Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 12



Previously On Evening With Eva.

Sophia walked to the table, hitting it a few times with her free hand to get the man’s attention. The man turned and looked at her, staring in disbelief at the person who now stood in front of him.

“Sophia?” The man asked.

“Hello Agent Kwame . Who is in charge of things down here?” Sophia asked, sitting one butt on the edge of the table.

“I am.” Kwame replied.

Sophia pulled out the gun from behind her hip, pointing it at Agent Kwame’s chest.

“Not anymore Kwame.” Sophia said. She shot him on the chest,

She turned to face the agents in the room who were now looking at her with fear written on their faces.

“Have no fear agents. My name is Sophia. I am your new Boss. Does anyone have any objections, questions or comments?” Sophia asked looking round at the agents.



A white chubby lady in glasses raised her hand, getting up on her chair. She wore a pink flannel shirt on top of a black flair skirt with black high heel shoes..

“Oh. We have some one. Please step forward.” Sophia said.

The lady got out of her seat and came towards Sophia, standing six yards away from her.

“What is your name please?” Sophia asked.

“My name is Nana Akua.” The lady replied meekly.

“You are a very courageous woman, Nana Akua but stupid too. Goodbye.” Sophia said and shot her in the head.

“Any other person?” Sophia asked sarcastically, looking around again.

The room was very quiet. All that could be heard was the silent humming of the servers and the soft breeze from the air conditioners. Nobody spoke.

“Good. Just as I expected. Now that we are clear, I want every single one of you to resume your normal duties. If I find anyone slightly suspicious, that would be the end.”

Everyone went back to their normal duties and acted as though nothing had happened. The thug dropped Sark on a chair and took away the two bodies. She sat on the chair that Kwame had initially occupied, watching a little screen to her left.

Thirty minutes later, the General had called and she had answered. She waited patiently, watching him through the screen. He scratched his bald head and paced the room, his hands held together behind him, deep in thought. After five minutes, he pressed the button.

“Sophia, let’s talk. Can you come up?” The General pleaded.

“I will tell you when I am ready Marcus. Keep your fingers crossed.” Sophia replied.

Eva drove out of the parking lot, moving slowly and carefully so as not to arouse suspicion. The Colonel lay low at the back seat of the car, instructing Eva to take it cool. There were agents following them and they needed to be thrown off track. If they suspected anything, they would corner Eva and have her smoked. That would be the end.

“How many cars do we have on our tail?” The Colonel asked, still crouched at the back seat of the car.

“I am seeing two sedans. They are doing a very good job and they are alternating very well. Only a trained eye would notice this.” Eva replied.

“Good job girl. Now follow the road that leads through Melcom and get to Asokwa. You have to take the interchange road and enter the Total filling station there. That’s where we would lose them.” The Colonel said.

“What happens when we get to Total, dad?” Eva asked.

“Let’s just say, I have got friends of mine.” The Colonel replied and continued.

“Just make sure that we get there in one piece.” The Colonel finished.

“How is Sark doing?” Eva asked.

“He is still alive. How long that remains so depends on how soon we can get to him.” The Colonel replied.

Just then, one of the Sedans, a Toyota Quest overtook them and moved into their lane, driving just in front of them. The jeep behind continued to drive closer while the one in front reduced speed drastically.

The Colonel could not pretend anymore. They could not afford to be busted this way.

“Do you notice what is happening, girl?” The Colonel said, getting up and sitting on the chair.

“Yes Dad. They are trying to box us in.” Eva replied with a smile.

“You know what to do don’t you?” The Colonel asked.

“I was born for this Da Vinci. Hang on dad” Eva replied.

They were in a Ford Mustang which had iron suspenders and a strong metal barricade around its front and rear lights. Eva changed gears and stepped on the accelerator, hitting the car in front of them.

The Toyota Quest in front of them swerved left and right, in an attempt to gain balance after the collision. Eva stepped on the brakes, swerved right and overtook the car in front of her. She switched gear again and stepped on the accelerator, hitting the 80km/hr mark on the speedometer.

A Toyota Tundra came out from nowhere, hot on the trail of Eva’s vehicle. It was closing gap fast and would make impact soon. Eva stepped on the accelerator. They had just got to Bonny Camp and were speeding towards the roundabout.

Eva was going at 100km/hr now trying to out run the Tundra. The Colonel saw that the Tundra kept gaining speed and was almost close. Eva would not be able to out run it.

“Hit the brakes girl and swerve left when I tell you” The Colonel commanded, taking out a .23 semi-automatic caliber pistol from his socks.

As Eva stepped on the brakes in little continuous pumps making the car jerk forwards a few times, the Colonel pressed a button to wind down the windows. Jerking and slowing down from the huge speed that they were initially driving at, the car gradually slowed down allowing the Tundra to catch up with them.

The Tundra came left, trying to hit the rear of the Ford so that the car would skid and spin off the road. The Colonel was watching the Tundra carefully from the rear mirror. As the Tundra almost got to the tail of the ford, the Colonel shouted,

“Swerve! Now!!”

The Tundra narrowly missed hitting the Ford as Eva swerved hard to her left crossing the road. The Tundra failed to make impact with the Ford, causing it to lose control and swerve right. The moment was perfect for the Colonel because the driver was now directly opposite him. He bent forwards at the window and shot two straight bullets at the driver which caught him on the neck and on the chest.

The car continued to swerve right until it fell and booooom.

They reversed and turned into the roundabout moving into Asokwa road. Eva sped forwards and the Colonel checked his bullet chamber, winding up the window. A BMW X6 appeared on Eva’s rear view tail.

“We have another stalker. Any instructions?” Eva asked,

“Just head to the filling station as instructed. I will handle things from there.”

Eva sped through Asokwa road, running the red lights and swerving away from slow cars. There were two cars behind her now, trying to catch up with them and they were doing impressively well. In no time they got to the filling station and drove straight into the garage with the door closing behind them.

One of the cars trailing them continued along the road while the other also turned into the filling station, but parked inside. The driver came out and approached an attendant asking that he needed to align his wheels. He used that opportunity to study the garage and hope that the garage door would open and Eva would come out any moment.

Eva parked above a round manhole covered by a metal lid. On the Colonel’s instructions, they uncovered the lid and climbed down the man hole which was supposed to act as drainage but had not been used in many years.

The manhole led to a tunnel which in turn led to an opening behind the filling station. There was a car waiting for them as they got out of the man hole on the other side of the tunnel, with The Colonel taking the wheel and Eva getting in beside him.

“Now, we finish this.” The Colonel said as he started the ignition.

They sped off north and headed towards BeeHive.

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