Diplomat: Akwasi Boakye Episode 1


There are a lot I will from time to time be sharing from my dad who has taught English language for over 30 years but has never spoken English with me before. The reason, I will tell another day. Smiles.

My dad gave birth to three boys and a girl. He has single handedly taught us a lot of lessons that spans from leadership to social life. He taught us to be smart at the early stages of our life.
His last born, who at that time was at age nine and was in Primary 4, Kwaku Asiama Boakye, proved very well that he has learnt the act of smartness so well from him, pulled a fast one on him.

One afternoon, my dad went with his car to pick the young Kwaku up from school. When he got to the school premises, he went straight to the class of his son to pick him up. Kwaku on seeing him smiled and went for his bag to follow his dad home. One young Lady asked, “Asiama, is that your daddy?” Kwaku replied, “No, that is my daddy’s driver, he was sent by my dad to pick me up.” The young lady smiled and waved at my dad who was with a smiling face.
In the car, he had a good laugh with his son, Kwaku Asiama, who a while ago described him as his daddy’s driver. He didn’t react to what happened until he came home, called the wife and the rest of his children, informed us, as we all laughed at this. He did insult Kwaku Asiama on a light note and that ended it all.

Do not intimidate or shout at your child in public. Intimidating and punishing them in public shutters them. They lose confidence and become timid.
Learn to be free with everyone especially your child. The children are able to assimilate and learn more if you are very free and open with them.Be open with everyone. People turn to appreciate and like you if you are open and that aids in capacity building that enables proper growth in humans.
Learn to smile no matter the contrary. Imagine my dad had shouted and frown his face after Kwaku said the lie, that would have shutted and painted a bad name about him to the children around at that time.
Know the right time and place to deal with issues. Had my dad in the haste insulted my brother, the love the child had for him would have faded. When the insults which was also on a lighter note was done in the home in front of the siblings, it didn’t have any effect on him but rather made him feel loved.
These are but few things I wish to leave you by way of “lessons from my Father”. 
Watch out for the next episode.