Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 9


Things worked out as expected, Jenny accepted my request which made me very happy, we spent out time with each other mostly on phone conversations. As for Clara, she became a regular visitor in my house bringing along all sorts of gifts whenever she came.

We hardly spoke on phone due to her constant visits on daily basis and the s-x part of it was not left out cuz she sometimes sleep over. I was really having fun with both ladies but I have to put things in order so as not to mess things up.

I was at home one sunny afternoon when I heard a knock on my door. At first i had no idea who it was, it’s surely not Clara cuz she went out. I opened the door and was surprised to see Jenny. On sighting her, i embraced her happily and pecked her.

Me: wow Jenny, you didn’t tell me you will be coming.

Jenny: yes dear, I really didn’t had anything much to do today so I decided to pay you a surprise visit.

Me: that’s so thoughtful of you, am glad you are here at least you can keep me company for the main time. So how is everyone at home.

Jenny: they are all fine.

We sat and talked for a long time before i became hungry, i told her about it and she insisted on preparing something for me to eat. I had to go out and purchase most of the needed foodstuffs for the preparation after which we had a great time doing the cooking together.

We were done within an hour, after dishing the food, we both sat down and began to eat.

Me: hmmm, the food tastes good, thanks to me who did the cooking alone.

Jenny: she giggled, you must be joking, as if i wasn’t the one who helped you out.

Me: you can say whatever you like, it doesn’t change the fact that I am a good cook.

Jenny: hmmm, am impressed glad to hear that. So Daniel tell me more about yourself, i mean your siblings, don’t you have any?

Me: i don’t have a brother neither do I have a sister, am the first and only son of my parents.

Jenny: really?

Me: yeah, i live here alone

Jenny: so what do you usually do most of the days?

Me: Nothing much, i do stay at home most times.

Jenny: why, don’t you have a job?

Me: for now, i don’t. I resigned from my previous job due to some personal issues, but am currently working towards a better one.

Jenny: so you stay indoors all day doing nothing?

Me: i don’t have a choice, but am gonna sort it out.

Jenny: you can sort it out while I see what I can do about it.

Me: i don’t understand, do about what?

Jenny: never mind dear. We need to be fast with the meal, daddy wants me home before dusk.

Me: that means you will soon be going.

Jenny: not yet, but we still have some time left.

Me: okay, tell me about your parents, what do they do for a living. Jenny: promise to tell me about yours when am done.

Me: okay I will, its a promise.

Jenny: Good, well my father is the Chief executive officer of a multi millionaire company while my mum works under him by running the affairs of some of his companies. Not to forget, they both cherish me as their only daughter, hope dats okay for now.

My brain was just echoing *multimillionaire, multimillionaire, multimillionaire* guys una understand wetin I mean na Jenny:

Daniel you are not saying anything.

Me: oh, yes dear its okay for now.

Jenny: so tell me about yours.

Me: you mean my parents

Jenny: yes, you promised so tell me about them.

I told her what she needed to know after which we rounded up and cleared the food. She later helped in washing the dishes and had to go when she was done. I was really going to miss her, we embraced and kissed each other before she left.

I retired back to the bed and decided to relax a little bit, i opened bbm and had a chat with jaga telling him how things were going between me and both Ladies and he assured me that nothing will go wrong as long as I play my card well and minimize the number of times Clara visits daily which i obliged to do.

We talked about other things be we later ended the conversation. It wasn’t up to an hour Jenny left that I began to hear another knock on my door. I stood up and went to check who it was and it turned out to be Clara.

Me: Clara, you are back?

Clara: yes Daniel am back, did you miss me?

Me: *miss you ke* I did. Clara: are you sure, or aren’t you happy to see me.

Me: of course I am, i said and hugged her.

Clara: wait a minute Daniel

Me: what’s that?

Clara: what am i perceiving all over you, isn’t dat a strong perfume odour. I don’t recall ever seeing you apply one so how did it get here? Ewoooooo this girl don catch me oh.

Me: Clara, I don’t understand what you are talking about.

to be continued