Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 35


“So Emelum meet my people,” I muttered, ushering her into the room. There was nothing else I could do. Chinecherem just attached herself to my arms while I introduced her.
“Meet Willie, he is my elder brother,” I said and Willie passed her a drunk smile.
“This one is shape sorry, Chinaza. Our very good friend.” shape said hello and waved. Chinemelum smiled back.
“And this one is James, my friend. I think he is your brother.” Everyone laughed. “And this one here is my kid sister, Chinecherem.”
Everyone threw me that shocked look. Willie just smiled. He prolly knew that a niggar will say anything to keep his game tight.
“Keep quiet,” I hushed Chinecherem as she tried to protest. I wasn’t going to mess up what I was building with Chinemelum over some quickie I had with her back at school.
“And guys, this is Chinemelum, James last born,” I capped the introduction.”
“As in, James born am and she is his last child?” Willie asked, dropping the bottle of beer on the floor.
“No, her mother’s last born,” I explained.
“Wooo, James your sister is so cute,” Shape exclaimed and she blushed. Chinecherem left me and went back to her seat beside James. She held onto him and threw her face out of my eyes. I understood she was trying to maybe get me jealous but I had never been happier.
“I hope you have not been talking to him,” Shape asked Chinemelum pointing at me.
“What for?” I asked in protest.
“Well, he is sort of everything that your brother is,” she said and those who understood her meaning laughed.
I wouldn’t let shape finish what Chinecherem started so I dragged Chinemelum out of the room before she rubbishes whatever goodwill I had left.

“Did I mention that Chinecherem is my junior sister?” I asked her as we made our way out of the streams of human beings to a secluded spot. A spot close to where I had vomited last night.
“Yes you did, are you twins?” she asked.
“No, why do you ask?”
“You both bear the same name.”
“What? We do?” I asked, frisking my memory for a lie. She nodded.
“Well, I always give people I care about my name as a pet name,” I lied. A terrible lie but she didn’t complain.
“So what is her own name?” she asked as I squeezed her fingers.
“You can call her Chinecherem Junior for now.”
She nodded and I smiled. Straight to why I called her out. I was looking for the words to describe what I wanted to say, I found none. Something inside me was telling me to hold it on until I have had something to drink, maybe a boost of my morale would help but then, I wanted to seize that opportunity. Her little pink lips was giving me a technical knockout and so I much wanted to attach my lips to thems.

“You owe me a kiss right?” I asked all of a sudden. She smiled and nodded.
“You have nice lips and you are beautiful too,” I stated and brought up her face to my eye level. The white of her eyes were bright like the clouds.
“The first time I saw you, I liked everything about you and I fell in love with you and I was hoping you will like me too.”
I didn’t wait for her to tell me if she did or not. I brought her closer and our lips clicked. Her lips did taste like strawberry but I have to confess that she was quite inexperienced at that art of kissing. She let her teeth get in the way and my tongue usually met a dead end with the teeth. I wished I could teach her how to do it properly but time happened to be a luxury we couldn’t afford.
I upped the romance and pinned her against me. Both our eyes shut, we put in our everything into that kiss, my hands frisking her lower part of the body while she just stood like a tree. I have never been so frustrated kissing a girl but I let it slide, her beauty was enough to compensate me. I only left it at kissing.

I walked back into the room and she walked back to her plates. I was guessing we were both happy but I wasn’t much satisfied. She had awakened that urge in me and I needed to quench it. I prayed Chinecherem would even look my way. I was only going to beg for an experienced kiss.

Our room was empty when I got back in and it wasn’t so hard to guess where they had all gone. An oriental music was blasting away out the front of the house. I walked out there and met them killing it on the dance floor. A drunk Willie taking the lead while the bride groom dabbed after him. The bride was at the corner laughing her day away. I fell into rhythm and found myself behind shape. It was a free for all dance and we enjoyed it like you would enjoy an awoof. The dance floor was lit and money flew at us like hailstorm. Shape didn’t conceal her backside from me as she let me have it all. She rocked me out of space and nearly opened my tap of jizz but I wasn’t a one minute man, thanks to that. Then, along came Chinecherem with her perfect ass, she still nursed her grudge but she couldn’t resist the guy in me, the one that was driving her crazy. She came at me with full force and I let her in. She stooped with her backside on my crotch and I stooped after her. She made a 360° whine and I followed suit, then we did a repeat and another repeat followed by more repetitions. She then turned to face me and was coming for a kiss when the music ended. I stopped her and we all fell out of the dance floor back into our rooms. Drinks came out and we went down on them.

