Devil’s Bride Episode 44


Hazel’s p.o.v

I woke up the following morning to find him gone again.

I learnt from Anthony he left very early for work and was also told he returned home later in the night the day before.

The chef set a meal of bacon and other mouth watering dishes on the dining table which I consumed with great appetite.

I would admit the chef had such great cooking skills.

I dressed up after I was done eating and decided to visit the company afterwards mainly to get my things since there was nothing to do around the house.

I knew if I go without a little disguise, there would be too much staring.

At the thought, with my hair let down, I made do with a black face cap over the black top and jean trousers I had on and then made do with shades and a pair of black sneakers as well but the sneakers felt so different on my feet, since it had been long I wore sneakers.

It turned out I did a good job with my disguise as no one seemed to know it was me even Avery whom I saw as I passed by their office.

There was a young man at my former desk who had his head bowed over when I arrived there, busy with something he had on the desk before him.

At the sound of my footsteps, he raised his head from what he doing.

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“Hello,” I greeted before slipping off the shades I had on.

“Mrs Madrigal!” He exclaimed rising to his feet immediately.

“Mrs Madrigal too?” I said to myself.

“Hazel please.” I corrected with a cheesy smile.

“No problem. I’m Jean, Mr Madrigal’s new secretary.” He was standing before me now, eyes beaming, like someone happy to see an old friend after a long time.

“Nice to meet you.”

“No nice to meet you. You must be here to see Mr madrigal, he is inside his office.”

“No, not really,” I said.

I haven’t set my eyes on him since the morning of the day before.

I wanted to see but at the same time didn’t want to see him.

What exactly would I say when I do?

Would I say, oh you came back home late yesterday, why?

Or what?

“I’m here to get my things.” I said instead.

“Your things? I didn’t meet any of your things here, maybe he got them for you already.”

“Alright, maybe I should check up on him in his office before leaving then.”

“It is really nice to meet you and pardon me to say this, you really look so much pretty in person.” He complimented with a smile.

“Thank you.”

He went ahead to call him to ask him if I could come in.

“He said you can come in.” He said to me after the call.

“Okay, thank you.” I said before taking off.

“Good morning.” I greeted on entering his office.

“Morning.” He answered, looking up from what he was doing.

“You returned back late yesterday,” I stated tapping the floor with my left foot, a little nervous.

“Yeah.” He said with a frown.

And that’s it?

That’s a hint to tell me I was disturbing.

“I’m actually here to get my things but Jean told me he didn’t meet any of my things on the desk.”

“I have them already, they are inside my car. I will give them to you when I get home.”

“Okay. Ehh…” I scratched my cheek.

“I also want to thank you for the stuff you got me…..”