Deception Episode 24


My Secretary had just informed me about his Excellency’s short illness, state house was on fire and so was the entire office. I was one of his right hand men and I knew I had to be there with his family immediately he woke up. I went to pick up the first family and we drove to the hospital which had been assigned to his Excellency.

When we got there the doctors informed us that he was not in a stable condition and anything upsetting would get him worse.

‘Daddy’, His youngest daughter screamed

He didn’t say a word but a tear escaped from the corner of his eyes. He opened his arms and she ran to him and they cried together

‘I will protect you with my blood.’ He assured her

‘Get better for me daddy, I don’t want to lose you.’ The little girl cried

‘Hush my baby.’ The first lady said patting her back

‘Justin kindly take the kids outside.’ She told me
I obliged and led them out.


‘You have never fallen ill in the past 35 years that we have been married, never anything that made you look like this.’ I told him

‘Mevis I need to rest.’ He told me

‘Rest? Since when do you want to rest?’ I asked him not giving in to the anger that was anxious to pour out

‘Pass me my phone.’ He said in a low tone

I got his phone and entered his password, it was still Wane’s birthday. Afterwards I passed it to him

‘How did you know my password?’ He asked

I felt insulted, this is someone I had been married to for a long time and I knew much about him than he anticipated.

‘I can’t find a number.’ He said as he continued to swipe his screen

‘I deleted her number, and her husband’s.’ I told him

‘Who?’ He asked without even looking at me

‘Wane.’ I responded after clearing my throat

He looked at me with blood shot eyes, his mood instantly changing.

‘Why would you do that?’ He yelled

‘She is gone and you have to accept that, you will have to get better because the press is waiting for a statement. Justin will handle all the funeral proceedings, no need to keep his number.’ I told him

‘I want to handle everything.’ He responded

‘You will behave like the President should, you will not at all give the world a reason to question your actions.’ I told him

‘you will not cry in public or any of that nonsense, leave that to her husband. I will go out there and sign your release papers, it’s enough that you are running a rotten system we won’t waste more money by keeping someone who is healthy in here.’ I said that and walked away

I walked to the doctor’s office and requested that I sign the release papers, he was hesitant at first talking about how my husband is the President and needs to be in good health but I protested.

I found Justin and the kids in the cafeteria each one in their own world.

‘Ma’am.’ He began when I approached him

‘Don’t tell me you are also buying that nonsense.’ I said

‘I don’t get you.’ He responded

‘You are too intelligent to act dumb with me Justin, both you and I know he is not sick.’ I told him

He looked at me without saying a word, one of the things I liked about Justin is how much he calculated his words before speaking

‘Wane is dead.’ I told him bluntly

‘What? The vice president you mean?’ he asked with a straight face

‘Oh you haven’t heard?’ I asked him

‘Is that why the President is like that?’ he asked me

‘His lover is down, what do you expect.’ I told him plainly

‘His lover?’ he questioned

‘Wane and my husband had history, I am glad she is out of the way. Whoever took her down was very intelligent but I have my fears.’ I told him

‘What do you mean?’ he asked

‘My husband loved Wane, he will never be the same again without her much less without avenging her death.’ I responded sadly

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When Wane’s husband told me about her death, I was heartbroken and it felt like a piece of me was escaping my body. At that moment I wanted everything to be a lie, to be a bad dream that I would eventually wake up from.

I walked out of my ward with my wife by my side, my special assistant who was just a bit higher in rank than Justin had informed us that they found Wane’s body in her street with a note that read ‘evil births evil’. We were also told that the killing was done by an expert because it led to no one but I wasn’t buying that until I was sure that it was indeed thugs or anything.

But what bothered me is that it was a murder case and there was no way it could be closed just like that, she was not an ordinary person to be forgotten just like that. The drive back to state house was quiet, nobody said a thing to anyone. Immediately we got there, I was directed to my office with certain representatives from a few media houses to be present as I made a live briefing.

I wasn’t strong enough because I felt like breaking down but I had to do this in order for the person who killed my Wane to get the message.

‘I wish I could say that it is a good day but it is not, a dark cloud has befallen us as a country and as a nation. We are sorry to announce that we have not only lost a vice president, but a mother, wife and friend. Mrs Wane Musoni was found dead yesterday and details about her death are yet to be confirmed. We also wish to inform the general public that we will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to book, it is our sincere apology to the Musoni family because we know that no one ever prepares themselves for bereavement. We will honour her memory by having a one week of national mourning, all works will be at a standstill and the national flags will be lowered. May her soul continue resting in peace.’ I said as tears streamed down my face