Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 9

Sweet things can kill, translated to Nigerian language, Awoof dey run belle. It has always amused me how the part of my body that gives me the most pleasure has always been the source of my agony most times. I’m young, 21 years and my hormones were still as strong as they could ever be. Many times i have gotten into trouble and half of those times, the culprit had always been my love for them girls.
An example of those times that i can recall was with my very naughty course mate Eva.
It was the second semester in my 100 level. I’m a student of Estate management at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I was really close to Eva more than anybody else. We both were two sides of a coin. We f*cked each other for the fun of it, She can make you CUM your brain out if she so desired it. I can’t say we shared love or something like it but we had a certained kind of rapport, we were addicted to each other and everybody knew. Eva was really beautiful and i stuck to her easily cos she was fair, it’s like them use fair chics swear for me.
She used me to get rid of guys that were after her and also ensured that she kept me to herself alone.

It was on a Friday and we were on an afternoon lecture. Mr Paul, a very saucy lecturer was taking us on land economy. Like always, i had come into the class with Eva clutching my hand, she was a very carefree girl and didn’t care that we were late for class and attracted attentions. As we both took a seat at the back, mr paul observed over the rim of his spectacle with his big bulging eyes shook his head and continued his lecture. We were alone at the back.

The class was boring and uninteresting. Mr paul read out his handouts to us more than he explained it, so it was like we were seated in a church and having the gospel being read to us.
Eva was a sort of hyperactive girl and could easily be bored. She was shifting uncomfortably in our seat. We couldn’t leave because Mr Paul had his eyes everywhere.

“I’m bored and tired” Eva whispered to me.

“Everyone is bored and tired so please just relax and don’t put us in trouble ” i whispered back to her with my eyed fixed on mr paul. Eva loved trouble. She shifted closer to me and dropped her left hand on my zipper. I eyed her and she smiled. I couldn’t do much without us being noticed and besides, I knew whatever that was about to happen, i was going to love it.

She opened my zipper as stealthy as she could, i Could swear that not even the Zip heard the noise it made. By this time, i had already gotten an erection. With my left hand supporting my chin, i dropped my right hand on her meaty laps and pinched her, hoping she would stop but whenever she wanted something, not even herself could stop her from getting it.

She dug her hand through my zipper, parted my boxer and grabbed my already erected di*k. I really wish i could decribe the reaction on my face, i licked my lips and bit it softly. I made sure nobody was paying attention to our little drama, Eva cared less. She rubbed her thumb on the tip of my di*k and it jerked further up, i was blinking three times per second and all the hairs on my body stood up, she then grabbed my pubic hair and twisted them gently, this ran up to my brain, i pulled out her hand and stared at her.

“Eva stop please” i whispered to her. She smiled at me and dropped her pen on the floor. I then knew i was finished. This wasn’t her first time of doing something like that. She had done it once in my room when we were studying for our first semester exams.

She went under the desk, picked her pen and then grabbed my di*k which was still out of my trouser. I winced as she put it into her mouth and rubbed the tip with her tongue. Eva was giving me a headjob in a lecture hall. She sucked on it for over 30 seconds, i was enjoying myself though i was a little worried we might get caught.

Under the desk, i held her hairs for her so they wouldn’t obstruct. I was switching my gaze between her and Mr paul and then i noticed something had changed in the class. Mr paul had stopped talking and his gaze was fixed directly at me, and then i CAME. The devil I swear is an original enemy of man. I was having a hard time deciding who was punishing me between God and the devil. I just decided to put the blame on Eva.

So mr Paul was staring at me like I was having a difficult time spelling my surname, meanwhile i could feel the hot liquid shooting out of my d*ik and Eva swallowing them oblivious of what was happening around her abi above her.

The sensation was too much for me to bear, i just bit hard on my lips as i stared back at Mr Paul, trying hard to suppress a scream. I pulled Eva’s hair a little tighter and she bit hard on my di*k.. I jerked.

“Argh, sir, yes sir!” i eventually said craftily covering up my scream of pain and pleasure.
“Yes sir what, where is Evangeline? He asked and everyone turned to my direction. I was very sure i had been nabbed.

“Umm, i don’t…. ” i was stammering when Eva pocked up her head from under the desk

“Picking my pen sir” she said interrupting my stutter and raising her pen up.

“picking it up or digging it up” he asked her and everyone laughed.

“picking sir” she said and sat down
“For how many hours”.

“Sir it was far from where my hand could get to”
“Okay now, Chiboy, tell us what a PLU is? ” he said and faced me
” PLU sir?” i said asked scratching my head.
“Yes, a PLU and stand up when you answer my question”

I did Stand but not straight, i managed to hold my erection against the desk.

“I don’t really know sir” i said with my hands resting on the desk

“fool, Eva can you please help him” she stood up.

“A proprietary land unit marks out the the boundaries of a particular piece of a land and shows the rights an owner has over that given piece of land” She sang it out.
My jaw dropped open, i didn’t even know the full meaning of a PLU..
“And that was how Esau sold his birthright to Jacob” Mr Paul said and everybody laughed.

“Eva you can now take your PLU and leave my class, go elsewhere and finish your romance” he said regarding me as the PLU. Again everyone laughed.
We both got up. I managed to cover my open zip with my bag and we headed out.

“Mr man, are you in your period” our lecturer shouted after me. I looked at my trouser and it was wet at the buttocks. Probably from cum. Eveyone was staring at me and smiling.
“No sir, sometimes I do sweat from my… ”

” Okay, thanks for the information, you can now leave” he said cutting me short. The whole class burst into laughter as Eva clutched my hand and we both left.

I thanked God Mr Paul had nothing to do with our exam script or grading.