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Esmeralda goes to pay Mrs. Rita her first visit after she moved into Mr. Silencioso’s house and she cries along with some clothes and other items and she gave them to Mrs. Rita, Ines and Centavio. From there she visits Fela and Maria to also give them their share of what she brought. Fela takes a look at her and tells her she looks very beautiful.

Esmeralda then tells Fela that, she is still feeling so sad about Pablo even though Mr. Silencioso is very much attentive to her, giving her so many luxuries it has not been able to let her forget about Pablo one bit. Mr. Silencioso finds a good teacher for Esmeralda who is going to be coming over to the house and teach Esmeralda everything she wants to know and therefore mr. Silencioso tells Esmeralda not to worry about going to any study center again and the classes will be starts right there as the teacher is coming over to begin and Esmeralda becomes so much excited and thanked Silencioso.

Mariano stands in front of their house and he sees Esmeralda in Silencioso’s car and quickly he says to himself that; “that is her, she is more beautiful than ever. May be Pablo is right in saying that, Esmeralda became the lover of that man. But now I’m not going to commit the same mistake my bother made but if i wants to know if she is that man’s lover, then I have to ask him myself, and if Pablo doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, I can try to be there for her but I can’t do it no! Because she is Pablo’s first love and maybe she really is the one true love of his life.

Esmeralda is transparent with her feelings. I know she is not lying when she says she love Pablo. I know that women like and love only one man and that man isn’t me and it can never be me”. Mariano goes to talk to Pablo to ask him why he has decided to marry Monica when everything shows clearly that he doesn’t love her. he then advised Pablo to reconsider his decision and not commit the biggest mistake of his life and ask him to look for Esmeralda to tell her that he really love her, forgive each other and live a happy life together because if people truly love each other they don’t simply forget one another easily like that but Pablo will not listen.

Esmeralda mentions Jarocha to Silencioso and tells him that she really misses her very much and Silencioso seeing that Esmeralda’s also finds great happiness being Jarocha ask Jarocha to come stay with him and be part of his family to serve as a nanny to Esmeralda’s children and this also makes Esmeralda so happy. Pablo becomes angry when he detects for the first time that Esmeralda is now living in a house just in front of their house and ask Mariano if he already knew about that and Mariano replied him yes and that is the main reason he as him to reconsider his decision about Monica.

Pablo again ask Mariano what the hell Esmeralda is up to and is there not any other place in the whole city where she can live than to come live in a house nearer to theirs and this time around he can truly see that Esmeralda is trying to challenge him. Whiles he stands there talking Esmeralda looks through her window listening to every bit of work falling from Pablo’s mouth and she gets hurt at that and share tears.

Pablo gets tormented and shocked about the way Mariano has been starting to defend Esmeralda each time an issue is raised concerning her and he therefore ask Mariano to explain his reason or if he is also in love with Esmeralda and Mariano and nervousness sets in. Mrs. Rita finally discloses to Jarocha that Esmeralda is the father of Silencioso after Jarocha cunningly pushes her to reveal to her whatever secret is hiding from her because she (Mrs. Rita) can’t simply say that Esmeralda is very much safe with Silencioso as she is with her father.

Jarocha now feels happy for Esmeralda after Mrs. Rita blows that news to her and she lift her eyes to the skies and says to herself that; “ah! What Mrs. Rita told me seem like fairytale, after all the humiliation that family put her through and refused her everything that belongs to her; they are going to kiss the ground she walks on. They are going to bow down to her because she is a princess and at last when they found out about the truth, she would like to be looking through a hole just to see the humiliation on their faces”. Whiles she keep on talking to herself alone, Damien comes to see her to tell her to pack all her things because Silencioso and Esmeralda want her to come stay with them and Jarocha jumped into great excitement.

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