Diary of a Pastor’s Wife Episode 11


I had been desperate to leave Lizzy’s office since the laboratory scientist took my blood.

While I watched Lizzy surf with her laptop, my mind had gone far as to the kind of diseases or sickness the lab test might result.

“I was thinking that I should go pick the kids and come back for the result.” I said.

“No hold on a bit, the lab guy will be done soon.” moments later, there was a knock on the door.

“Come right in.” Lizzy said shrilly.

The lab guy appeared like a ghost, leaving my heart to tremble, I watched him handing a white envelope to Lizzy.

“Done?” Lizzy asked politely.

“Yes Doctor”

Lizzy opened the envelop hastily and I tugged on my ear thoughtfully.

“What’s the result?” I asked, still tugging my hands in my ears.

Lizzy shook her head and stared at me for a while.

“Hmmm… Ekom it’s malaria and typhoid jare.” She handed the envelop to me.

Opening one of the envelops, I grinned, hiding my face behind it. Not a word came out of my lips.


More silence.

And a pinch more silence with a bit of reticence and stillness drown in.

“I haven’t seen malaria here o. where is the typhoid?”

“Look well, or do you need my glasses?”

Lizzy and the lab guy watched me like I was about to perform magic.

Suddenly my heart lifted. My hands Shook, stream of tears ran down my eyes. I became instantly emotional as I gaze at Lizzy. She smiled and nodded her head with joy.

“You never gave up on God Ekom.” She said as tears ran out from her eyes.

She continued “I am in shock myself.”

“I am in doubt Lizzy. How can I be pregnant and still menstruating? I asked in amazement.

“Well I see such cases almost every single day. In fact, my sister Joyce was pregnant and still bleeding for months, she never knew. you are pregnant my friend.” Lizzy said warmly.

“Jesus Christ Lizzy! I am pregnant?”

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My jaw clenched, I wanted to explode joyously like a balloon. Lizzy laced her hands in mine, as the lab guy walked out.

I was calm on the outside. I was amazingly calm. But I knew that there was something inside of me, a foetus was growing inside of me. I felt pregnant instantly as I kept smiling and crying at the same time.

The heat in the room became intense, I looked at the envelop again and again, and then looked at my tummy.

“You are pregnant Ekom. Now you make me want God the more.” Lizzy said, as she wiped her tears with a white handkerchief, removed one other clean handkerchief and handed to me.

“you will be back here tomorrow, so that I can give you injection to stop you from bleeding. You need a lot of vegetables and fruits now.”

And then I cried again, It was the sweetest and happiest cry of my life.

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To be continued