Childless Episode 11 Final



(smiling sadly)

I know I should divorce him, yes. Only problem is, I still love him.



But he’s a fool!



He is, yes. But I think all that is going to change now. I forgive him. We’ll go and look for Madam Bajoe. I know she lives.



Oh, yes, she lives. I got the story from her two days ago when God sent me to her. She waits. I see happiness ahead for you, Akua. Keep loving the Lord!


The Lord is all I have. Where would I have been without him? I would’ve been dead by now.


(smiling briefly)

The more reason that you should divorce that fool! He doesn’t deserve you. Or, why don’t you go out and make love to some man and get pregnant, hm? Then give birth for the man, and bring him to live in your Boys Quarters with your child whilst you live in the main house with your husband. Kwabena, that fool, was planning to do that to you, so if the tables have turned, you should also do it to him. What do you think about that?

And, for the first time in many years, Akua laughs uproariously, with real mirth, so much so that tears come to her eyes.


I’m really glad you’re not God, mister. Otherwise I’ll be scared of your revenge!


I would’ve struck your husband’s penis with leprosy long, long time ago, Akua, the moment Dede died!

They both laugh this time. He turns and begins to walk away. Akua scrambles to her feet.



Please, sir, please, wait!

The stranger turns.




Please, I beg of you, with all humility. What’s your name? Where do you stay? Where did you come from? I want to come and thank you.


Thank the Lord, not man. And my name is of no import to you now, my dear lady. Keep your faith! God loves you!

He turns and quickly walks away. When Akua turns, Kwabena and his father have come down and are facing her. Almost in slow motion both of them fall to their knees in front of her.



Forgive me, Akua! Oh, please forgive me! I’m so sorry!



Forgive me, Akua! All my life I’ve been a bastard, an unfeeling ogre! I’ve learnt a great lesson today! Please, dear, forgive me and my son!



Please, stand up! There’s nothing to forgive! We have a journey ahead of us. Let’s prepare and go and look for Madam Bajoe Naar!

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Akua Dompreh just can’t be happier! Everything had seemed lost! She had even been contemplating killing herself, but the God she worships and leans on hadn’t left her in a lurch!

God had sent a stranger into her life, and following the amazing things and revelations the stranger had laid bare, she and her husband and her father-in-law had made the long journey to the heart of Kroboland to seek a gentle Christian lady called Madam Bajoe Naar! She had turned out to be a most beautiful elegant woman, even in her matured ages.

They had arrived on a Sunday, and found her in church. That day she had been up on the pulpit. It had been a Women’s Week celebration, and Madam Bajoe Naar had been teaching the women in the church about the blessings of forgiveness when three people entered the church.

Akua had asked one of the congregation members where Madam Bajoe was, and the member had pointed at the gentle mature woman standing behind the pulpit. Akua had moved forward, climbed the pulpit, and fallen to her knees in front of the woman.

Kwabena had run to her and fallen down on his knees too, bawling his head off like a baby. Tutu Dompreh had just stared at the woman. He had never seen a lovelier woman in his life! He had fallen down flat on his stomach in front of her with genuine tears in his eyes.


(wailing uncontrollably)

Oh, Dede, Dede, Dede! Madam, please forgive me! I’m a bad man! Forgive me for making you lose your daughter! Forgive me for making your daughter go through so much misery! Oh, Lord! Dede forgive me! Forgive me, my love! Oh, I don’t deserve to live! I deserve to die!!



It is all my fault! My stupid pride! Thinking I’m more human than everybody else! I’m a murderer! Please, please, please, forgive me and my son, madam!

The news had spread, and of course the dear, good woman had also cried, and had forgiven them immediately! It had been a great day in the small village that day. They had stayed for almost two weeks in the village!

Tutu Dompreh had insisted on a fitting burial for Dede! He had ordered experts to come from the city and Dede’s grave had been redesigned with incredible marble, glass and gold. Brochures had been printed, and a fitting burial had been performed.

Tutu had flooded the village with food and drinks. The villagers just couldn’t stop marvelling. A lovely bronze statue of Dede was even erected behind the gravestone.

Afterwards, Kwabena and Tutu had accepted Jesus Christ in the village, and Akua couldn’t stop laughing when the great Tutu, the proudest, most arrogant man she had ever known, was baptized in the village’s dirty pool of water… and he had been smiling all along!

And then Madam Bajoe had prayed for Kwabena for thirty minutes in the church, beseeching the Lord to be merciful and let His grace fill Kwabena and release his lions.

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Later, Tutu had insisted on bringing Madam Bajoe back to the city. Akua, who had lost her mother just after completing university, suddenly had a new caring mother in Madam Bajoe. She had begged Madam Bajoe to come and stay with her for a while, and the gentle woman had agreed, albeit reluctantly, and come to stay with Akua.

Tutu had been a constant visitor to the house on various pretexts, but they all knew he was just interested in seeing Madam Bajoe. Two months later, she and Tutu had been married, just around the time that Akua did five pregnancy tests and they all showed positive! And that day she and her husband had been over the moon, and cried with thanksgiving!

Tutu has built a huge building for the church, and his wife, Mrs. Bajoe Dompreh, is now the Women’s Leader! One and a half years on, and God has made everything so beautiful, in His own time!

Akua is now the mother of triplets… Two boys and a girl! Yes, she serves a most powerful God! Finally, her own naming ceremony has come, and this time it has been held in church! Performed by Pastor Fiifi Addo! Akua is so happy that she fears she is going to burst!

Later they all go out to have pictures taken. There is much laughter and happiness. After several pictures, Akua, Kwabena, Tutu and Madam Bajoe pose for a final picture. Kwabena is holding his daughter. Tutu is holding one boy, and Madam Bajoe the other. As soon as the picture is taken Akua’s eyes are drawn to the entrance of the church. She sees a tall figure in an excellent cream suit standing there.

The man has no beard this time, and he is not wearing a hat. He is wearing dark glasses though, and has a round growth of hair around his lips and down his chin. He is too far away, but even from the distance Akua is quite taken aback by how young and handsome he looks!

Kwabena is looking at her with great love in his eyes.


Sweetheart, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Akua does not speak, and she does not shift her gaze. Kwabena stares at the direction she is looking at, and he gasps.



It is him!



Yes, the stranger! There’s something different about him… I can’t seem to place it!



He looks younger!


Yes, yes, that’s it! Far younger, handsomer!

Suddenly Akua begins to run towards the stranger. He raises his hand and waves, and then he turns towards the entrance!



No, no, wait! Somebody stop that man for me! Please wait!

But when she gets out she sees a sleek, powerful car speeding away, and she stops with frustration as she stares after it.


Thank you, whoever you are! Thank you, stranger!

The stranger is looking through his driving mirror at her, and then he smiles, shakes his head, and turns a corner, losing sight of her. He is now on a straight stretch of road.


Father, you’re great! But sometimes I don’t understand Your ways! That Tutu man and his silly son didn’t deserve happiness! They don’t deserve another chance! Now they’re Christians! I wanted them to suffer so much for their wickedness, but You knows best, so that’s okay. If I had my own way-

Suddenly a brilliant lightning splits the sky and a ground- shaking thunder booms, rocking the car. The stranger laughs and shakes his head ruefully.


Yes, Lord! I’ve heard You. Your ways are higher than mine! Yooo, I hear, Father! You’re Lord, You alone are Lord! And I’m loving this life You’ve given me! The stranger laughs hard and presses down harder on the accelerator… and for a brief moment people who were watching the huge beautiful car later said they saw the interior shining brightly as if the car was filled with angels!

End of CHILDLESS Chronicle

By Aaron Ansah Agyeman