Somehow, someway, a bottle of life managed to find it’s way into Chinecherem’s hand. She had drained half of the bottle before we ever took notice. Shape was going to hammer her but Willie stepped in for her, he said after all, it was for the last time. So we let her finish the one bottle she had opened, which wasn’t easy as Willie had downed three bottles while she was still battling with one. Me, I was only busy trying to figure out what I was going to do with Chinemelum.

She crawled to where I was and sat beside me, her hands on my lap. I’v always known how dangerous a drunk girl can be but I too was drunk and had forgotten about that.
“Do you want more?” I asked and being as tipsy as she was, she took the drink from my hand and gulped it, choked on it and threw up half of it across the room.
“Chinecherem!” shape yelled. I was confused on which Chinecherem she was actually yelling. She rushed at us and snatched the bottle from her hand. I don’t know, maybe I was expecting her to smash the bottle on the floor, well, she gulped the rest of it’s content. I was midway into laughing at her when Chinecherem shut me up with a kiss. In the full glare of everyone. Worst still, Chinemelum was standing at the door, our foods in a tray she was carrying. I can’t say that I hated the kiss but it came at a wrong time.

Eating replaced the tongue lashing that would have followed but not without Shape stuffing Chinecherem in between her and Willie, she was trying to secure her from me. If only she knew that Willie was more threat than I was. Well shaa, what is my own in it. Chinemelum was a bad kisser but I still liked her like that. She was too beautiful to be faulted and James was eyeing me with threats of poison if I ever followed her out again. I think he was glad that Chinemelum caught Chinecherem kissing me. Well, if I had a sister like her, I don’t think I would threaten James with poison over her, I would just poison him without warning.

Sorry for the delay folks, have been busy at everything and Chinaza called me that she was already on labor and felt like the baby would drop on the floor any moment soon. Well, I got to her lodge and she told me she was only joking, she wanted to know how much I cared and also needed me to buy banana for her at the junction that led into her lodge. The pregnancy was only 6 months gone. I don’t blame her, the fault was mine for not counting.

Well, all was not lost at that wedding shaa. Willie drove them home but not after I had secretly gotten that perfect kiss from Chinecherem. The rest of the evening was spent brushing my skin against Chinemelum, telling each other the tales of our lives and the icing on the cake was that James was around, teasing us. Well it was all convenient because he had landed himself a heavy girl earlier at the wedding. She was one of his sister’s ashebi girls and she was beautiful but not my kind of beautiful. So he was happy and had forgotten totally about the poison thing.

Chinemelum drank a glass of the gold slug and got tipsy. She made me teach her how to kiss and she was a slow learner but she did learn and I was glad to teach her. A bit of fingering happened in our room, while James was away. She was wet all over. I couldn’t bring myself to shag her. I thought she was too beautiful to be used by someone like me. Neither of us slept. We spent the rest of the night talking nonsense. Two drunk lovers, sitting under a canopy, hidden in the darkness and sharing one mug of palm wine. If I ended up finding nothing of interest in that town, Chinemelum made up for all of them. I had hopes. She wrote jamb and unlike my baby bear, she passed well and was hopeful. She wanted to join her brother in Unizik and when I told her I was schooling there too, she then made it two reasons she must be in unizik. I was like Chinaza prepare o, you are about to have a rival.

Straight to the gossip of the day. Eva was getting married. Please check the calendar. It’s not April 1. Evangeline is fucking getting married. I don’t think she was trying to get back at me or whatever. She had shown me the guy and he was cute. He had cash and I was looking forward to my bang mates wedding. She didn’t invite me though. She told me but she wasn’t going to invite me.

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“So now that you are gone from me, who will do me the way you use to do me?” I asked her the day we were smooching in my room. Shape wasn’t around to interrupt.
“I don’t know but shebi you know I won’t cheat on him. He is so cute and a darling,” she said to me and pecked me out of excitement. She was deliberately avoiding my lips. She was getting married and so was trying to put a stop to our adventure. I couldn’t wait for Chinaza to deliver, with Chinecherem gone and Eva getting married, there was no one else to fuck. I needed a new girl and I set out in search for one.

