Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 20


” all the CCTV are inactive ” My dad said after some seconds.

” call the police now ” my mum said with a fidgeting tone.

” no reception on my phone ” my dad lamented frustratingly. ” give me yours ” he said almost with a fidgeting tone.

” what ” my mom exclaimed ” no service on it ” my mom added with a shock countenance.

” same as mine ” Sandra also added.

” this isn’t a mere coincidence, the alarm trigger is also not working ” my dad said with a stressed tone.

” what are we going to do, what if he’s here to kidnap or eliminate us, who have you offended honey ” my mom asked with a distressed tone.

” keep calm lady ” my dad said trying to man up the situation. ” did he noticed that you recognize him ” he asked and I was sure it was directed to Sandra.

” I don’t think so ” Sandra replied.

” good ” my dad said. ” they should be in the guest room now because I asked that the renovation and beautification should start there, so right now, we’re going to sneak out, alert the securities and make sure we are already in my car before any action is supposed to be performed in case they’re not able to get him ” My dad explicated with a floop calmed tone in order not to look scared.

” I’m scared dad ” Sandra remarked with a fidgeting tone.

” it’s alright sugar plum, you just have to make sure your steps on the staircase is as feeble as air, don’t make any tone and follow me, we’re gonna be alright ” my dad said but I was sure where I was that he’s already sweating under the full function of the air conditioner installed in the room.

” lets go ” I heard the maid said to us again, I moved closer to her and knock her out and swiftly drag her behind one of the sofa in case any maid appear again.

” why did you do that ” Snap asked with a surprised countenance.

” this way ” I said to him as I moved to a discreet place in the room and he followed me. Even as their movement on the staircase was as feeble as feather, I could still hear it clearly.

” shhh ” I heard dad shush as they thread the staircase gently. I made sure that they’re already off the staircase, heading to the door before I came out of hiding with Snap.

” dad ” I called passionately.

” please, we’re sorry ” my dad said as his hand located his head at once while his knee made pact with the floor at once. When the general has given up, what else do you expect the followers to do. My mum and sister scenario was worse and won’t want to go into it now as it was really funny.

” please don’t kill us, I’m ready to pay you any amount you need, jus just just don’t kill us ” my dad stuttered, pleading.

” it’s me Junior, your son ” I said with tears as I moved closer to him.

” Junior ” he said with a disbelief tone as he raised his head up for the first time to look at me as he stopped trembling.

My mum and sis also stopped their funny performance as they joined the rising head to confirmed if their ears hadn’t heard wrong.

” your little champ ” I said to dad as he kept staring at me like I was some sort of an alien that just dropped from the sky and instead of locating USA, I missed the location and dropped into his room with my disgusting scale.

” make sure you don’t play hard in school and pay attention to what you’re been taught, that was your last words to me mom when dad couldn’t drop me in school alongside Susan because I was a bit sick that morning ” I said to my mom as more tears strolled down from my face.

” Junior ” my mom called out dramatically as she rose on her feet in a slow motion manner and as soon as she was on her feet, she embraced me tightly as tears streamed down in torrent from her eye.

” my kid ” she said holding my face as she stared at it before embracing me tightly again.

” my little champ is now a big champ ” my dad said as he embrace me tightly. He was also crying while Sandra just stood looking at all the drama like an outcast. Tho I didn’t blame her because she has less memory of me because she’s still little when I was abducted, so we had no special bonding and I am just a mere myth to her.

” what happened, what did they do to you, why are you the one making the headlines of everyday newspaper, what did they do to my little champ ” my dad asked multiple questions at once not giving me a chance to answer one before the other while my mom had me sitted beside her on the sofa she occupied after the family reunion that occured.

Snap and Sandra occupied only one sofa and I was sure their was already a faint connection between the two of them as they kept stealing glances at themselves.

Dad was sitted on a cushion he placed in front of me so that he could hear my story. I narrated everything that happened, how their little precious kid was shaped into a lethal weapon and my memory wiped, how I got entangled with Gina and how I recovered my memory which allowed me to remember them. How she followed me on her accord and because of her safety and how she’s shot in my stead. And the stunt we pulled to get into their house

” I’m sorry for seizing all the receptions of your phones and also tampering with the CCTV, it was just a safety precaution ” Snap pleaded humorously and I was swift to notice the way Sandra looked at him as he pleaded, it seems she’s fallen for my best friend at first sight and same as Snap and I possess no problem with that.

” ouch ” a voice suddenly squirmed from behind the sofa Snap and Sandra were sitting on , Sandra startling jumped on Snap as a figure appeared from behind the sofa. The maid I knocked out earlier .

” sorry ” Sandra apologized as she sat back as she looked so timid to even look at Snap.

” what’re you doing there Betty ” My momma asked the maid as she looked confused to what she’s doing there. The attack on her was swift that she couldn’t have known I knocked her out.

” I’m sorry ma, I don’t really know how I got here ” she replied with a confused tone massaging her neck.

My dad and momma both stared at me at once but I swiftly directed my glance towards another direction with a smile.

” you can go ” momma said to her.

” I’m sorry ma ” Betty said before exited the room.

” so where’s the president’s daughter ” my dad asked when Betty was out of sight . That was when I, alongside with Snap remembered that she’s still in the van.

” shit ” Snap exclaimed as he startling stood up.

” open the underground garage, no don’t worry, I’m gonna sort myself out ” he added as he left the room.

