Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 62


Yes boss, taga said looking at Maxwell who collected the the phone from her.
Hello Amara, you gave me quite a scare , I have almost gone crazy”
oh my” am really sorry Amara answered.I just had something urgent to take care of”
it it nothing, am relive now that u are OK.
thanks, if it would be another burden I haven’t checked on my friend in the hospital, she had the habit of skipping meals. o would be very grateful if u can help me out, I know that u are always busy and….
don’t worry I will take care of her, maxwell answered before Amara could finish her statement.
oh” Amara signed “: I can’t thank you enough, thank you do much.
the senator knocked on the door gently. there was a lot of things he needed to be doing in abuja but he was here in Lagos unable to leave when is family is on the verge of breaking apart, his wife had refused to talk to him ever since she discovered that Alex was her child. could he blame her? she had every right to be angry but he still loves his wife despite her betrayal and infidelity, he still wished they could work things out.
the door opened, and Mrs bello stood there looking like a shadow of her self, she looked slim and strained. Katrina he called out.
Mrs bello looked at him and said I told u I don’t want to see you ever again bello, stay away from me.
she tried to close the door but he stopped her, please we can work things out he pleaded.
work things out? I have been begging for your forgiveness for years and u treated me like a trash. I was fading away, yet u did not forgive me. but now you are begging for my forgiveness and u expect me to forgive u just like that’ she said bewildered. she shook her head, may be we were not meant to be together bello, there is nothing joining us again. the only bold I thought we had was Alex, but now the truth had been revealed, I think it the best we go our sperate ways”
No bello said shaking his head, God had joined us together, we can make it work again.
yes God had joined us together but I am putting asunder. with that she locked the door.
Amara returned from her mother place relieved, she had wanted to spend more time with her mother but then she had to leave. they talked about many things and Amara told her mother about everything that happened including the appearance of Alex and Mrs bello but Amara didn’t want to talk about the conversations she had with Kelvin, because her mother sided with Kelvin and was defending his action. Kelvin’s betrayal was still fresh in her mind. she waited endlessly for her father but he didn’t come.
it was already dark when she got home, she paid the taxi man and went inside her compound. I can do this, I can be a good mother she kept telling her self. she saw get door and remembered what taga told her and she couldn’t believe that max could break down a door. the door looked like tgw way she left it because max called someone to fix it.
” Amara”
she turned to look at the person calling her name, it was Alex running toward her, oh no she didn’t want to see him, she bite her lips” Alex what do you want? I thought I have made it perfectly clear that I don’t want to ever see u again.
I know but I couldn’t stay away from you” am sorry.
what do you mean by that nonsense please leave my house this instance or you will regret it she warned.
I can’t Amara, I just saw him, he said looking pale. like he had seen a ghost”
Amara tapped her foot impatiently, you just saw who?
our son”
our sin isn’t dead I just saw him’
Amara hands shook, and she moved closer to alex, you saw him.where;?
he his with ur father.
my father? Amara frowned, which father? was he involved in this too.
your father the police man he stated”
oh my’ he just look like me, someone told me and I didn’t believe until I saw him wal king walking with him, Alex eyes watered aAlex for thiss he said this, his face filled with emotion, he had my face he his so handsome, oh Amara I thought it was a dream.
Amara gripped the handle of the step she had hope he would not look like Alex, her desire to see her child increased, it doesnt matter if she had to beg Alex for this. she wasn’t sure if she could wait for kelvin to bring him, she had to hug her son to kiss him.
do you think this is destiny?
what her brain woke up sharply, she couldn’t put together what he was talking about.
may be we are.meant to be together amara, am sorry for all the pains I have put u through pls find a heart to forgive me.. at first we find out that we weren’t sibling and now I found out that our child isn’t dead I think fate had the way of bringing us back together. Amara could only stare at Alex. I have never been happy since you left years back, I love you Amara I have developed this feelings for you, I stop my self from thinking about you.
Amara could only stare at him, with her mouth open, she wasn’t expecting this to sinbe happening.
am sorry for the hurt I have caused you we can make it work again with our son bringing us back. we can make it work, with this he was moving dangerously close to her, please Amara please marry me, we can be a big happy family.
with her mouth still opened , Alex went on his kneel before her.
to be continued
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