Devil’s Bride Episode 42


Hazel’s p.o.v

Since the month of the wedding was the only month we had to prepare, everything had to be rushed but it wasn’t stressful even though it was rushed since my boss hired a driver that same month.

It was the new driver who drove me and Annabel to the places we went to to choose my wedding dress, cake type and all others in one of my boss’ cars.

Madrigal was the one who chose the places where we got everything, all high class.

At the place where I was to choose my wedding dress, I was going to settle for the one with the least price even though all the dresses were expensive, even the one with the least price was far more than the amount I had in my bank account but I was told my madrigal ordered them not to allow me settling down for the ones with cheaper prices.

I didn’t know or understand why he was spending so much money on what was going to end after a few months but still, it was understandable, he was rich and wouldn’t want his bride looking cheap.

It was the same thing with the other places we went to.

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Throughout the period we were going about, preparing for the wedding, I was not allowed to spend a dime.

Even the things for my parents, he bought them.

My parents didn’t want to take them at first saying they wanted to spend some money too for their only last daugher wedding but took them eventually after much pleading with them.

Sandra showed up at the company once the news of the wedding was beginning to spread but before she could make any attempt to cause a fuss, madrigal took her away.

After that day, I expected her to show up again but she didn’t until the day of our wedding.

The church where the wedding was held was beautifully decorated with white and pink roses while white and gold dominated the other decorations.

Tamara, madrigal friends, Madrigal’s mum and some of the workers at the company were present at the wedding, including Juliet. Jake, Annabel’s boyfriend was present too, Annabel invited him.

Too many loved ones for a fake wedding.

I looked stunningly beautiful in the wedding dress, so was Annabel in her bride’s maid gold dress.

The makeup artists hired did a great job with our makeup and hair styling.

My own hair was straightened and beautiful loose braids were made at the back before being decorated with crystal pearl bridal hair pins.

And madrigal, looked so handsome in the maroon tux suit he was donned in which fitted his 6’2 height as he stood before the altar.

His dad was at the wedding too and his face held a stoic expression throughout.

After the saying of the vows before the exchange of rings, I spotted Sandra who was seated at the back of the church.

When our eyes met, she flashed me a devilish smile and after the exchange of rings she was gone.

My mother cried during the wedding which I felt so bad for, knowing very well the wedding wasn’t real.


“So sad we won’t get to be seeing each other frequently like we always do.” Annabel whined with her lips set in a pout.

It was the Sunday following after and she had arrived at my place since that morning to help me with packing.

I slept over at madrigal’s place on the night of the wedding and had to take a cab to my place the following morning to get my things.