Facebook Girl Episode 4


Source: Anonymous

She stood up from my laps and went to the kitchen leaving me with a hard on. I said to myself again…
“Kojo, you must be the greatest fool of the highest
Sadly, I sat on the bed to nurse
my hard-on when she called me from the kitchen to join her in eating the noodles.
I did and after finishing the noodles, I went  to lie on the bed while she sat at the edge of the bed.
Nana Akua: “Baby, I will miss you. If not for my cousin, I would have lodged at your place”
Me: ” Don’t worry. There’s no problem.”
Nana Akua: “Well, i hope you will also give me something to give my friends at school because they will be
expecting it.”
Me: “Yeah, that reminds me. Now that your cousin refused to give you money, how will you return to Accra?”
Nana Akua:” Oh baby! I know you won’t watch me be stranded in Kumasi. Besides my cousin, you are the only person I know here. Please help me.”
Me:”But today is sunday and banks don’t open, how do I do that?”
****she suddenly wore a sad face and started shedding tears****
Nana Akua: “Please Kojo. I beg of you, pls use your ATM and help me, I have a  4 credit hour test tomorrow morning please.
******continues with the sad face****
Me: *****instantly, I felt
pity for her, imagined her pain and thought of her test. I just don’t know where the MR Nice Guy in me came from.
I replied her that “don’t worry, I will try and get something from the ATM.
Nana Akua was so happy that she kissed me again.
This time, it was more romantic and more passionate. I located her shirt button again. This time, she didn’t
resist; I pressed on to her bra, dipped my hand into it, located her tits and started  squeezing and pressing.
I traced my hands down to her abdomen, still kissing her.
Just as I was about unzipping her
trouser, she said “STOP”, I refused but she broke off the kiss and shifted a bit.
Nana Akua: “Baby, don’t you think its too early for us to have sex?. We are going to get married and enjoy
ourselves till eternity so why the rush?
Besides, this is our first date dear, please.”
******she wore this innocent girl look*******
I just wore a straight face and refused to say anything. She noticed that I was unhappy. So she came closer and started kissing me again, while rubbing my chest.
I was happy thinking that she was ready
to play.
Just as I was about pressing her bosoms, she held my hand and said “Baby, pls hurry to the bank because of time; I will surprise you when you get
Immediately I heard the word ‘surprise’, I suddenly smiled and became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a shirt and took my ATM card.
Just as I was about stepping out of the room, her phone started ringing……

*****wacthout for Episode 5*****