Evening With Eva Season 2 Episode 7



Previously On Evening With Eva….

He put his right forefinger in the trigger hole. As the MP’s car moved, slowly entering the target zone, Sark’s finger slowly grabbed the trigger. The MP was finally in the zone. The target mark was on his head. Sark pulled the trigger. 20 meters to his left, the MP fell on his head. Dead..

“Are you with me Sark?” The Boss asked.

He opened his eyes. Slowly he said “Yes, I am”

“Good boy. Now who sent you to kill the MP?” The Boss asked.

“I do not know what you are talking about.” Sark repeated.

The Boss kept his cool and walked to Shark. He whispered something in his ears. Shark gave him another trademark punch. Sark’s chair rocked. They left him there and closed the door.

The visits continued and the torture increased. The food reduced and he hardly got enough water for a day. Every time, they asked him the same question. Every time they got the same answer. He had emaciated so much.

The sixth day came. They visited him as usual. He had sores on his skin. He could barely talk. His breathing was labored.

He could not open his eyes.

They met a pool of vomit and blood by his feet.

“He won’t make it. He can’t die here. Take him to the electric room. Let’s end his miserable life there. What a waste!” The Boss said to Shark spitting beside Sark.

Shark untied Sark and carried him like a groom lifting his wife for bedding.

Sark said a short prayer in his mind.

The end had finally come



Sark woke up in a very comfortable bed. He felt the drip in his right hand as he shifted on his side. He closed his eyes and opened it again. He was not dead after all. He was not in a hospital. That much he knew. He was in a prepared room.

The walls were padded with white wallpapers. He needed to ease himself of the pee that now filled his bladder. He felt stronger than he ever been a few days ago. He got up slowly from the bed and grabbed the iron stand that held his drip steady. He opened the bathroom, eased himself and came back on the bed. He closed his eyes and slept off.

As the days went by he got stronger and his bruises healed. He got back a lot of lost weight and looked as handsome as he once was. He had begun doing exercises now. On the eight day he started doing ten push-ups. He gradually increased to twenty and then fifty. He thrived in the pain.

He loved the strain in his muscles. In his entire life he never really exercised. He was just a computer geek who loved the keyboard. Now he added a little muscle in his game.

A pretty nurse came to the room twice daily. She was his gossip companion. She brought him food, checked his vitals and made sure he was okay. He had tried without any luck to get her to tell him how he got there.

He asked her who employed her and where he was. She had told him that she did not know anything and was just a nurse. Every day she was picked from home, blindfolded in a car and the blindfold was taken off only when she was in the flat.

She was being paid handsomely for her job and she did not mind the blindfold. Her father needed the money for the treatment of his arthritis. She was blindfolded on the way home too and released at her door step.

“How did you get the job?” Sark asked.

“I got a call from a strange number telling me about a job offer. It was too good to be true so the man planned a meeting. We met and reached an agreement about the fee. He told me about the blindfold. I did not hesitate. I have not seen the man since then” The nurse said

“How many men pick you from your house and drop you off every day?” he had asked on the eleventh day.

“A black Mercedes E Series pulls up outside my gate every morning. I go in the back seat and have small talk with the three men in the car. I get blindfolded till we enter a compound. I am guided into a living room by one of the men and then the blindfold is taken off.

When I am done with you, I walk back into the sitting room and knock on door that leads outside. Someone comes in, blindfolds me and leads me to the car. I have never seen the same person twice. Why do you ask?” She asked

“Nothing really, I was just curious.” he answered.

Sark had previously wandered out of the room he was in. The house was a mini flat which had just a single bedroom that served as his ‘hospital’, and the living room. The door that led out of the living room was securely locked from the outside. He had been carefully planning his escape. But he needed the girl.

He had developed a soft spot for the nurse. She was intelligent, pretty and sexy. He had always dreamed of dating a nurse. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get her off his mind. She was the only person he had contact with for about two weeks.

Their conversations had gotten more personal and he was freer around her. He was no longer on drips so she only brought him food and kept him company.

