Cold Episode 6

They dropped the call and together the three of them walked out of the house. Holding August by the hand and Nancy on the shoulder, they strolled leisurely. They haven’t been walking for long before a Mercedes Benz pulled up to where they were, the back door flipped open and seating at the Extreme end was a man in dark shades, a .38 in his hand, pointed towards Jaycee, he was motioning them to get into the car.
“Are you kidnapping us?” nancy asked
“Get in the car before i bust ya’ll caps” the man commanded in a hoarse voice.
Jaycee moved slowly towards the car like he was going to get in and then in a fast twist, he banged the door shut with his leg and pushed both August and Nancy away, dropping on the floor with a thud, he pulled out a .34 from his trouser and fired aimlessly at the projected direction of his assailant, 3 shots, the sound of bullets hitting metals and screams from inside the car was all he needed, he jumped up from where he lay, grabbing August and Nancy, he ran as fast as they let him.

Within seconds, the mercedes came back to life and ran madly after them. They cleared from the pathway to escape being bashed by the car and in a twist of event, a low rider pulled up, Joseph and Lugo jumped down from it, Joseph clutched his Ak while Lugo held a sawed off short gun. Without further delay, they faced the Mercedes and lit it. One could easily see the anger through Joseph’s eyes as he emptied his clip on the car.

Satisfied, they went closer to the car and observed it, the driver was a body of holes as no chunk of meat was in its place, his head busted in two, his hand hanging loosely from his body. Joseph nodded and approached his brother, without a word, he picked August in his arms and made for the car while the rest followed.
With August sitting between him and the steering, Joseph drove silently, Lugo by his side while Jaycee and Nancy cuddled at the back, Nancy was visibly shaken, Jaycee too was stung but he took it like a Donati.
“How did you find us? ” Jaycee asked after sometime

” You said you were with Nancy ”

” Ok, thanks bro ”

” Yea, you killed that guy at the back right?” Joseph asked observing him from the rear view mirror.

“Yea, i shot him”

” Cool, i don’t know how you did it but i can tell it wasn’t easy ”
” Yea, it was crazy”

“Good thing, it takes the stress off me a bit to know that you can actually look out for yourself ”

” Sure” he answered and pulled Nancy closer to himself.

They got home in no time and a worried Maria welcomed them back with hot tasty noodles. The appetite wasn’t there but the aroma of the food helped them finish it.
“Where’s Willie?” Jaycee asked after the meal.
The answer was cold and precise, only Joseph could give that kind of answer. Jaycee smiled and opened his mouth in disbelief.

“What do you mean dead?”

“He got busted today after he dropped Trommel”.

Joseph gave him details of the unsavory event while Maria sobbed, cuddling August like someone was going to take him away.
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“Someone wants to wipe out this family? Who is that son of a bitchh?” Joseph asked

“And why would anyone think of doing that?” Lugo asked.
“Why would anybody want to kill Jaycee or August, why would Williams kill Trommel, what was his stake in it?” Joseph asked to no one in particular.
“You heard his statement ” Lugo said

” That was bullshitt, there’s got to be other sides to it”
“i don’t think they wanted to kill me, if they did, i would be dead already, i think their motive was to kidnap me” Jaycee said as he stared into space, the tears in his eyes.

“Kidnap you? To draw me out maybe?” Joseph asked.

“So now, you think they want you dead?” Stanley asked

“It could be my parents murderers, maybe they found out we were getting closer to them” Joseph said.

“Anyone it is, this house here isn’t conducive for you anymore, ya’ll can come over to my house ” Stanley said.

” No, i can’t run from my home for no man, i will stay here and i will send them to their graves”
“What about Maria and August, maybe they should come over, don’t you think? It would be safer for them over at my place ”
” No, i need them where I can be able to see and protect them at all times”.

Stanley left, Jaycee took Nancy home later in the evening. Lugo stayed around with whats left of the Donati family and Maria stuck to August like a precious jewel.

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To be continued