False Pretense Episode 12


What a douche?’ Kite thought to herself as she washed her hands in the ladies. So because she’d danced a little sexily, he’d assumed she’d been begging for sex. She hissed, it wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of girls who had cheapened themselves for guys like him.

She admired the beautiful bathroom which was in the master suite. She’d not been able to find the restroom but had found this room instead. It was obviously the celebrant’s room since he owned the wonderful mansion they were in.

The room was well furnished, it reeked money, the entire suite to it’s large bathroom. Of everything, the Jacuzzi tub with an LCD TV over it was what she liked the most. She could imagine relaxing in that tub after a hard day at work, the warm water soothing all aching nerves and joints. It would be pure heaven. She sighed, looking over the place longingly; money was indeed good to have.

Deciding it was time to leave; she dried her hands under the hand dryer and stepped out of the bathroom only to see the douche she’d just left, lounging lazily on the large King sized bed. He turned as he saw her and sat up. He smiled as he got up and advanced on her. She stepped back.

“What do you want?”

” After what you did to me out there, I don’t think you expect me to leave you just like that?” He told her as he advanced on her.

Kite who was stunned for a few seconds at this guy’s denseness, finally found her speech.

” I told you I’m not interested and I meant it.” She said taking a step back.

“Sure you did, you’re all always uninterested until a guy can convince you otherwise.” He was too close to her and behind her was the bathroom door. She tried to take a quick sidestep but he was faster. He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her back to the door, pinning her against it.

“Let me go!” Kite told him, he was taking care not to hurt her but he was holding her against her will. She tried to shrug out of his grasps but it was futile, the guy was tall and had strength to support his build.

“Relax” he breathed against her ear “we’re both adults, and let’s be honest here, you want this as much as I do, so let’s quit wasting time and get out of here, we’re both gonna have fun, I promise.”

” What part of not interested don’t you get?” She asked him.”I am not interested!

“Would money interest you? How much? Name your price, we could do it right here if you want.” Kite’s eyes widened in horror

“get off me! You sick idiot! I’m not a frigging prostitute, how dare you?” She struggled against him but he laughed instead.

What was this guy’s problem, she was sure he wasn’t okay upstairs.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just thought..”

“You thought wrong, let me go!” She yelled again, frustrated.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He said eyeing her heaving chest appreciatively. “You’re too fine to let go, maybe I can convince you with a kiss?” He said as he moved his head closer, coming in for a kiss. Kite immediately averted her face to the side, so he went for her neck instead, breathing in her scent and dropping light kisses along the curve of her neck, caressing the side of her breasts with his thumbs.

Kite was repulsed; she was being taken advantage of and couldn’t do a thing about it. She could feel the tears at the back of her eyes.

“Stop, stop please.” She begged but he didn’t. He was kissing the top of her breasts now which was bare because of the plunging neckline of her tank. She couldn’t take this violation anymore, her survival instincts took over. As his finger flicked over her right breast, her knee came up, hitting him squarely in the crotch. He let out a high pitched scream and his hands left her immediately. Kite scurried away from his reach.

“You bitch!” He screamed as he dropped to his knees, the door opened just then and the birthday guy with a chick behind him. They stopped and took in the scene, kite made for the door leaving them to come up with their own conclusions. She’d had enough of this damn party, it was time to leave.

The original plan had been to wait till Williams was leaving but after what she’d just been through she couldn’t stay. Finding her way back to where she’d seen him dancing, she saw Ise still with his chick. She walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. He turned to acknowledge her presence, the chick he was dancing with giving her an angry stare like she was interfering. Kite ignored her, she wasn’t interested in the guy, she just needed her things.

“I’m leaving, I need my stuff.” She told him.

“What stuff?” He asked and then looked at her, she wondered what he saw because his next words were “are you okay? Where’s Kenny?” Nursing his wounds, she thought

“I’m fine, I just need my stuff.”

“We made a deal, keep to your end of it and your stuff will be yours.” He told her.

“Don’t be unreasonable, I need my handbag at least.” She said trying to be diplomatic, he could keep the other things but she needed her handbag. Before he could reply, his chick cut in.

“Girl, could you just leave already?” ‘Huh?’ Kite looked at the girl, reed thin like a broom stick.

“S’cuse you?” Kite asked her.

“it’s okay Fiola, I’ve got this.” Williams was saying to the chick but Kite brushed him aside.

“Were you talking to me? I know you weren’t talking to me!” Kite told her and then turned back to Williams. She didn’t give a hoot if he was a billionaire or the king of England, she was getting her things back. “Tell your chick here to mind herself before I vex, this is not Yankee. Please let me have my things and I’ll be gone.” She told Ise but before he could reply the girl started again.

“What do you know about Yankee? Cheap rude thing!” She said and that was the last straw. Kite lounged at the girl seeing red. The girl did not expect the attack and Williams was too slow to hold her back. She pounced, managing to get hold of her weave pulling it as hard as she could. Yankee girl screamed in pain. Williams grabbed at her hands.

“What the hell, Kitty! Kitty!” He called but she didn’t oblige.

“What I know about Yankee, abi? I will show you what I know about Yankee today!” Kite asked the girl who was struggling with her.

“Next time you watch who you talk to.” Ise finally managed to pry her hands loose. The girl held her head in pain as she walked away, obviously going to check out how much damage had been done. By now, the whole party had turned on the scene, kite looked around suddenly self conscious, she hated being the centre of attention like this but the brat had deserved it.

“What was that about?” Williams asked her angrily. She shrugged

“if you had just given me my stuff none of that would have happened.” Ise sighed, noticing the crowd that had gathered.

” Come” He simply said and went, she followed, happy that she had finally gotten through to him. He didn’t say another word until they got to the car.

“You’re just trouble waiting to happen.” He said shaking his head.

“Your girlfriend started it.” She said defiantly.

“And you took it to a whole new level.” Opening the door he brought out everything and handed it all over

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