” how did he know about the underground garage ” my dad asked rhetorically as he seemed surprised.

” tho we might be of lesser age but never underestimate us, especially Snap when he has a computer in his hand, he is very dangerous with it ” I replied him smiling tho he didn’t ask me.

” really ” Sandra exclaimed and that was her first word after the little family reunion.

” yeah, he’s hacked into many satellites belonging to the US and Russia, hacked into the president foreign accounts and withdraw all the money he has in everything with just a phone call “I said to her.

” wow, heard the Russian and US satellites are the most formidable satellites to hack into and seeing the way he render everyone of us useless with all our gadgets, he’s the best hacker I’ve seen ” she remarked.

” Sandra love for computers made her offer computer science in Unilag ” my mom said. ” and she always boast of her hacking speed and talent by hacking into my phone and her dad’s own, claiming she’s the best hacker on earth, but it seems our daughter is just a scam ” my mom added humorously and we all bursted into laughter including dad.

” mom ” she called out frustratingly

” I’m sorry Miss best hacker ” momma said still laughing.

” dad ” she called when mom wouldn’t stop making jest of her.

” I’ve kept quiet sugar plum ” my dad said trying to hold his laughter but he couldn’t as he laughed out loud more.

Sandra frustrated at their behavior, stood up to leave. She was about to climb the staircase when a beep sound suddenly sounded from that side and she fell down as the floor suddenly shook a bit and like a cover, it slide open. All of us swiftly scamper there to witness what was happening. A light suddenly lit itself inside the underground that had appear beneath and a staircase was seen descending downward and soon Snap was seen ascending it upward to us with Gina in his arm. I withdrew her from his arm as he got into the room.

He hit the watch on his wrist and the floor return to its original position back

” no, this is impossible ” dad said staring at Snap. ” only the white men I called to make this underground passage when I was building this house knew about it, even my wife and Sandra doesn’t ” he added with a shock countenance as he stared at Snap. ” how did you manage to know it was there, even I , have forgotten about it ” he said still looking shock.

” she need medical attention mom ” I said to my mom while Gina was still in my hand.

” good morning ” Gina greeted them as Sandra dragged Snap away with her to God knows where, tho no one saw them but I did.

” take her upstairs, the first room by your left ” she said to me and I took Gina upstairs.

” are you still mad at me ” Gina asked as I dropped her on the king size bed inside the room. It was like the room was made for me as it was neatly kept, and my pictures were hung on the wall, toys meant for male could be seen arranged at a segment and my name was boldly, beautifully inscripted on the wall.

” no, I’m not ” I replied her.

” but you seem to be ” she retorted.

” no I’m not,” I replied her with my cute smile. ” I just don’t want anything to happen to you ” I added massaging through her hair as I waive off the ones that were on her face.

” I’m sorry for making you worried ” she pleaded.

” it’s alright, but promise me that if such scenario was on repeat again, you won’t do what you did ” I said to her staring into her eye. She was mute for few seconds before she finally gave me my reply.

” alright, I won’t act rashly again ” she said staring into my eye.

” good, what I can’t bare is losing you and I love you ” I said as I lowered my head to hers to kiss her. The door suddenly open with mom pushing in a trolley which I was sure was filled with what she’s gonna treat Gina with.

” hmhm ” she cleared her throat as she met me and Gina kissing. I released Gina’s lip with a smile and she also carried one on her lip. ” looks like you already got a good doctor to treat her wound, it’s already healing ” momma said after checking her bullet wound, removing all the plasters and medical things Snap had used.

” Snap operated on her ” I told her.

” that young guy is really talented ” momma said praising Snap.

” and loyal, he’s the best mom ” I added to the praise.

” I can see that ” my mom said as she clean the wound and added some ointment on it, then spilled some capsules on it, placed a wool on it before she cast it. She also gave her some drugs to use.

” done ” she said after she’s done with her medication administration.

” thanks mom ” I appreciated her.

” you don’t need that son ” she said as her eye started getting watery. ” I should be the one thanking you,for fighting hard to be alive, for coming back to your momma, for making me very happy ” she added as tears was already flowing down her cheek freely now. ” I asked your dad to specially add this room to the plan of this building when he was about to build it because I believe you were going to come back to me, it doesn’t mater how long it was gonna take but I was sure you were gonna come back, I always come here when I miss you to cry with a stuffed heart but here you are, making me to cry with a delightful heart, thank you son ” she said holding my hand and I didn’t know when tears started streaming down my face. She hugged me tightly like I was gonna disappear in any second if she didn’t.

” what a cute handsome boy my little king has grown into ” she said as she stare into my face again. ” thank you dear for believing in him when you have no reason to, that was a brave and classy act I don’t think I can do ” she said as she freed me to meet Gina. ” I’m going to the kitchen now and prepare you a delicious and sumptuous local meal, all by myself, you must have miss your momma meal ” she said cleaning the tears on her cheek smiling as she grabbed the trolley and pushed it outside.

” you’ve got nice parents ” Gina remarked as when momma was out.

” yeah, and you too ” I said and she seemed to suddenly got down. ” you’re missing him right ” I said sitting beside her to embrace her.

“Yeah ” she replied trying hard to fight the tears that were about to forcefully disconnect themselves form her pupil to her cheek.

” it’s alright, I promise you that I’m gonna reunite you with him soon ” I promised her staring into her face.

” I love you ” she said with a smile.

” I love you more ” I said as I kissed her.

To be continue….