Cold Episode 25


“Hey, Donati”.
The voice was more than familiar and August stopped on his track, his heartbeat racing out of control. He dreaded Terry and he hardly let’s him pass without a tease which gets physical sometimes.

He stood still, looking ahead of him while Terry approached with his friends from behind. He nudged him at the back and came to stand face to face with him. August squeezed his face and stared hard at his shoes, punching his hand into a fist.

“How is your wife August?” he asked, referring to Janet and squeezing at August’s nose”, he pushed his hand away and raised his face, staring at him eyeball to eyeball.

Terry gave out a wicked grin and the two boys with him followed suit, August felt the tears trying to well up in his eyes and sniffed in an effort to keep them back. He bit hard at his lips and gave his tormentor a stare filled with bitter hatred.

“Are you going to cry now, Donati?” Terry asked and laugh while the pupils around stared on.

“One day Terry, I am going to put a bullet in between those dirty teeth of yours ” he blurted out and sniffed again. Terry couldn’t deny that he was surprised and shaken by the outburst but he wasn’t going to let it show.

” What did you say?” he asked looking him closer in the eyes.

“You heard me, Pig” he yelled and tried walking away, Terry held him by his hand and pulled him back forcefully, he fell to the ground and Terry Jumped on him. He was stronger and that gave him the edge against August. He sat on his belly and landed him blows all over his face, August tried gripping his wrist but failed many times. He gave him a punch that left a bruise at the side of his face that left it bloodied.

August winced in pain as he lay helplessly on the ground with students around cheering them on. Janet ran up from the end of the hallway, clutching her school bag and trying to see through the strands of hairs that littered her eyes. She got close to the action and without a second thought, hit Terry hard on the head with the bag, he screamed from pain and jumped up from August, Janet dropped the bag and landed him a heavy blow on the stomach. He staggered back and observed her with rage in his eyes, she ignored him and helped a sobbing August from the ground.

Terry left with his crew at the realization that he couldn’t do anything to Janet without being busted. Janet helped clean August up and pulled him by the hand, leading him out of the school premises.
“I will kill him for this” he muttered as Janet led him on.
“When?” she asked bitterly and August observed her with a bit of surprise.
“I don’t know, soon maybe”
“Please do or I’m telling dad about it” she said and he could tell she was unhappy with the way she sounded.
“Sorry” she muttered, squeezing his hand and he nodded.
“Tell me about your family” she asked, looking at him with a smile. Reminding of his family made him sad but he was also happy in way, he couldn’t remember everything but the happy moments played back in his mind, he revealed to her all the times they were happy together, they little memories his young mind could bring back made Janet wish she had a family like that. She was happy to see the smile through his bruised face.
“Are you happy?” she asked him and he nodded.
“I’m happy, you make me happy”.
They walked home together, holding each other by the hand and once again, he was happy and glad that she was there.

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* * * *
“I need a gun” he said with a stone cold look on his face
“What do you need a gun for?” Oscar asked, turning to look at him.
“I want to kill a person?”
“Terry, the bully”
“Oh, I see, can you shoot a gun?”
“Yes, I did it once, it was easy” he said, still looking in the direction of the church yard. Oscar kept mute for sometime before talking again.
“You are still too young to have one”
“But how am I supposed to deal with people that try to intimidate me, how will I avenge my family?” he asked in a teary voice.
“There, you are crying again. You are not yet strong enough and you can’t handle a gun if you are not strong enough” he said.
“I promise I won’t cry again” he said and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand
“That’s good, when you are old enough, I’ll get you one”
“How do I fight Terry, he beat me up today and I was saved by a girl”
“Did you fight back?”
“No” he shook his head, staring at the dark ground “he was stronger”
“Hmmm, you don’t have to get closer to him, try and handle him from afar”
“How will I do that without a gun?”
“It mustn’t be a gun, there are other ways you know, but you will have to figure that out yourself”
He nodded and they both got up from the grave. They had been talking for over 1 hour and the church clock had announced the time as 11pm some minutes ago.
“We will meet again and I would like you to have handled Terry by then”
“I will” he said.
He covered his head back with his hood and ran out of the cemetery and the church into the road.
Oscar moved deeper into the cemetery like before and met with two people, a boy and a girl, standing there, apparently waiting for him.
“He needs a gun” he said on getting closer to them.
“What for?” the boy asked
“Some bully at school, a guy named Terry, beat him up at school”
“Fucks, Maybe I should start following him around, catch up with the bully” he said thoughtfully.
“No Jaycee, people are going to see you and know you are still alive” the girl said, clutching on to him.
“He has to worry about his dead family, now he also got to add some bully to it?”
“They are just kids, he can handle it someway, I already told him about it” Oscar said.
“Thanks man, but tomorrow, I’m tracking him personally” Jaycee said.
“And Nancy?” Oscar asked nodding at the girl.
“She will save me like the last time, if the need be” he said, hugging her tighter to himself.

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