Facebook Girl Episode 3


Episode 2 ending…..

I checked the time, it was now 8:43am so I called Nana Akua and told her that I want to come visit her at her cousin’s place so she should give me the address. She replied that “I’m sorry, u can’t come, my cousin and I had a serious misunderstanding from lastnight through to this morning. Infact, we haven’t spoken since last night so its not advisable for you to come….
Episode 3…

After the call, I was so peeved and dumbfounded. “foolishness”,  was all i kept saying to myself .
I didn’t know what to do;whether to trace the address I found on Facebook or set her up, kidnap her or molest her.So many evil thoughts were  going through my mind. Just then, I got a text message  from Nana Akua which read: “Baby, I am on my way to your place”.
My head ached again as if a car had suddenly been sparked.
I started rehearsing how I will shout on her, and whether I should show her my discovery or not. I didn’t know what to do, I was just restless and walking up and down my room.
About 30minutes later, I heard the sound “ko ko ko” on my door.
“Who is that ?” I responded.
A sweet voice replied “It’s me Nana Akua”
I frowned and opened the door. Before I knew it, she dropped her luggage, hugged me and then planted a kiss on my lips.  I didn’t know what was happening.
Everything I planned to say to her jist vanished into thin air.
Just after a minute of her kissing me, she stopped and went straight to my kitchen, as she was going, she said, “baby, I don’t want to travel on an empty stomach so as not to collapse in the bus”.
What am i to do? The rehearsals are gone, the boldness to frown at her is gone, I don’t even know if I should confront her about her facebook messages,  if I do, what will be her reaction?.
A lot of thoughts was just running through my head.
She located my noodles carton and started cooking while we  conversed.
Me: Nana Akua, what went wrong between you and
your cousin?
Nana Akua:. Don’t mind that my uncle, I told him
that I’m returning today and that he should give me money but he refused saying he doesn’t have
Me:***thinking in my mind that “so this girl is expecting me to pay the return transfer fare again?”***.
“really?, why will he do that to his kid
Nana Akua:. He said I should wait till wednesday but I insisted that I’m returning today which is Sunday
Me: “That’s bad of him. Did u offend him in any way before now?”
Nana Akua: “No ooooo. He is just a stingy relative. If not that I mistakenly spoke with him about coming to Kumasi to see someone which is you, and he
insisted that I must come to his place; in fact, he called my mum that I am coming to his place so there was nothing I could do about it than to lodge at his
Me: “That’s family bond. Family will always want to be together. But wait, which area in Kumasi is he living?”
Nana Akua: somewhere around Asokwa. .
Me : ***then I remembered the address I saw in her
facebook chat was exactly Asokwa. Traffic light to be
” Baby, that is just 40mins journey from
here. Won’t I get to meet my in-law facially?”
Nana Akua:” I told you we aren’t in good terms.”
I actually insulted him this morning and left there in anger, so its not ideal for now, maybe during my next visit.
Me: ok
Nana Akua: baby, its 10:20am now and I should leave around 12pm so as to get to Accra earlier. So what did u keep for me. Won’t you buy provisions,
cosmetics and cloth for your baby?
Me: I frowned and said Nana Akua! U are a  very wicked and bad person, infact, I’m not happy with you, I should tell you this *** I have made up my
mind to tell her she is a cheat, prostitute and a
Nana Akua: *shocked*, she came closer, placed hand
on my head, takes it down to my chest and plants a
kiss on my mouth. Then she asked “what’s my
offence my husband”
Me: ****with this little kiss and the soft touch from
her palms plus the seductive way she used the tip of her breasts to rub my back, my brain was formatted
Nana Akua, I have been sick since yesterday which I told u about, u can’t even ask about my health, all you can do is to ask for provisions, that’s unfair.
***That’s all I could utter, I don’t know what sealed my mouth***.
Immediately, she sat on my laps, rubbed my head with her hands, pressed her breasts on me harder and said “I’m sorry baby”. I still wore a frown wondering why I lost the courage to confront and rebuke her. She noticed this and kissed me passionately this time. Its was romantic and I enjoyed it. As we were kissing, my hand located her shirt button, I was about to loose it when she said
“stop stop stop”, the noodles should be burning by now, I need to go and check it……….


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