing uncontrollably into his shirt while he’d cooed soft words to her. He could relate with her pain.

Four years ago his father had suffered a mild cardiac arrest and he could recall the pain he’d gone through. It was painful when a loved one was hurt and there was nothing one could do to help. He’d held her that way for a while, not sure for how long. He could tell she was too sad and in shock to function so he’d taken her home- his home since he obviously didn’t know hers and had settled her in the guest room of his private residence on the family estate.

It was about 7.30 am. and she was now stirring on the bed. Her phone was ringing again, he picked it up from the dresser. ‘Stanley’ was the name on the screen. He carried it toward her. She was so pretty and calm when she slept, why couldn’t she be this calm when she was awake? She had to be up to something all the time, causing or looking for trouble and he seemed to be stuck with her.

He’d resigned to fate now, since it seemed he couldn’t shake her off him. He wasn’t sure but it seemed like something was keeping them together also he was quite sure there was still hope for her yet, she’d actually gone into Ola’s room, seen the wristwatches and not taken any one of them, maybe she wasn’t all bad after all. Her eyes opened as the phone, which he carried got closer to her, she suffered a moment of confusion on seeing him before seeming to recall where she was and the events of the evening before.

Taking the phone she murmured her thanks. “Stan.” She said and listened to whatever Stan was saying. He perched on the dresser and watched her, gathering as much information as he could from her end of the conversation.

“She’s conscious…..okay, a tumour? Oh my God!…..Do you need me to come down?….have you spoken with her?…okay, okay, that’s good….I’ll see what I can do about the bills but frankly I’m dead broke…. We’ll have to use Dafe’s fees first….yeah, I know he won’t be happy but what can we do?…yeah… Please give her my love, I’ll call you later…bye.” She hung up, exhaled the breath she’d been holding before looking up at him.

“Hi.” She said giving him a wan smile. He guessed she still felt crappy.

“Hey.” He replied “any good news?” She shrugged

“sort of but not really, she’s regained consciousness but they found a tumour in her brain, she has to have surgery and then they have to test if it’s cancerous.”

“Still not out of the woods yet then.” He mused and she shrugged as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Life can be a bitch.” She replied “one blow after another.” He looked at her, such a heavy burden on her shoulders

“how you feeling now?”

“Shitty.” She replied as she massaged her temples. He had to smile, the girl was something else. She got up

“Look, let me freshen up and then I promise to be out of your hair forever, and as for your diamond stuff, I’ll get it to you by monday, just let me know where to drop it off.” This took him by surprise, he didn’t expect her to leave so soon

“hey, hey, why you in a hurry to leave?” He found himself asking. She shrugged

” I have no reason to be here. You helped me out last night when I was beside my self with grief and I’m really grateful for your help but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. So I’ll clean up and be on my way.” He shook his head, looking at her

“I want to be sure you’re okay before I let you out of my sight, you were in really bad shape last night. Stay a while longer. Have breakfast first at least.” He saw the idea of breakfast sounded good to her but she was still looking reluctant. “Please, I beg and insist.” He added. She shrugged indifferently but he saw a slight smile on the corner of her mouth

“okay, since you’re begging, I’ll stay for breakfast.” She told him as she opened the door to the bathroom. He smiled as he shook his head, but he was happy she was getting back to her usual self. The girl was something else.

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