It wasn’t like I was going around the whole place with a placard on my chest advertising for a girlfriend vacancy. I just kept my eyes open. Exams were fast approaching and I found myself reading in bits from time to time. On a given day, I was deceiving myself in the library, flipping through my Facebook and my handouts as well. Then along came Cynthia, looking wonderful, I noticed that Cynthia was like the devil, you could only resist her in prayers but not in real life. I invited her to sit with me. She was shinning in her natural states. She came to read as well so we read each other.

“Where have you been?” I asked and she smiled.
“Have you been looking for me?” she asked and I nodded. She smiled again.
“But you don’t like inviting me to your lodge.”
“Well, my girl is unpredictable, she can even walk in here now,” I said.
“Well, you should come to my lodge.”
I thought about it, it seemed nice but I was comfortable in home matches where the pitch is mine and I was conversant with the terrain. Cynthia was a play girl no doubt and her body count might even make mine weep and I didn’t need a repeat of that night at that muscled guy’s house where I preached my konji away.
I decided I may like that shag her for a night but I shouldn’t keep her as a regular girl. And that was what I did.

She made me a nice indomie and added Amstel Malt to it and made me cum it all out almost immediately. And then I continued my search.
As an Estate Manager, I was learning to have eyes on properties with very good potentials and this discipline I spread out to other endeavors of my life, like girls with potentials of being very beautiful with the right touch. I found one around my faculty. I loved her instantly and her figure was the numero 8. She wore some casual type of dresses that hid her assets but a nigga like me knew she had them and I went for her. She was dark tho but I didn’t mind. Chinaza won’t deliver anytime soon and Eva was getting married.

I walked up to her one day. She seemed quiet and the type you could easily force a smile out of.
“Cynthia?” I called her and she looked at me with a frown.
“Sorry, shey your name is Cynthia?” I asked. I didn’t even know her name but that was better than walking up to a girl and asking for her name straight up.
She shook her head and continued giving me the “Do-I-Know-You” look.
“Sorry, I thought it was your name,” I said and sat beside her.
“What is that your name again?” I asked.
“Why do you ask?”
“Well, I thought I knew you from somewhere but maybe I am wrong but if I knew your name then I won’t call you something else. Or should I give you a name?” I asked. She nodded with a smile.
“Beauty,” I said and she laughed.
“See, you are blushing already,” I said. More laughter from her. Nice, we were blending in.
“What is your own name?” she asked after she had stopped laughing.
“Beast. Call me beast like beauty and the beast.”
She started again, Jeez, I didn’t even know I was that funny. Few minutes after, I was abandoning my lecture and following her to hers. Nobody was surprised, everyone knew I had that player factor in me. Eva was inviting me over with her eyes but I was a bachelor. I have no business with married women.
So inside that lecture hall, I was the odd one out. Everyone seemed to be understanding except me. Well I kept myself busy with Beauty’s fingers. She let me have them and I loved holding onto it. She knew how to smile and I loved girls like that and by the time the class ended, we were two meters away from being couples. Yes, I had that Charisma.

“So will you be coming to school tomorrow?” I asked and she shook her head. I myself had classes the next day but I was willing to sacrifice it all for her.
“Maybe you should come around to my place, see how I live?”
“I don’t know if I will have the chance,” she replied.
“Don’t worry, you will. Can I have your number?” I asked and popped out my Nokia torch. It rang almost immediately and Queen was written on the caller interface. I hid it away from her and busied the call. Chinaza had this attitude of showing up when she was not needed. I had barely opened up my dialer when her call came in again, haa, Chinaza! I busied it again and took Beauty’s numbers before Naza will come and call again.

“My name is Chidimma,” she said and I stored the number with Mma, an equivalent of Beauty in Igbo. I am always right. I forced a hug out of her and we embraced deeply. I watched her go, swaying her fine hips out of my very face. I shook my head and turned to go. Another call from my queen came in. I picked.

“Baby yo, how are you doing?” I yelled into the speaker, garnering some attention from around.
“I am not doing anything, why have you been cutting my calls?”
“I was in the class sweetheart, sorry.”
“Sorry nke gi, come and open the door for me abeg.”
“Naza are you in my lodge?” I asked.
“No I am in your house,” she replied and cut the call. Did I mention that Naza had the attitude of showing up when she was not needed?