Cold Episode 20


A thick cloud of dust surrounded the area where the car crashed. The noise made by the crash was followed up by deep silence and the only noise was incessant noise from night insects. Joseph kicked his door open and dragged himself sluggishly from the wreck. For a few seconds, he stood staring at the wreck with hot tears in his eyes, confused on what to do next.

Bracing against the car, he heaved at it in a frantic effort to turn it over, the car barely shook and fell back to its position, he kicked at it out of frustration. The kick was replied by a cough from inside the car, he ran around the car to meet Jaycee struggling to get his door open. He pulled at the door from outside and yanked it off the car, outstretching his hands, Jaycee grabbed it and he pulled him out.
“You alright?” he asked and Jaycee nodded.
“Lets get the back door”.
They grabbed the back door and a little pull, the door opened and August crawled out of it pushed by Maria. Her left foot was trapped inside the car, they held onto her and slowly tried to get her out also trying to avoid breaking unbroken bones.
“How much stuck is it? ” Joseph asked.
” I don’t know, I can’t move it” she cried.
“Don’t worry, be strong babe, we will get you out of here” Joseph reassured her and she nodded. The pain was visible in her pretty face and it got to Joseph and Jaycee.
“What about Nancy?” Jaycee asked
“She’s not moving”
“Lets pull you out first, then go for her”.
They worked around the car for some minutes before they heard footsteps and noises from a distance above them. They stopped and listened.
“Is that friendly?” Jaycee asked and Joseph shook his head
“I don’t think so”
“You guys should go with August and leave me here” Maria cried out.
“No, we are all leaving here together” Joseph replied, searching for his gun and picking it up. Jaycee picked his and held it firmly. Voices came up from that direction again, from what they heard, the guys were splitting up in search for them.
“Go please” Nancy cried again and was ignored.
“Jaycee, try pulling her out, I will be back” Joseph said and stood up.
He moved up silently in the direction where the voice came from.
“I think its the seat that’s holding my leg” Nancy whispered.
“Ok, I’m going to try and lift the seat then you try to pull yourself out”. Joseph said and Pushed at the seat with all his strength. Nancy pulled at her legs and they moved slowly, with little effort, she pulled her leg from the rubble and got out of the car. She hugged Jaycee with hot tears streaming from her eyes and then grabbed August, checking him all over for injuries.
“Nancy!!” Jaycee called out, crawling into the car to where she lay. He got to her and pulled at her.
“Nancy wake up” he yelled, slapping her at the cheek. She neither woke up nor moved.
“Nancy please, let’s get going” he pleaded at the still body.
“Baby, we got to get out of here”.
He was crying and shaking her body. Maria came from the other end and observed her.
“Let’s pull her out” she said to a sobbing Jaycee. They both held her and slowly dragged her out. She lay on the ground and no part of her moved except the blood trickling down her nose and mouth. Jaycee held her up to his knees and looked down at her, through the darkness, he could only see the outline of her face and faint features of it but still, they looked beautiful to him, like a bolt to the heart, it hurt him and he cried.

Maria held him by the shoulder and she too cried but not as much as Jaycee.

In the distance, Joseph trudged on in full anger, his gun ready in his hand. A few meters from where he stood, he saw a man approaching. He laid down gently on the ground covered by dried grass. The man got to where he lay, before he could see Joseph on the ground, he had been kicked down, he fell on his knees first, his gun falling off his hand and rolled a little distance down the slope. Joseph got up and ran down to him,he hit him on the head with the butt of his gun and he passed out. He searched him and pulled out a dagger from him. Not wanting to leave anything to chances, he stabbed him 3 times on the chest and got up.

He tried turning around to continue upwards but was landed a stunning blow to the side of his face. He fell facedown, reducing the impact with his hands and rolled sideways dodging the bullets rained on him in time. From the ground, he kicked his assailant on the feet, this threw him off guard and he fell face down beside him, he got up immediately and pounced on him before he could make any move, Joseph grabbed him by the neck and squeezed with all his might, in few seconds, he strangled the man and did a perfect finishing to him with the dagger.

Breathing heavily, he fell flat on his back out of exhaustion and watched the star lit sky. He was jostled back to reality by the sound of a car stopping at the road. He got up, picked his gun and ran down the slope to meet his siblings. He met them still looking over the Nancy. None of them moved or looked at him as he approached.
“What’s wrong? Is she alright?”
“She’s dead” Jaycee answered looking at her but not seeing her “Dead” he whispered and sobbed.
“That’s not good but still we have to move now” Joseph said and grabbed August.
“What do we do to her? ” Jaycee asked.
” Nothing, we leave her here, I don’t think we can do more without getting killed too”. Joseph replied making his way to the boot of the car and grabbing more fire arms.
Reluctantly, Jaycee got up and adjusted her body to a decent posture, together, they went deeper into the bushes with five gun wielding assassins on their trail.