Everyone Falls In Love Episode 6


Andrew had his eyes on the pastor, following his every movement on the altar, but his mind was someplace else. Two things were bothering him. Once he managed to get rid of one, the other thought would occupy his mind. It would have made sense to entertain the positive out of the two, but it was so foreign to him that it scared him. He had even turned down a Sunday afternoon visit from Veronica, one of his favorite lays. It would have been a great distraction right now, but he was trying to face his fears head-on.

Everyone in the congregation got up in response to something the pastor had said, and he saw himself rising with them. He closed his eyes and started praying.


Anita had had to change churches a lot in the last couple of years and she was getting tired of the act. It usually happened when people started asking too many questions about her private life and trying to reconcile her with her ex-husband. She always wondered why most of them didn’t understand the difference between separation and divorce.

So far at her new church, things had been going okay, till a particular couple found out they lived close to her. They started trying to make her attend home fellowship services which were held every Wednesday at their house, and they also always wanted to follow her home after church.

Today, she was hoping to get out of church as quickly as possible without having to greet anyone, so before ending ‘the grace,’ she was already on her feet heading out. Standing at the church entrance, along with the other people waiting for the second service was the friendly couple. Anita sighed and contemplated headed back into the church.

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She quickly replaced the frown on her face with a smile when she noticed they had seen her. They were about the same height and looked like teenage siblings in the matching Ankara outfit they had on. Anita exchanged greetings with them and was relieved when they said they had to rush in to get seats.

As she walked to the main road, she thought of calling up her Uber guy and heading to the mall. She had been longing to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and she felt like right now would be the perfect time to do so.

A bus pulled up right in front of her when she got to the bus stop, and she instinctively walked up to get in but stopped when she saw there was just one vacant seat and an old lady had been waiting at the bus stop before she got there. The lady said some prayers to her in Yoruba before getting on the bus, and Anita just smiled and nodded her head.

A few people joined her at bus stop, and minutes went by with no bus in sight. She removed her hat and fanned herself, hoping not to stain the collar of the white shirt she had on with sweat. A fancy looking car drove by and she instinctively thought of Andrew. A smile appeared on her face thinking of their time together yesterday.

Working in a bank, and dealing with strangers all day and having to be formal with most of her human interaction had made her too rigid, and she had enjoyed being carefree with Andrew the last couple of days. But she felt it would be awkward calling him up to hangout when they spent the most part of yesterday together. And he would probably be with one of his girlfriends anyway, she thought to herself.

She pulled out her phone from her handbag, and scrolled through the recently called numbers. She was about to dial his number, but changed her mind and put the phone back in her handbag. Something cast a shadow in front of her, and when she looked up, the exotic looking car she had seen a few seconds ago was parked a few inches from where she stood.

That’s strange, she thought to herself. She put her hat back on her head and took a few steps back. The car engine went off and the driver got out and leaned on the roof of the car. She looked at him and smiled.

To be continued