Coffee Shop Episode 10


Ekanem sits on her bed after the phone call and thinks about what her friends tell her.

“Maybe they are right. Richard is a really nice guy and he is doing well for himself. He is also ready to settle down “,she says to herself .

Ekanem goes to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.When she returns to her room, she gets a text message from Toks which reads;” Hi beautiful ! , someone will be dropping a small package for you at your house. Please accept it “.

Ekanem’s excitement is like that of a toddler who is promised candies. She goes to the living room and looks out of the window for any trace of a dispatch rider every 5 minutes.

The rider finally arrives and Ekanem goes outside to meet him. He gives her a white rectangular paper box which she collects and says thank you.

Ekanem goes into her room and opens the box. She sees purple, white and pink daisy flowers tied with a gold ribbon. She also sees two cookies wrapped in a transparent nylon.

Just as she dials his number , she gets a text from Toks ;”I hope you like the flowers, we had excess in the office” .

” I love them”, she replies.

” I am glad ! .I Can’t get you out of my mind. Good night dear”, his next text message reads.

“You make me happy Toks”, she replies

Ekanem smiles as she keeps her phone by her bedside and lies down.

“There’s something special about Toks but I don’t know how serious he is about settling down. Even if he really loves me, how long will he have to save up for a wedding?” she says to herself .

Ekanem goes to bed after working on her lecture notes.

She goes to work early the next day .As she walks to the car park to enter her car , she sees Richard heading in the same direction.

“Hi darling”, he says to her with a smile.

“How are you doing?”, she replies .

He gives her a hug and says “I am doing great dear”.

They discuss about work for some minutes and Ekanem says in a playful manner ;” Richie I need to go home. You know that our conversations last for hours “.

“I know Eky! That’s why I believe we are meant for each other. Have you given any thought to what I asked you earlier?”,he replies .

“I am still thinking and praying about it. We both deserve to be happy even if we don’t end up together, she says to him.

“Hmm! Okay dear. Have you had lunch?” , he replies

“Not yet” , she says to him.

“Let’s go and eat amala and ewedu at the new joint that I discovered”, he replies excitedly.

“I hope they have the necessary accompaniments?” , she says with a smile on her face .

“Of course I know what you mean. Don’t worry there are lots of assorted meat to choose from “he replies in a playful manner.

They drove to the local restaurant together and they enjoy the delicious meal.

After eating, he escorts her to her car and says it’s always a pleasure being with you. I hope the food met your expectation, he says to her.

“Ahhh!didn’t you see how fast I ate my food. It exceeded my expectation dear “she replies.

He looks at her with a smile and says with a soft voice “you seem a bit distracted lately . Are you okay? “.

“I am doing great”, she replies.

He holds her hands and says “I know that you don’t love me as much as I do but I assure you that I will love you every day of my life. I will take care of you and I believe that with time , you will fall in love with me” .

Ekanem is speechless, she search for appropriate words to use but finds none .She just stares at him and nods her head.

When she gets home ,she gets a sheet of paper and tries to write the good and bad attributes of Toks and Richard.

She realises that she isn’t able to categorise Toks properly because she in unable to answer some questions about him.

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“Isn’t it stupidity to leave a guy you know for a guy who hasn’t even declared his intention and whom I barely know? ” ,she says to herself.

As she ponders in her heart ,the question she poses to herself, she gets a call from Toks.

“Hi dear .How was your day? “he says to her.

“Very fine. How was yours?” She replies.

“It was okay, can we meet on Wednesday?I miss you ,”he says to her.

” will be busy that day , except you don’t mind meeting up late?” , she replies.

“Okay let’s meet at the coffee shop by 9pm, I hope you don’t have an early lecture on Thursday?” , he says to her.

“Luckily, my lectures are in the afternoon. See you by 9pm on wednesday”,she replies excitedly.

It’s a beautiful Wednesday. Ekanem goes to work as planned. She finishes her lectures by 4pm and quickly rushes to pick up her package from Chioma’s friend.

She was asked to pick up the parcel from Mr Isreal who works at the company which Chioma had already sent the name and address of.

Ekanem arrives at the office building. She stands in front of the high rise office complex and confirms from the text that she is at the right location.

She enters through the automatic doors and walks towards the receptionist.

” I am here to see Mr Isreal”, she says to the receptionist with a smile .

“He has been expecting you for about 30 minutes. He just went inside the boardroom for an important but brief meeting. Please wait for him “,she replies.

Ekanem sits on one of the leather chairs in the lounge. As she waits for the meeting to be over, she admires the office decor.

The Christmas decorations together with the shiny marble floors made the office look so beautiful. She looked towards the receptionist and saw the picture of two men beside the picture of the governor of Lagos state on the wall .

Ekanem looks closely at the pictures again and sees an elderly man’s picture and that of a younger man which looked familiar.

She stood up and walked towards the receptionist. As she approached her, the image of the picture became clearer.

“This is Toks! ” she says to herself repeatedly.

“Please madam”, Ekanem says to the receptionist anxiously , “who is that young man in the picture? “.

“That’s Our Managing Director. Mr Isreal whom you are waiting for is his personal assistant”,she replies .

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