Coffee Shop Episode 2


She walks on the lonely road for some minutes . Ekanem brings out her phone from her bag to order a cab online only for the battery to run down completely when she opens the taxi’s app online.

“What a night! , why did I even wear these high heeled shoes?”, she asks herself with a sigh .

She continues to walk down the street, this time more briskly. She realises that street she is currently walking on is close to her favourite shop,she smiles to herself and says” hopefully, I will be able to charge my phone and wait for a cab to pick me up from there”.

As Ekanem approaches the coffee shop, she sees a man trying to lock the door from inside . She quickly runs to the door and knocks on the glass door.

“Madam we are closed for the day “she hears the male voice say to her.

“Please I beg you, I need your help” Ekanem pleads further to allow her go inside.

The door is finally opened and is locked immediately she enters inside the shop.

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“Thank you very much. I just want to charge my phone for a few minutes please”,Ekanem says to him.

“Okay , but you have to do that quickly” he replies and continues cleaning the surface of the work table .

She hurriedly removes her shoes and plugs her phone into the nearest socket to charge.

Ekanem watched with the corner of her eyes as he neatly arranged the washed teacups into the cabinet.

“I wonder if this guy would throw a spoon at me if I ask for a cup of coffee while I wait for my phone to charge” , she says to herself .

She steals another glance at him. This time around, she observes as he meticulously arranges the teaspoons, forks and knives in the lime coloured cabinet.

“Hmmm, will this guy listen to me after all this stress he is going through to clean up the shop?, besides it appears the other workers have gone home”,she wonders in her heart.

Ekanem decides to give it a try. She walks up to the counter with a smile on her face and says to him. “Please I know that it’s late and I have disrupted your plans of going home but can you make me a cup of coffee?”.

He looks at her with a straight face and replies with sarcasm ” Peter is not available to make your coffee as special as you like it”.

“I am sorry for being difficult the last time I was here.Please just make me any type of coffee that won’t take your time, I will pay for it” ,she says to him.

He looks at her for some seconds without uttering a word and eventually says “okay, give me a few minutes. There are no snacks available though”.

“Thanks, I don’t mind drinking it like that” ,she replies.

Ekanem sits on one of the high chairs which is behind the counter and watches as he makes her the coffee.
She is intrigued by the way he brews the coffee and the attention he pays to details while adding other items to the coffee.

He serves her the hot cup of coffee with a smile.

“Thanks”, she replies and offers him money for the drink.

“Nah! It’s on the house”,he says with a smile.

“Hmmmm, thank you once again. Your boss is lucky to have a kind hearted employee like you” ,she replies .

She takes a sip and says with excitement “what’s the name of this type of coffee .It tastes so nice.”

“I am glad you like it. It’s called caramel macchiato” ,he replies with a smile.

While she drinks her coffee, he goes out through one of the doors at the back of the counter and returns after some minutes without his work tshirt. He put on a mustard colored tshirt on a black pair of jeans .

Ekanem enjoys her coffee to the last drop and goes to where her phone is charging to unplug it.She switches it on and quickly requests for a cab online.

She walks back to the counter and says to him my cab will be here in a few minutes please ,can you wait for about 5 minutes.

“Okay” he replies as he keeps her washed cup away.

“I really appreciate. What’s your name?”, she asks with a smile.

“My name is Tochukwu, Toks for short”,he replies.

“Okay “she replies and quickly picks up her phone which was ringing.

“Madam I am in front of Ryan’s shop. Can you please come outside”,the cab driver says to her.

Ekanem quickly picks up all her personal belongings, says thank you to Toks and leaves the coffee shop.

She gets home in no distant time and enters her room. She quickly takes a shower , slips under her cosy duvet and goes to bed.

Ekanem wakes up the following morning to prepare for church. Since Chichi and Ekanem attend the same church, Ekanem decides to join her room mate in her car.

“Babe, I didn’t even know when you got home last night. I hope you guys had fun last night?”, Chichi says to her as she drives.

“Fun?did I hear you say fun?.Please my friend, let’s just go to church peacefully. I don’t feel like talking about what happened last night”, Ekanem replies.

“Hmmmm, was it that bad Chichi asks with curiosity in her eyes.

“Let’s just say that he allowed me to walk home late last night “she replies.

“What!!!!how can Philip do that to you?” , she says to Ekanem in anger.

“Chichi let’s just go to church, forget Philip’s gist for now “she replies her.

Ekanem and Chichi return home together after attending church service. As they approach the gate of their apartment, they sight Philip’s car which is parked beside the gate.

“What’s he doing here?” ,Ekanem says to herself .

“Ahhh see your guy ” ,Chichi says to Ekanem with a smile.

” I have seen him my dear , I wonder what he is doing here? ” , she replies Chichi.

Ekanem gets down from the car and opens the gate to allow Chichi drive in.

As she closes the gate,she hears the familiar voice of Philip calling her name.

He comes close to her to assist her in closing the gate and Ekanem leaves him at the gate and hurriedly walks into her house.

Philip goes into his car and brings the snacks , pizza and drinks he bought goes back to Ekanem’s house.

He stands in front of the door and waits for the door to be opened after ringing the door bell.

“Ekanem won’t you open the door for your boyfriend? “,Chichi asks as she drinks and cold glass of water.

“Chichi please open the door for him. My ears are ready for another lecture about my bad attitude ” she says with a frown on her face.

“You’re welcome Philip”, Chichi says to him as she opens the door.

“Hi dear “he replies with a smile as he sees Ekanem removing her sandals in the dining area.

“I bought these for you darling! “Philip says to Ekanem and places them on the dining table.

“Thank you “she replies with a straight face.

“Can we talk? “, he says Ekanem.

“Talk about what Philip ? “, she replies.

He holds her hand and looks at her ,”let us discuss in your room .We shall have more privacy there “he says to her.

Ekanem takes him into her room and they both sit down on her bed.

“I am sorry for what happened Eky love. I know that you have every reason to be angry with me “he says to her with a soft voice.

“You just left me there to wonder on a lonely road.What if I was attacked by robbers?” She replies.

“Ekanem, were you attacked?” , he asks with a mischievous smile on his face.

“No ! I wasn’t but what if I was “she replies in anger.

“You are just making a mountain out of a mole Hill. Let us talk about other things. Better still can we start eating the pizza” , he says to her in a nonchalant manner.

Ekanem looks at him with shock in her eyes and wonders if she is actually over reacting. “Am I the person with the problem here she says to herself and goes back to the living room with Philip reluctantly.

They sit on the sofa and after a few minutes Chichi comes out of the room to join them.

“My girl! .It’s time for the much anticipated match between my football club and another big club”, she says to Ekanem with excitement.

“I didn’t know that you are a soccer fan” , he says to Chichi with a broad smile.

“Ahhh, yes oh!” She replies and sits opposite them.

Chichi and Philip become so engrossed in the football match since they both support the same club and the soccer match is against their arch rivals.

Ekanem tries her best to appear excited as she watches the game .After a while, she starts eating the pizza and reading her mails.

Ekanem makes intermittent comments about the game , which is either replied hurriedly or ignored by both Philip and Chichi.

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