Evening With Eva Season 1 Episode 13



Previously On Evening With Eva..

Sark saw himself chopping off a young man’s body limb by limb, each time the sharp machete made contact with the dead flesh, little spurts of blood were deposited on his face.

The dead man was screaming for help and begging for pity as Sark cut him mercilessly. Ignoring the man’s pleas, he took the huge pieces of meat with the bones dangling on one side and approached the den in the

Tawo pushed back his chair, put his legs on his table one on top of the other. He put his two hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

“I am going to nail this bastard.” He said to himself.



Ahmed shut the gate behind him as he got out of his compound. He walked towards the bus stop to join a bus going to Adum. As he was about to turn the corner that led to the main road, someone bumped into him. The person was a female. Tall, light in complexion, busty and very pretty.

“I’m sorry sir. I wasn’t looking. Please.” She said pleading and making eyes at Ahmed.

Ahmed had a weakness for fair skinned women. He could give his right arm for such women. He smiled at her and told her it wasn’t a big deal. He tried to flirt with her a little but she was in a hurry.

She gave him a fake number. He smiled as she hurried along and left him to continue his journey. After walking a few meters, she put her left forefinger in her left ear and said

“Bug planted.”

As Ahmed walked towards the shade at the bus stop, he tried her number. The number did not exist. He smiled. He turned and got into a mild run. He wanted the girl. He figured that since he still had about 2hours to spend, he might as well while out time trying to get the girl.

He turned the bend and was walking stealthily close to the fair skinned lady when he saw her put her finger in her ear and say those words.

He was angry with himself for falling so cheaply. He decided he was going to play them at his own game. He turned and walked back to the bus stop. The girl had hit him by the shoulder when they collided. He checked his collar and both sleeves. There was nothing.

His watch was on his left wrist. He took off his wrist watch and scrutinized his hands. Something caught his eye. There was a very small silver dot covered by his wristwatch. It looked very foreign. He scratched the surface of the object. It came off his wrist and came on to his palm.

There were two very tiny pins attached to it. The pins were barely visible. The pins tried to fasten themselves onto his wrist. He quickly shook it off and stepped on it with his heavy boots. He crushed the bug.

He entered the Adum troski, sitting by the window in the middle row. It was a 14-seater passenger bus. The bus moved at snail pace and picked some more people, Phase 1. They looked very smartly dressed and smelled good.

One sat behind him and another beside him. He was not comfortable. He suspected them. He got down at the next bus stop. He crossed the road and took another bus. He got down and began to walk very fast. He passed labour and walked towards the round-about.

He stopped abruptly, acted like he forgot something and turned quickly walking back the same way he came. He saw someone quickly dodge behind a parked taxi. He grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. He walked towards the parked taxi, acting like he was innocently looking for someone. His stalker continued to back off slowly. From the corner of his eye, Ahmed could see the agent moving back slowly and slowly.

He turned and crossed the road to the UBA bank. He walked along the street, stopping at intervals to buy a bottle of water. There was a glass panel covering a building beside him. With one eye on the bottle and one eye on the glass panel, he saw a man in a black mafia suit walk past him.

He was staring at Ahmed. He did not know Ahmed saw him. Ahmed finished gulping the water and rushed to the interchange. He heard a bus call “adum”, one more chance”. He quickly got on it. He got down again and took another bus back to labour.

The guys trailing him were lost. They continued their journey to adum. He circled labour a few times to be sure he lost them. When he was sure he had, he saw an umbrella shed. He sat down and got a new sim card.

The attendant insisted Ahmed had to register the sim card before he could leave the place. He brought out three 50gh notes and handed it to the attendant. He smiled and allowed Ahmed to leave.

Ahmed circled labour twice again taking a different route this time around. He made sure he stopped abruptly at intervals, turning and walking back the same way he came. When he felt someone was trailing him, he would enter very cramped streets and crannies, going through places he knew from his 14 years in the area.

No one could keep up. After minutes of circling, he walked to de Round-about. He stood at the place for close to four minutes. There was a long stretch of road on both sides of him. There was nowhere to hide and it was impossible for anyone to pretend not to be trailing him. He entered the bus and headed home.

Eva woke up to find herself in a beautiful bedroom. The room was large and decorated with flowery curtains. The walls were painted pink and almost everything else was in pink. The huge king size bed rested majestically in the middle of the room. She was naked.

She saw her clothes littered on the ground. There was a pink colored candy panty beside her leg. It was not hers. She recalled the events of the past few hours. She bit her forefinger seductively. She had not experienced such intimacy with anyone before. It was explosive. She had multiple satisfactions and did not want it to end. The alcohol played its part too in the experience.

She got up from the bed tying just the duvet around her body. She admired herself in the mirror and smiled. She stilled looked good. She had a bath, dressed up and waited for 8pm when Shina would take her to see her mother. She was in high spirits. At exactly 8pm, there was a gentle knock on her door.

“Finally.” She said to herself.

“Come in. It’s open.” She said loud enough for whomever it was that was at the door to hear. She had a huge hunch it was Shina coming to take her to her mum.

A strange face appeared at the door. He came in, put his hands behind his back and said,

“Ma’am. There is someone here to see you.” He said.

“Who is it?” Eva asked already worried.

“Your mother.” The man replied.

“Where is she?” Eva asked, suddenly animated and full of life.

“She is in the waiting room.” He replied.

She got up, brushed past the man and headed for the Visitor’s room.

Sark had not heard from Sophia. He had called her number and left her messages. He did not want to barge in on her in her room but now he had no choice.

He left his room and crossed to the other side of the huge Mansion where Sophia’s wing was. He passed by the Fortress where the dogs were backing crazily. He remembered last night’s events and felt a shrill down his spine. He half jogged to Sophia’s wing and entered without ringing the bell. He got into the small corridor and decided to go to the Visitors Room first.

He stopped dead when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Eva looked up as he entered the room. Their eyes locked for seconds.

As he made to approach her, a voice called from behind him.

“Sark! Over here.”

Sark turned momentarily.

It was the devil herself. Sophia.

To be continue