Difference Between Potential And Reality


In America A Family Is Sitting In
A Room, the youngest Son Asks His Dad

“Dad, What Is The Difference Between Potential And Reality?”

Dad Turns To Wife: “Would You
Sleep With George Bush For $1 Million?”

Wife: “Of Course, I Will Never Waste That Opportunity.”

Dad Turns To Daughter: “Would You Sleep With J Zay For $1 Million?”

Daughter: “Yes! He Is My

Dad Turns To Elder Son: “Would You Sleep With Tom Cruise For $1 Million?”

Eldest Son: “Why Not? Imagine What I Would Do With That Money.”

Dad Turns To His Youngest Son

“You See Son, Potentially We Are Sitting With Multimillionaires But In Reality We Are Sitting With 2 Prostitutes And 1 Gay Idiot”