Endless Tears-Episode 1


By Angela

Blurb….. In the land of iguocha where people are known for excess beauty lived a certain beautiful gal named Amara. definitely not the most beautiful girl in the land, but obviously the most desired. her stop less skin was neither fair or dark it was somewhere in between, glowing like glass smoothly like a slink her flawless skin was the envy of the other maidens in the land even thou was from a very poor background, her smile bright like the morning sun was enough to make every male species desire the sight of her.and her suitors where many even thou she was still in school did not stop increasing though from a very poor family did not stop her dream of becoming a medical doctor in other to take her family out of poverty. she had watch on her neighbor television the way doctors dress smartly in white apparels in the hospital and have vowed to focused squarely in her studies in other to reach her aim. Amara started school late but at nineteen , she was in her final year in secondary school and she had never lost the top position in her school, and she looked forward in writing the popular wace which was feared by all the secondary she had burned candles in the long vacation and now the resumption is finally here with much energy. her dream is finally coming to fulfilment. she had hope of meeting the scholarship in other not have any problem in school. little did she know about her destiny and it took another turn.something unexpected happened ,, something unexpected happened, which change her course of life for ever. **** ******** I closed the lid of my diary as warm tears glisten my eyes u wanted them to go away as usual but they rolled in controllable down my eyes. I did not waist time to brush them away knowing fully well that it will be a wasted efforts. a warm hand touched my shoulder tenderly bringing me back to my surrounding. the cameras where already in place as five pairs of eyes looked at me with concern in there eyes. are u ready the manager asked me?? I shivered and nodded my head and turned to the camera. hello I said to the take recording my name is Amara peters….and here is my story ********* ********* I hope u enjoy this story from me Angela Endless tears…. by Angela episode 1 Never have I fathomed in my little mind that I will be drained of my goal. my eyes have always been fixed on that spot. I always spied on my neighbor television just to be able to listen to news, see beautiful people and aspired to be like them. but everything changed all of a sudden my diverted. my brain was hacked by a stronger device and I was left with only one thing to drive every action -my emotion to corper bello appeared and became the driver of my emotion because he had the key to my heart……. my legs dragged slugging on the fanciful road of abuja, as I dragged my legs to meet the pace of my parents were setting. we have spent three days in abuja. doing the only thin searching for corper bello. I cannot believe this is happening to me.my legs strange and my waist painfull from excess walking. every one I saw was neatly dressed.even thou this was my first time moving out from my local village I was not enjoying my self move faster pregnant woman my father shouted and stop dragging ur self. people who where pacing by turned and where looking at us I bowed my head down out of shame. yes am pregnant for corper bello, dad never stop reminding me of it like I can ever forget. how can I forget the news that killed my dreams??and brought shame to my face?? you this useless thing when u know u cannot handle the rigors of pregnancy, why did u spread ur legs wide like a satellite dish?? stung, I held back the tears in my eyes and walked with my head bowed. thought vacated my head as I walked lifelessly behind my parents. Aah Aah nnayi …my mum murmured bitterly short up woman my dad shouted at her looked at u like mother like daughter he hissed. u better find the useless man that impregnated ur daughter if not u will both live my house today. he hissed again I Wonder where ur waywardness will lead us to. we don’t have s–t in my family maybe it from ur mother side. pains sliced through me like a million sliced I have brought shame to my family I cried out.

I have cried a lot during the past few weeks, and all I hope for is that all the pains am feeling now is worth it, tears burned in my eyes as I remembered my dreams. the dreams I had hoped of been a high class doctor. all this dream has been destroyed. i told my self with confidence that corper bello will accept me and my unborn child. I placed my hands protecting my tommy, trying to close the ear of my baby from hearing the harsh words from his grandfather as my dad continued to rain insult on me . my anxiety lifts up a little as I remembered the sweet words that came out from his mouth as he made sweet love to me. he has worshipped my body with his hands and his month saying words that brought tears to my eyes,it has been the most exhilarating experience of my life. corper bello loves me he will defiantly accept me and the child, I told my self all we need to do now his find his house that we have been searching for the past three days. we discovered that is father is the famous sanator bello, my dad seemed to reduced his anger toward me

we arrived the massive gate and paused . I checked the address again, I am sure there was no mistake . this cannot be cope fathers house, can it? the gate alone is bigger than my entire village.

isn’t this the place my father asked me also awed as he saw the massive gate.
I checked the address again my mum also checked the paper I was holding , I think it the place I said instantly.

he knocked at the gate. I adjusted my small wrapper and waited patiently. the gate opened and a man came out.his size was big and he was looking down on us from head to toe his turned . what do u want he shouted.

my dad glared at him, where is ur Oga?? we are here to see sanator bello
the guy looked at us again and laughed people like u don’t have any business with my Oga. are u sure it the sanator u are looking for?
ogini my mum intervened what is ur job is it not to attend to visitors??c’mon open the gate

u cannot go in the sanator is in a meeting
dad hissed and pushed the guy out of the gate, mum dragged me forcefully inside the house . I was surprised to see the big house and I wondered where the entrance.before we got to the door the guy has already informed them of our coming I saw a woman running down the entrance with the guy looking at us like some little insect
what may I do for you place out of courtesy.
dad hissed get out of my way woman I am here to see sanator bell and his son I don’t need a woman running her mouth here
the woman got angry what do u want with my son and husband he dies not mingle with ur kind she said in disgust.
hey u better shout up ur mouth now or I will shut it up for u and and tell the world how in responsible ur son his. shameless people and the earlier u take us to him the better.
******”””””””””**** to be continue