On the sixteenth day, Sark had just finished working out and decided to have a shower. He got out of the shower and came into his room clad only in a towel to meet Maria the nurse in his bed. She turned as he closed the bathroom door.

Her jaw dropped when she saw his wet body, his muscular chest and his tight six packs. She almost wanted to run her hands around his torso. He looked so fit and handsome.

“Ehmmm…Ehmmm… I did not know you were going to be ehmmm… wow” Maria said.

“It’s okay. It is not like I am totally naked or something.” Sark replied and continued

“What brings you here so early?”

“I just came to inform you that I would not be coming here after today. I came to say goodbye.” Maria said.

Sark sat beside her and took the card she gave him. It was a very pretty card which described how much she was going to miss him.

He took her hands and looked into her eyes.

“Thank you so much for everything Maria. I will never forget you.” Sark said.

As he finished his statement Maria leaned forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips. The kiss lasted for a little less than five seconds. Sark looked pleasantly surprised. He broke the kiss and eyed her suspiciously.

“I have been dying to do that for a very long time.” She said and blushed.

“And I have been dying to do this…” he replied.

He leaned forwards and kissed her lips. He held her face in his hands as her lips swallowed his. They rolled on the bed, their bodies intertwined; their lips still locked in a kiss and proceeded to take themselves to heights of unimaginable ecstasy.

Three hours later, Maria was dressed and ready to leave. She smiled at Sark as though acknowledging that she had a wonderful time. As she made her way to the sitting room, she noticed footsteps behind her. She turned and saw Sark following her.

“What do you think you are doing? You cannot be seen with me!” Maria whispered

He walked up to her.

“Do you trust me?” He asked holding her hands.

“I do but…” Maria started but he cut her short.

“Then please believe in me. Go ahead. Knock on the door.” Sark urged her.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked, fear in her eyes.

“Yes baby. I am sure. Now go.”

Sark sandwiched himself beside the door. Maria composed herself and knocked twice on the door. He heard a lock open and then the gate squeaked as the door opened. A man stepped into the room. He saw Sark.

Before he could react, He hit the light switch. The room went dark. With lightning speed, he dashed to where the man was. He disarmed the man and twisted his neck from behind.

He went back and flipped on the lights.

What he saw scared him.

Maria held the man’s gun and pointed it at him.

“We have been waiting for you to make this move for days now. What took you so long?” Maria said.

Sark was dumbfounded. He was sure that there was something else at play here.

Maria picked the man’s phone and dialed a number.

“This is Brenda. Yes. He has made the move. He is ready.”

She dropped the phone and lowered the gun.

Sark did not move.

“What the hell is going on Maria?” Sark asked.

“You just passed your test Sark. We are on the same side. Let’s get out of here.….

Present Day:

Sark was jolted out of his revelry by the persistent knock on the gym door. He got up and walked to the door to find Austin smiling coyly behind the door.

“Good Morning sir.” Austin greeted, still standing behind the transparent door. He held an Ipad close to his chest while his other hand had a small briefcase.

“Morning Austin. What is it with your smile? Come out with it.” Sark demanded, unlocking and opening the door for him.

Austin entered.

They walked together into the gym and Sark lay on a small bench which had weights attached to it.

“I know how much you hate being interrupted during your session sir, but this is really urgent. Corporation just sent you an email. You are supposed to respond before 10am. You are to be present in a dinner party organized and hosted by TDA Oil and Gas to celebrate their 5th year anniversary.” Austin said.

“Where is it holding?” Sark asked carrying the weights as he lay down, and pushing up and down to his chest and then up again, continuously.

Austin flipped through the slides on his Ipad.

“Asokwa Astoria Event Center. Red carpet is at 7pm.” Austin replied.

Sark struggled to push the weight up at the 20th count. Austin dropped his Ipad and tried to help his Boss lift the weight from his chest. With clenched teeth and a very squeezed face Sark warned Austin not to help him.

Sark grudgingly but painfully managed to lift the weight and put it in its holder. He got up from the padded bench, breathing heavily. His eyes watered and his biceps bulged. After catching his breath, he looked at Austin.

“Skip the red carpet. When is the programme kicking off?” he asked.

