Deception Episode 26


I held my belly again not able to believe that I was finally going to hold my own child, I had been sick the last thirty days and I was convinced that it’s because I had witnessed Chimuka murder the vice president. I took a bold step the previous week and was told that I was five weeks up. Five months since my husband discovered that his tea had been drugged for I don’t know how long, five months since I started living in fear and along the way I guess the drug must have lost its strength because how then can you explain my being pregnant.

I kept debating if at all I should let Justin know or maybe keep it to myself, we had by all means avoided the President and I had finally resigned because I did not want anything to do with the state after all the secrets I had discovered along the way.

‘You have been lost in thought.’ I heard Justin say

‘Well hai, I did not hear you come in.’ I told him as I pulled on my Jersey

‘How are you feeling?’ he asked as he came to kiss my cheek

‘I am good thank you, how was work?’ I asked him

‘It was the same.’ He answered with a sadness

‘What exactly is happening to you?’ I asked him

Justin had been acting strange of late, despite the fact that we were trying to patch things up I knew that he was not the same. And I was really getting worried

‘It’s nothing baby, I don’t want to worry you.’ He told me

‘No babe tell me, you haven’t been yourself of late and that is enough reason for me to be worried.’ I responded

‘Well.’ He began

‘I am all ears.’ I answered

‘It’s the President babe.’ He said

I sighed, I dreaded anything to do with that man, and I didn’t want to hear anything concerning him. He had turned out to be the worst nightmare.

‘You see why I didn’t want to mention his name.’ he said lifting my chin

‘We better get it over with, sooner or later I will find out.’ I told him

‘He has been giving me a hard time, I don’t know what to do to please him.’ He responded

‘Babe, I think it is high time you let go of that job.’ I told him

‘Well I have been planning to talk to you about that.’ He answered

‘It is just the right thing to do, how long are you going to suffer under the mercy of that man. We have already seen enough.’ I told him when he lay his head on my laps

There was a silence between us, we were both in our own world, I guess what happened to the vice president was hard on the both of us.

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‘Yes sir.’

‘Kindly come to my office.’ I said before dropping the phone

She walked in as soon as possible, she looked scared. I had instilled fear in almost everyone I worked with because Wane’s death had been hard to accept.

‘I have been calling Justin’s phones and they keep taking me straight to voice mail, I have not seen him in here. What the hell is happening around this place?’ I asked furiously

‘Sir I thought you read your mails.’ She responded
‘What do my mails have to do with his reporting for work?’ I asked pacing around my office

‘Mr Kunda resigned a week ago, I forwarded the emails.’ She told me

I got my laptop and entered the password, it was flooding with mails and it looked like a trash can. I went to my mails and there it was.

‘I am sorry to inform you Sir that I can no longer work with your office, it has been a great pleasure serving both you and the Country. I wish you and your office happiness in your future endeavours. Mr Kunda.’

I grabbed my laptop and threw it to the ground, causing it to crush.

‘Get out of my office!’ I ordered

She rushed out and I was fuming, I grabbed my phone and punched the one number that I had dreaded.

‘Well, well. What do we have here?’ the voice said at the end of the line

I kept quite not sure if I had made the right decision by dialling the number

‘I need your help.’ I said whilst panting

‘Of course you do, otherwise why would you be calling me?’ the voice asked

‘I need you to take two people down.’ I said

‘Who?’ he asked

‘Justin Kunda and Chimuka Hamoonga.’ I responded

‘You know how I do my work, I need to know why I am doing what I am doing.’ He said

‘I am just settling an old score.’ I responded

‘Don’t bullshit me, either you tell me or you can sort it out yourself.’ He said

‘The girl took out Wane.’ I responded

‘Wane? The late vice President?’ he asked

‘Yes.’ I answered

The man let out an evil laugh

‘I thought she was the smartest woman in your office, what happened?’ he asked

‘I don’t have to explain myself to you.’ I said the laugh piercing through my heart

He kept quite

‘Make it look like a murder case, burn them to ashes.’ I said

‘Wow, someone is becoming evil.’ He said

‘I don’t want anything to remain, but make sure to frame his wife; Felicia. I will send you everything you need.’ I said before hanging up the phone

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I watched as Felicia slept, I wish she could find the courage to tell me about her pregnancy. But I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to push her, her gynaecologist had called me the day she did her test to inform me about the pregnancy. I had never been so happy in my life.

I was disturbed when I received a text from Chimuka asking me to meet her at Stay easy hotel room 04, she sounded like it was an urgent matter. I pecked Feli on the lips and locked up.


I was out partying when I got a text from Justin asking me to meet him at stay easy hotel room 04, I had not heard from him since we buried the vice president and I guessed it was urgent. I got on the first cab I saw and asked the driver to take me to stay easy hotel, I was there in 10minutes because I had been at Lusaka hotel where my friend was holding a bachelorette party.

I rushed to the room and found Justin inside pacing up and down with his hands in the pockets.

‘What is the problem?’ we both asked at the same time

‘Wait what are you talking about?’ I asked him
He removed his phone and showed me the text, I also removed mine and showed him the text. We looked at each and I knew that we had fallen into the lion’s den.

‘Call your wife now.’ I ordered him

He got his phone and it was not connecting.

‘Here try mine.’ I said handing him my phone

He tried it and it also took him straight to voice mail.

‘We need to get out of here.’ I told him

We were about to leave when the door opened.

‘Well look who we have here.’ The person said


‘Mrs. Kunda, can you once again tell us your relationship to the deceased before judgment is passed’, her Lordship asked me.

I looked at her with my blood shot eyes. I didn’t know what to say to her. I had exhausted all my energy and I didn’t have anything else to say. Either to the jury, the court or the Judge herself.

‘Mrs. Kunda, this is your last chance…any last words’, she asked again.

I stood up from my seat, I could feel all the eyes crawling on me. I could feel the hate and hurt, the pain, the hunger to kill me was intense. Justin’s mum was also in the court room, she came to bid farewell to her son’s surviving widow and coming here today was the only way to avenge her son.
‘You can start by telling us your relationship to Mr. Kunda and Ms. Hamonga, both in question are deceased.’


‘Thank you Mrs. Kunda, court adjoined to Friday.’ The Judge announced.

The guards led me to my cell and locked me up. In the three months I had been here, I had cried, prayed, talked to lawyers but all seemed in vain.

Two days from now my fate would be decided, I loved Justin so much I would never hurt him and I know he would never cheat on me. What was killing me was how he got in that bed with Chimuka, I had so many questions and it seemed to me that he had died with all the answers.

Justin’s parents had refused to bury his body until they saw to it that I was behind bars; two months of my husband’s body being in the morgue. Now here I am, alone in this cell and at this point am starting to believe that maybe I did kill him.
When the world is totally against you, even your inner voice sounds like a liar. Maybe I did murder him, or maybe am just going insane.