Colour Of Love Episode 18


Ad: baby am am am am

Ryan: baby what?

Ad: am sorry Ryan. But it wasn’t my fault

Ryan : what wasn’t your fault?

Ad : please hear me out. We had a school party about 5years ago. I went to the party that day with my friends. During the party, I took some drink from a friend which had been drugged and I didn’t know. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that I had been raped. Ever since, it has been a secret between my friends and i. Please forgive me. I had to tell you earlier before we met.

It wasn’t easy for Ryan that time. He didn’t know what to do. The only thing that came into his mind to let her go home. He then told Adriana to go home. He wanted to be alone. Adriana didn’t say anything and went home. Because she knew Ryan was in his difficult times. She went home with a cry which made her parents very worried.

She was their only child so they pampered her to the extent that nothing in life was a worry for her.

Her mum asked her why she was crying. She said is Ryan. So her dad thought Ryan had done something to her. He took his car keys to go and see him but Adriana said dad no is not his fault is my own fault. Dad I don’t deserve him.

Her father asked her why was she saying those things. Adriana told them everything. Her dad was so disturbed about it. He asked her why she didn’t tell them all this while. Mr Willington said he was going to send that bastard to jail where he belongs to. He asked if she had evidence of the case but she couldn’t give any evidence. So how are they going to arrest this man in question? There was only one person who had the evidence of what happened that night. This person was Britney. So how are they going to get the evidence from her? Unless she voice it out and tell Adriana herself.

Adriana made a quick call to Britney and asked if she had any evidence of what happened that day? But she said no. But she strongly believed she knows or have evidence of it. Britney was the master brain behind Adriana’s rape case. All because she was jealous of her. Adriana had everything she wanted in life. She was beautiful, brilliant and everyone liked her as well.

Roland and Miriam were still pleading with Mercy to hand over the video to them. Mercy now told them she was going to give the video to the pastor but that place had been already sorted out. When she found out that the pastor had been already told, she came out with another plan. And this time it was crazy. She was going to show the video in church on the projector to the whole congregation.

When Ryan heard of this crazy move, he quickly rushed to Mercy’s house to stop her. He got to the house as early as possible. He met her parents, greeted them and asked for Mercy right away. She was directed to Mercy’s room by her big sister. Her parents were surprise to see Ryan in the house. What business does he have with our daughter? Asked by Mercy’s dad.

Back in Mercy’s room. When she saw Ryan, she said oh you have finally showed up. Or you have heard of my next plan that’s why you are here right?

Ryan: yes. Why are you doing this Mercy?

Mercy: Ryan I have never lacked anything ever since I was born. So I will do everything to have you. Saying all this things, she was getting closer to Ryan. She gave him a kiss which he didn’t liked it. He said please Mercy let’s not do this now. He didn’t even finished when he saw her, half naked. She was in her bra and pant.

Oh boy Ryan said within himself. He nearly fell for her to have that sex she had wanted from him. But he controlled himself once again and left her room to save himself.

To be continued