Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 7


I woke up on Saturday morning feeling very weak and tired, it was Jenny’s birthday so I decided to wish her a happy birthday. Forcing myself out of bed, i stood up to pick up my phone and dial her number but it wasn’t reachable. I then opted to send her a birthday text which i did after typing the sweetest of words one can use to woo a lady.

I knew i had to to prepare and get dressed for the event, today i will be meeting Jenny in her home, not just her but her entire family members, i just had that feeling today will be good for me. I got out of bed and ran into the bathroom happily, singing and whistling while I had my bath after which i later got dressed up.

I left home when it was almost noon and headed to my destination, Jenny had sent the direction through a text message the previous day which i used in finding my way. The place seemed to be very far from where I reside and i had a hard time locating where It was.

Nothing seems more frustrating than having to find your way under the scorching sun in an unknown place most especially if it is your first time. I eventually got there after spending close to two hours locating the place which was inside an estate, i stood at the gate and stared at the house, Mehn the house fine oh.

Without wasting further time, i knocked on the gate and it was opened by a man on navy uniform which i presume was the security officer

Me: Good day sir

Security: Good day young man, how may i help you.

Me: Am here for the party, Jenny…..no I mean Jennifer’s birthday party.

Security: were you invited?

Me: yes I was invited.

Security: by who?

Me: I was invited by Jennifer

Security: okay, Can I see your gate pass.

Me: gate pass?

Security: yes weren’t you given one?

Me: No i wasn’t, she invited me herself.

Security: If it is so then am afraid I can’t let you in.

Me: eh? Sir but errrrrrrrrm…

Security: young man, you are not having your gate pass so there is no way I can let you in. It is an order from Honourable Collins her father.

Please excuse me and have a nice day, he said and close the gate. Why all this now, Jenny didn’t tell me anything about gate pass, and besides there’s no way i will just start going home like this.

I quickly brought out my phone and dialed Jenny’s number. It didn’t go at first due to network issues but later went through after several attempts.

Me: hello Jenny:

hi Daniel, aren’t you coming for the party anymore, it will start few minutes from now.

Me: am at the gate, i tried coming in but the gate man didn’t allow me in.

Jenny: you mean the security officer, why did he stop you from coming in?

Me: he said something abou…. Jenny: oh, i remember now, it about the gate pass ryt?

Me: yes it is, but you didn’t tell me about it, did you?

Jenny: am so about dat, i will inform him to let you in, please give me a minute, she said and hung up. I waited for some time before i heard the gate pushed open. The security officer instructed me to come in which i did Immediately without hesitating, i was amazed at what I saw, the compound was really beautiful, there is no doubt Jenny father is a wealthy man. I had barely walked to the door step when my phone started ringing, i checked the screen and it was Clara calling

to be continued