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11062032_851305024940299_6814827911983137613_n In today’s episode,Fela continues to wander from the length and breadth of the town and she feels so tired since she has been walking on bare stomach for days now, therefore she goes to steal a pizza from a restaurant. After, She saw a bus loading and she quickly rushed into it and sat on a seat but she was sacked out because the passengers complained to the driver that she actually stinks and therefore can’t travel with them and also she had no ticket in her hands.

After Esmeralda has also returned from the ceremony, she was told by Maria that Fela is missing and is nowhere to be found. She became so worried and so decided to go with Damien to look for her and after going wandering from all corners of the community, Fela was nowhere to be found and Esmeralda’s hope was truly gone but Damien asked her to have patient since they are surely going to find Fela. She agreed and they had to return home and continue their search the following day since the night was drawing near.


18900_851305071606961_6743036605777216736_nPablo’s cannot still hold back his love for Esmeralda and due to that he writes a letter and he gives it to their driver Omar to deliver it Esmeralda and the letter states that;

“Dear Esmeralda, after I saw you last night in the reception, I’ve seen how beautiful you’ve become. A great feeling of love for you worked up inside me like in the old days. I would really like to meet you in some private place so that your friend will not find out about us meeting each other. I would like to hold you in my arms ones again dear Esmeralda. Please answer me until later. Pablo. ”


After Esmeralda has read the letter and specifically to the hearing of Jarocha, she asked Jarocha why on earth Pablo have that gut to write that letter to her after all that he and his family did to her. Jarocha then asked her about her next step concerning the letter. Esmeralda tells her that, she actually doesn’t know her next step but she would like to face Pablo and tell him everything that he deserves. Jarocha then advised Esmeralda not to allow mr. Silencioso to see the letter if not they can’t solve their differences but while saying that Mr. Silencioso arrived and heard what they were saying so he asked them about what they are trying to hide from him and they became very nervous but he took the letter and read it.

Esmeralda then asked him to forgive her for wanting to hide the letter from him but it was for the best since this is a situation which she thought was supposed to be solved between her and Pablo without ant third person coming in to interfere. Silencioso grew furious against Pablo for being disrespectful towards Esmeralda. Mr. Silecioso then asked Esmeralda to accept Pablo’s offer and meet up with and this time around advised Esmeralda to be a little bit rude and put away her personal sentiment and also the love she has for Pablo and by so doing she is going to have him crawl at his feet and beg her to accept him back. And to do this successfully, Mr. Silencioso helped Esmeralda to reply the Pablo’s letter according to what he tells her to write.After they gave the letter to their driver to deliver it to Pablo and he received it and the letter reads;

“My dear Pablo, your letter didn’t surprised me at all. I expected it. An entire romantic face of our lives cannot go away all of a sudden. Our love can’t just end up just like that. It doesn’t matter what I have to do to have it. The two of can still enjoy hours of intense happiness. But only of course as long as you accept all of my conditions. I know you are going to take me where I want to go and you will still be the loving and refined gentleman that I have known. Shall we meet at our favorite tree up on the slope, the place where we met and where we fell in love with each other, my love. We will see what happens after. Your girlfriend ever, Esmeralda.”

11109446_851305174940284_2230789109746840165_nAfter Mariano has helped him read the letter, he advised Pablo not to go meet her because from the letter he read it doesn’t sound like she was not the one who wrote it and that makes it more dangerous to go and meet her. Pablo felt angry because and sensed something fishy since Mariano sounded like he knew Esmeralda more that he does but even with that, Pablo still insisted on going to meet Esmeralda and he did just exactly and both of them met at the slope side and Esmeralda did well to put Pablo at his place even though it wasn’t an easy task for her, she did it as Mr. Silencioso asked her to do.


She then some conditions to Pablo which included breaking up his engagement with Monica if he still wants to be with her but Pablo find it difficult to do that and Esmeralda told him until that is done, there’s nothing between them and she is not coming back. Agustin Martinez cannot stop himself from taking in alcohol minutes of his life and it is all due to the fact that mr. Silencioso has finally taken the case to court and therefore the court has demanded that Agustin Martinez give back all of Silencioso’s assets to him. Damien alone also sets out to look for Fela but he also couldn’t find her after moving up and down all over the town.

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