Dirty Diana Season 3 Episode 11


Previously On Dirty Diana

You’re leaving? who’s picking you up?”

“Um, my girlfriend.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”


“Cute dog,” someone said from behind me.

“Why are you here?”

“Looking for you,”

“Cute.” I rolled my eyes. “Now what’s the real reason you’re here?” I asked again.

“That’s the real reason. I wanted to see you, so I followed you here from school.”

“Well you saw, now can you leave?”

“Who was the guy you were talking to?”

“Where are you going?”

“To the park, I’m walking Sweets,”

“Can I join you?”

“Fine!” I sighed.

“So Dee, where did you go to school before you came to our school?”

“Hey! Isn’t that Jason?”

“What?” I asked, thinking I had heard wrong.

“Jason Boateng, my best friend. He’s from our school. Look, he’s playing in the sandbox,” he said, pointing straight ahead. I followed his finger, and he was right. Jason was there, sitting in the sandbox, digging for something.

“Jason?” I whispered softly.

What is he doing here?



Dianaa’s POV

I continued to watch Jason dig through the sandbox, not really understanding what was going on. I mean, why is he even here?

“Jason!”  Kojo called out as he waved his hands frantically in the air, trying to get his attention.
“Over here!”

As soon as Jason heard Kojo’s voice, he stopped whatever he was doing. He looked up, his eyes searching for whoever called his name until he found Kojo waving at him.

Jason grinned and waved back at him. Kojo held up a finger so as to say ‘one moment’ as he turned his attention back to me.

“Come on, let’s go over there.”

I gulped, nodding nervously. I pulled Sweets along with me and followed closely behind him, not wanting Jason to see me yet.

Oh my god! I can’t believe it, Jason is here, and we’re walking toward him! This is bad, this is really bad! It was bad enough when he didn’t talk to me when I bumped into him in the hallway, but what will he say now? And of course, I’m with Kojo, of all people.

“Hey Jason! I can’t believe you’re at the park, too!” Kojo greeted as they did this weird guy-hug thing.

“Yeah, me neither. What are you doing here?” Jason asked him, still not noticing me behind Kojo.

“Nothing much.” He shrugged. Diana was just walking her dog, so I tagged along, he explained as he moved to the side a little and gestured to me.

Well here goes nothing. I was about to open my mouth when Jason beat me to it.

“Oh, so you’re Diana?” he asked, his voice sounding somewhat strange.

“Yeah, that’s me,” I answered, trying hard to keep my voice as calm as possible.

“Nice to meet you, then.” He smiled, showing me his cute dimples. “I’m Jason.” He held his hand out towards me.

Glancing down at it, I smiled weakly and gave his hand a quick shake. I didn’t want him to think of me weirdly, since my hands were probably sweaty and gross.

“Nice to meet you, too.”

An awkward silence passed between the three of us as we just stood there, not knowing what to say, until Kojo broke the silence.

“Hey, what’s that you got there?” He asked, pointing to a small white box Jason was holding in his hand.

Now that Kojo mentioned it, I kind of wondered about it too. I didn’t even see it until now.

“Oh, this?” He pulled the box a bit closer to him. “It’s just a box.”

“Really?” Kojo asked, raising his right eyebrow at him. Seemed like he didn’t believe him, Maybe he could tell when he was lying?

“Yeah,” Jason answered back casually.

“Can I see it then?” He asked, taking a step forward and holding out his hands for it.

“No!” Jason replied harshly, his voice going a little higher than normal. He pulled the box away from Kojo, afraid he was going to take it.

Kojo held his hands up in surrender.

“Calm down Jason, I just wanted to see it, that’s all.”

Jason blinked, shaking his head slightly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so harsh.”

“It’s okay buddy, I know-”

I drowned the rest of their conversation out, not wanting to listen anymore. It’s not my conversation to hear, right?

I was about to sneak away while they were talking, until something colorful made me stop. It was a bracelet on Jason’s wrist. Nothing special, just a bunch of beads strung together to form his name; but for some reason, it looked very familiar. I wasn’t really sure how it looked so familiar, I mean, this was just the first time I’ve seen it, right?

“Hey Jason, where did you get that bracelet?” I asked, probably stopping their conversation as they both turned to me

At first Jason glanced at me in confusion, then his eyes grew wide with shock. He stared at me for a while before he answered me.

“A girl made this for me when I was younger.”

“Really?” I asked. I don’t get it. If a girl made that for him when he was younger, why does it look so familiar? Like I’ve seen it somewhere before?


I nodded as I stared at the bracelet some more, trying to figure this all out, until Kojo spoke up.

“Hey, isn’t the little girl you were talking about the same girl you used to hang out with at the park?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Jason nodded, shock written on his face. “She is, why?”

“I was just wondering what ever happened to her,” Kojo voiced. “I mean, you guys used to hang out a lot, but then you just suddenly stopped.”

“Yeah, she uh,” he paused, “moved.” Mmmh, was he lying again? But why would he lie about that?

“Oh, no wonder why,” he said, understanding. “Too bad though, she was really nice.”

“I have to go,” Jason said all of a sudden, breaking eye contact with Kojo

Taking a step back, Kojo opened his mouth to say goodbye when Jason beat him to it.

“See you buddy,” Jason whispered as he walked past me, not even giving me a second glance. Maybe he has changed?

Once Jason was out of our sight, Kojo turned towards me and gave me his “killer smile” that he gives to girls.

“So, want to walk Sweets now?” he asked, going up to her.

Sweets looked at him weirdly at first. She sniffed him slightly before deciding she trusted him, and gave him a few kisses. He gave it head a rub and he gently smiled at her.

“Sure,” I said, giving him a small smile, as we started walking towards the pond. 

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