“8pm.” Austin replied.

“Any notes from Corporation?”

Austin smiled. This was the part he loved the most. He stood up and made to perform like he was the chief performer in an orchestra.

“Sit, Austin. And cut to the chase. I have other things to attend to” he ordered.

Austin’s face fell. He obeyed his Boss and read the Corporation’s notes for the dinner, sitting down.

“Target is Afari Gyan. Military commander, Business Mogul and Entrepreneur. He owns chains of businesses and sits on the board of the Ghanaian Stock Exchange. He is the Chief Host and is to be watched throughout the duration of the dinner.

He must be taken out before he gets to his home. Modus Operandi is Stealth. We will be watching you. Good luck Agent Bravo.” Austin finished.

Sark cracked his fingers and turned his neck both sides. He paced the gym, deep in thought. He had been out of action for a while. He needed the adrenalin rush. He contemplated dropping the job. It seemed a very easy take out. However, experience had taught him that the easiest of missions were always the most complicated. Little things were usually taken for granted and there was a tendency to flop.

He walked back to where Austin sat.

“Do you have the blueprints of the Hall?” Sark asked.

“Yes sir. Just a minute.” Austin said.

Austin walked to the wall and flipped the screen on his Ipad unto the cream colored wall of the gym. He swiped and flipped the 3D images that now appeared on the wall. Sark stood behind him as he watch Austin bring out the blueprint design of the event hall.

“These are the exits, here and here,” Austin said pointing to some images on the wall and continued

“There are three different entrances. Here, here and here. You can decide to exit through the balcony. There’s a ladder that leads from the first floor to the fire escape below. It is here, behind the building and not readily accessible, unless you are inside the Janitor’s room. The hall seats 200 guests comfortably and your seat is just by the exit door here.” Austin said, looking at his Boss.

Sark was looking at the images now on the wall. Something caught his attention. He was trying to figure out what it was.

“What does this place do?” Sark asked pointing to a small door in the 3D display on the wall.

Austin touched the spot where the door was on the wall and expanded it. The spot revealed a door with VVIP written on it.

“This suite was not in the original design. I think it was a last minute inclusion by the owners. It serves as a getaway for anyone who wants to have a really good time and has what it takes financially.” Austin replied.

After thinking for a few minutes, he made his decision.

“Accept the mission. It should be fun.” Sark commanded.

“I took the liberty of ordering a tux sir. Versace custom designed.” Austin finished grinning.

“Anything Austin. Just make me look good.” Sark replied, turning and walking towards the door. He picked his towel and went out of the gym.

Austin shut down the 3D presentation, He was very excited. He had not seen his Boss in action for a long time. Tonight he was going to be Sark again

Eva was up early the morning after her mission, waiting for the 7am news. She had waited up through out the night up until the very early hours of the morning trying to get information of the mission she just completed. She was on every social media and popular blog, keeping her ears on the ground for any breaking news.

The military was doing a very good job of covering up what happened. She threw popcorn in her mouth as the clocked ticked. She needed to know what the media had to say about the death of the Chief of Army Staff and what special cover up story they had cooked up.

Finally the news came on. As expected the news broke the information that the Chief of Army Staff was dead. Cause of death was tagged at Heart Attack. She smiled. The military was doing the exact thing she hoped they would.

She had wanted them to cover up the story. That was her original plan. Such a scandal would put the military at such a huge discredit and paint them in a very bad light. She deliberately left her gown in the hotel room, hoping that someone would stumble on it and try to trace it.

So far the gown had not been mentioned. That meant that someone had found it and was probably searching for prints and trying to trace its owner. She giggled.

She changed the station and settled on GhOneTv . She got out her phone. She had an e-mail. It was from Corporation .She opened it. A box popped up asking for a password. She paused for a while. It was a one-time entry password. Enter the wrong password and the email and its content would be destroyed.

She entered her password.

The email opened and she read the contents of the email:

“Dinner party at 7pm. Asokwa Astoria Event Center. Dress to turn heads. Details later. Backup”

She smiled.

She stretched her legs on the long couch and called her stylist.

Heads were going to turn.

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