Coffee Shop Episode 13


Ekanem goes straight into her room and avoids any unnecessary conversation with Chichi. She takes a cold bath and puts her favourite music on .

“I will be happy, no matter what. I don’t need any guy to determine my state of mind or control my emotions “, she says to herself as she goes through her lecture notes.

She finishes her work in less than an hour and slips under her quilt. Ekanem must have dozed off for about 10 minutes when she heard a voice call her name. She struggles to open her eyes and mumbles” yes! “.

She feels a tap on her lap which makes her open her eyes.

“What are you doing here? . Who brought you into my room ? “,she says to Toks.

“Your flat mate let me in”,he replies with a smile.

Ekanem sighs and looks away.

Toks taps her again and says “Ekanem we need to talk!” .

“So finally you agree that we need to talk. I am so tired of this mind game that I don’t have the strength to talk”, Ekanem replies.

“Ekanem, I need to leave town for sometime” , Toks says to her.

“Okay! , before you leave, can you please tell me who you are. I feel like I am talking to a stranger. The Toks I met at the café has disappeared”, she replies with sadness in her eyes.

“Don’t say that love. I love you deeply and I always will”,Toks says to her .

“Why do you have to travel now ? “She replies.

“My dad is terminally ill. The cancer has spread to his major organs .His doctor says that he doesn’t have much time left.He wants his family to be with him at this time”,Toks says to her .

“I am so sorry to hear about your dad’s health. I agree with your decision to spend some time with him” ,Ekanem replies.

My dad is a very wealthy and influential king. My mum had my elder sister, my twin brother and I. Unfortunately, my brother who was the older twin died few years ago from complications of surgery. My mum and dad currently live in Anambra state. Ifeoma, my elder sister lives with her family in New Jersey. I am the heir to the throne”,Toks says with a straight face.

“Why are you telling me all these now?.Why did you pretend to me all these while? “,Ekanem replies as she looks into his eyes.

” I just wanted to be sure that you loved me first before unleashing all my baggage on you.The other ladies in my past stuck around because of the money and fame. The ones from rich homes wanted more power”he says to Ekanem.

“Who owns Ryan’s coffee shop?”Ekanem asks.

” I started the coffee shop 2years ago when I relocated from the US after completing my PhD. Dad made sure that I went to ivy league schools because he wanted me to get the best education /training required to rule and run the family business. The family business is seperate from the coffee shop and the new restaurant ” ,he says to her.

Ekanem looks at his handsome face as he tells her all about himself. She doesn’t doubt her love for him but the revelation of him being the heir to the throne makes her somewhat disturbed.

“Come with me to see dad”, he says to her excitedly .
“I am sorry for treating you so badly. I am not dealing with dad’s ill health very well. When I saw you with that guy after pleading with you earlier on to explain myself, I felt really hurt and betrayed. I also had to get a new female manager to run the café and restaurant in my absence “, he says to Ekanem.
[]Ekanem holds his hands while looking at him .

“Talk to me” Toks says to her with a smile that melts her heart.

“I have never met a guy as wonderful as you Toks. I don’t know if I ever will. You are my soul mate and I can boldly say that I love you”, Ekanem says to him with a soft voice.

“Aaaaw, that’s so sweet darling!” , Toks replies as he takes her into his arms.

Ekanem releases herself from his grip after some seconds.

“What’s wrong? “, Toks says to her with curiosity in his eyes.

“I don’t know how to say this Toks”, she replies .

“Say what ?” , Toks says to her .

“I don’t think this relationship will work” ,Ekanem replies.

“Are you dating someone else ?” Toks asks .

“No ! “She replies hurriedly .

“I don’t want to date someone at this age if it doesn’t lead to marriage. I have always wanted to live a simple life. I don’t think I want to be the wife of the heir to the throne. What would happen to my teaching? . My life would be in the public eye”,she says to him .

“You are kidding me”, Toks replies.

“I am very serious. I love you so much but I don’t think we shall be happy together”, she says to him.

“Let me be the judge of that” ,Toks replies and walks out on her.

Toks angrily leaves the Ekanem’s house and goes home.

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Chichi comes out of her room to meet Ekanem.

“Please who is that handsome dude?” , she asks Ekanem .

“That’s the dispatch rider you told me to stay away from “Ekanem replies with sarcasm.

“He came here in an SUV, his accent, confidence and of course his goodlooks made me open the door for him” ,she says to Ekanem with a smile.

“You better not allow robbers into this house one day”, Ekanem replies .

” I am serious though, who is he? “, Chichi asks .

Ekanem narrates her history with Toks and tells her that he just walked away from her life.

Ekanem permit me to say this “you are so silly! !” , Chichi says to her.

“Hmmm, you just don’t understand me”,Ekanem replies.

“A good catch wants to take you to see his dad who is ill and you refused, do you want to stay single forever? All because you don’t want to become royalty. Are you sure that you don’t have cerebral malaria? “She says to Ekanem.

Ekanem refuses to reply Chichi .She goes into her room and forces herself to go to sleep.

She buries herself in school work. Ekanem tries unsuccessfully to push thoughts of Toks away.

After one week of not hearing from him,she accepts the dinner invitation from Kola.

” I have to move on .I know that he will never be like Toks but at least I could have a normal life with him”, she says to herself.

Ekanem puts on a beautiful emerald coloured long dress with gold accessories. Her beautiful face hardly needed any make up but she applied something light nonetheless.

She sits down beside Chichi as she waits for kola to arrive. Kola rings the bell shortly afterwards and Ekanem opens the door. They both walk towards his car. As she enters inside his car, she sees Richard driving in.

Ekanem waits for him to come out of his vehicle.

“Hi Richie! , I am on my way out with a friend”, she says to him.

“Oh okay! I will just hang out with Chichi, if that’s not a problem “he replies.

“No , it’s not an issue” Ekanem says to him and enters Kola’s car.

Richard rings the door bell .Chichi opens the door and says” oh!you just missed Ekanem. She left a few minutes ago”.

“I came to see you not her” , he replies with a smile.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” , she says to him

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