Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 10



Previously On Evening With Eva…..

She was panting as she got in the car. She closed the doors and engaged the central lock. She adjusted the rear view mirror as she peered into it, making sure that she was alone and not watched.

She put the tiny device inside her ear and it glowed green.

“Hello DaVinci. This is Diana. Are you there? Come in please. It’s a red alert.” Eva said, pressing her hand against her ears.

She silently hoped and prayed that a reply would come in from the other end. She looked sideways, turning left and right as she waited for the Colonel to reply her signals. The car park was getting deserted. People were thinning by the second as they went in to see the movie of the night. It was dark and eerie.

“Hello Da Vinci. Come in Davinci. This is a red alert over!” Eva said, raising her voice.

She was desperate now and almost in tears. She stifled a sob and bit her lower lip. She sniffed and cleaned her nose on the back of her palm. The Colonel doesn’t usually take this long to reply incoming messages.

As she rested her head on the chair dejectedly, two hands came out of nowhere and grabbed her. One holding her mouth and another covering her eyes.

She tried to let out a scream but nothing came out. Her screams were muffled by the palm covering her mouth


S03E10.. .

“Shhhhh….Shhhh…. Be Calm Eva. It’s me.” A voice said.

Eva recognized the voice and relaxed. At the same time the hands that were holding her relaxed and loosened its grip.

“Dad?” Eva asked, looking back amazed.

“Shhhhh….” The Colonel said,

“Quiet, Diana.” He finished, taking out the device from her ears.

“What are you doing here?” Eva asked the Colonel feeling relief and worry at the same time.

“I sensed danger when I lost contact with Sark. So I had to come down to see things for myself.” The Colonel said.

“They took him away. We need to get him back. They took him from under my nose. I was a failure. Now I have no idea where to look. Please help me. Let’s get him back dad. Please.” Eva cried.

She had lost every bit of mental and emotional strength she had mastered over the years as a deadly spy.

This was a very different person from the agent that killed targets in cold blood and did not care for her own life nor that of any one else.

Yet here she was crying her eyes out and acting totally out of order. She was beginning to show that she was going to be a problem if she did not get back to her killer-agent self immediately.

“Diana! Snap out of this! What has come over you? I demand some composure. Now! Or I am going to waste you myself!” The Colonel threatened brandishing a silver .23 semi automatic.

Eva buried her face in her hands as she gradually got herself together. For the next two minutes, The Colonel watched her carefully as she transformed.

With a final heave and sigh, she raised her head. The crying Eva had disappeared. There was a deadly glint in her eyes. It now seemed like she had now found a renewed zeal to kill.

“Better Diana. Now, this is the plan. Sark was the bug. We deliberately left you out of the loop. We planned the whole charade and excluded you. We needed your reaction to be real and convincing because of the agents that would be watching you.

We were counting on G.C to go after Sark once he went to the toilet which he did. He has been taken by Sophia but I know where he is. He has an undetectable wet bug inside him that works with his heartbeat.” The Colonel said.

He brought out his iphone, opened an app and showed it to her.

“The bug is directly connected to his heart. Once his heart stops beating this red dot stops blinking.” The Colonel explained to Eva showing her the red dot.

“This is also a tracker. We can find out where they are.” The Colonel finished.

Eva was not interested in any of the technological gibberish her dad was spewing. With clenched teeth, she spoke.

“I am ready Da Vinci. Just tell me who I have to kill.”

The General pushed the button on the table connecting him to Bee Hive.

“Who is in charge of things down there? This is the General.”

There was a momentary pause. Seconds later a voice replied.

“I am now in charge, Marcus. Things are going to change from here onwards.”

It was the voice of Sophia.

Sophia watched the small 14 inch screen on her table as she spoke. The General looked very upset. He had never been confronted by any of his Lieutenants ever in all his time as an enigma in the force. She smiled to herself.

The General had no idea she was watching him. She had instructed Kojo to rerun the cabling in BeeHive the night before. She had bugged the Control Room where the General now occupied, attaching a very small unique surveillance camera on the wall. It was a very flat device which was adjusted to fit into the light switch.

Sark sat across her on a couch inside Bee Hive. He was disoriented and drowsy. Sophia had injected him with a kind of serum to make him lose consciousness. Sophia had got him quite easily. She knew the kind of attraction she had on him and she had never doubted her ability to use her charms on any man.

As Sark walked out of the viewing room, Sophia had followed him immediately. He walked briskly and descended the stairs, taking a right as he entered the Gents. He entered a cubicle, unzipped his fly and began to pee.

Sophia had entered quietly behind him without him noticing. She held a very small jack knife in her hand, placing it just on top of Sark’s peeing cap. His urine ceased abruptly. He could not continue.

“Hello baby. Miss me?” She said softly into his ear, using her tongue to stimulate the edges of his right ear.

“Sophie. How did you find me?” he asked. His urine finally found a way of resuming, the barely transparent liquid flowing into the basin.

“I always knew where you were Sark. I only needed to wait out the goons who were always around you. Most especially that Dam who is always clinging onto you like she owns you.” Sophia finished spitefully, the jack knife lowering harder on his limp peeing

“Easy baby. I don’t know you to be a jealous lover. There is enough of me to go round you know.” Sark said in a mock manner.

Just as he was shaking the last few drops of pee off his peeing stick and putting it back in his pants, two tall men in black suits and dark shades opened the door to the cubicle and dragged him out. Sark did not even try to fight.

They injected him with some form of serum and he immediately passed out. They dragged him through the emergency exit. Locking the door behind them, the men carried Sark through the staircase behind the building with Sophia following closely behind.

There was a chopper waiting on the landing already fired up and ready for lift off. The two men had bundled Sark into the chopper sandwiching him between them as Sophia sat beside the pilot.

Sophia and her crew were midway through their journey when Kojo radioed in. One .of the two men who had captured Sark, handed over the phone to Sophia

“Target is visible. Looks disoriented. She’s in the car park. Seems like she is looking for something. What’s your command Sophia?” Kojo had asked

“Just keep an eye on her. I doubt that she would be a threat. She doesn’t do when she is emotionally destabilized and that is what we have done.

I do not see The Colonel around but you have to make sure that you have your eyes wide open. He is the remaining part of this Take Out operation. As long as The Colonel is at large, we cannot relax. We have not won.

He is the only one who can cause us problems now and inflict real damage. That is not an option. However, if you notice anything funny or the least suspicious, do not hesitate. Take her out. Keep your senses Kojo. This is a very crucial stage.” Sophia replied.

“Roger that ma. We have found the location of the Colonel. After careful scanning and infiltration of the perimeter, we located their temporary hideout. However, he was not in the building when we got there.

I have increased the number of agents and collected a few exhibits. We are totally aware of his ability to blend in with his surroundings and disappear within the blink of an eye. We are leaving nothing to chance. We plan to box him in once we sight him.” Kojo said.

“Very well then soldier. Carry on. Keep me informed on all proceedings. Over and out.” Sophia finished, ending the conversation

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