FACEBOOK Girl Episode 6


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Previously on Facebook Girl…

Ahhhh!!! I shouted and it attracted the attention of the people in the queue. They asked me what the problem was 
but I couldn’t say anything.
** I stepped out of the queue and wondered if I was dreaming. Just
as I was thinking of what next to do,my phone beeped with a message from Nana Akua saying
“Baby, pls I left my school ID card at my cousin’s so i’m going to get it. I will be back in 20minutes. Please.
I don’t know when I started crying. 
I was crying like a baby on the busy road. I said to myself
“This time, I must teach this bitch a lesson she will never forget in her life” EVER!!!

Episode 6
….Just as I was standing infront of the bank and crying like someone who had lost his sexual reproductive organ, my mobile phone rang.
I didn’t know whether it was her or not or whether I wanted to pick it. I still checked though, and it was a friend named Borga; I often call him “the guru” because he’s into blogging and ICT.
Borga: Berma  how far? Your number has been off since yesterday.
Me: hmmmm. What’s up?
Borga: I dey o. Wat happened to your voice, you don’t sound normal my friend
ME: Hmmm. I have been duped by a woman I love so much.
Borga: Ah!  Come to my place right now.
( I stoppd a taxi and headed to Susuanso where Borga lives. After 14mins, I was at Borga’s place)
Me: ko ko ko(knock)
Borga: Who’s there; come in. I entered sat down, and without wasting time, summarized the whole episode to Borga in 3minutes.
Borga: How did you get into this mess?
ME: Not my fault. This girl is beautiful and has great assets, both infront and behind; I just love her so much
Borga: You are the biggest fool that ever lived”
Me: Thank u. What am I supposed to do now?
Borga: Don’t worry. I have a plan that will get us all the ¢100, or half and you will still have her in your bed for the next 2 days, without paying a single pesewa.
Me: Is that possible? How will we go about it?
(Just then, I received a message from Nana Akua which read “baby, I’m on my way back”.)
I showed it to Borga. He laughed and said to me.“Fool, if you fall again this time, then you would have broken the world Foolishness record”. He then opened a bulk sms application on his phone, drafted a Barclays Bank debit alert of ¢250and sent it to my line.
Me: What should I do with it?
Borga: Show it to her wen you get home, tell her that the ATM debited the whole ¢250 that you planned on giving her so you weren’t able to withdraw the money. As a result, you will go to the bank tomorrow to lodge a complain but if she cant wait, tell her that you have a friend you can collect the money from and that’s where you call me to come. Don’t worry, we will write the script on whatsapp
as you are going. But make sure you clear the whatsapp chats after reading it.
(I dashed out of Borga’s house and went straight home. Upon getting home, I met Nana Akua sitting on the bed restless. As soon as I entered, she hugged me and gave me a kiss.
Nana Akua: Baby, you look unhappy, what happend?
Me: ** I brought out my fone and showed her the alert making sure to act the drama as directed by Borga”*** (Nana Akua wore a sad face after seeing it.)
Nana Akua: What do we do now? It is 11:08am and I must get to Accra today.
ME: OK relax, let me call a friend to lend  me ¢200  to give to you, I will sort him out when you are gone.
(I picked up my phone and called Borga to come.)
Nana Akua hugged and kissed me again and said “You are a darling”. I asked of the surprise she promised
earlier, she replied that I should wait till my friend leaves so that no one disturbs us. I replied “OK”.
(Borga arrived at about 10minutes later).
ME: Borga my guy. Pls I need your help, my baby wants to return to school today but the ATM messed up. Please lend me ¢200 , I will pay you tomorrow.
Borga: The 80cedis I lent you the last time was never returned and u want me to lend you another one?. Na lie. Refund the previous ¢80 then I will give you the ¢200.
ME: So because of ¢80 you want to disgrace me infront of my baby?. OK I will repay both.
Borga: No. Find means to get me the ¢80first.
Then i turned to Nana Akua.
Me: Nana Akua, please do you have ¢80 with you, let me give it to my friend so that he can give me the ¢200.
Nana Akua: I dont have that amount, the only money on me is ¢55 and it’s money that my friend gave me to buy Slippers for her from when returning.
ME: Don’t worry, give me ¢50 out of it, since i’m giving you ¢200 in return, you can sort your friend.
She gave me the ¢50 and i gave it to Borga.
ME: Now i have given you ¢50 out of ¢80, can you now help me?
Borga: Do you know that you are a bad friend? If not because of your pretty girlfriend, I wouldn’t help you.  Let me go home and bring the money. I will be back in 10 minutes.
Immediately after Borga’s departure, she gave me the surprise. We had a hot romance which led to one round of sweet sex.
It was obvious that she noticed that I wasn’t excited about the sex.
“What’s wrong baby?” Nana Akua
“Nothing”, I replied.
Nana Akua: Kojo, do you truly love me?
ME: Why did you ask again?
Nana Akua: I just want to be sure because you are the only guy I have in my life after breaking up with
my ex and I don’t want to suffer for love again.
ME: I assured you of my love Akua
Nana Akua:. Ok dear, let me get a shower and dress up before Borga comes.
She stood from the bed unclad to the
bathroom .
I took my phone and checked my whatsapp messages.
I had  gotten a message from sege. “Massa, flash me when you are with your girl. I will call you and make
sure you put it on loud speaker. I want act another drama.
3mins later, Borga called, I picked and put it on loud speaker.
Me: Borga how did it go?, Where is the money?
Borga: There is trouble. As i was coming to your place earlier, I forgot to lock my door and when i got home,
my laptop has been taken as well as
¢300 in my house.
ME: So sorry. Pls can you return that ¢50, I will find means to add more money and give it give my girl.
Borga: You are mad.
**Borga hanged up the call.**
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