Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 24


This was simply ridiculous! There was no way I would let this happen..I had not been out of madam Clara’s flat for a while..I just felt I wasn’t ready to face the world yet..But now, well I went to my wardrobe, picked a trench jacket, a blue jean and an Oxford white canvas..
“Where is she?”
Jovita smiled when I came out, she had been convincing me over the weeks to shake it off and step out, but she failed, seeing me all dressed up now felt like she actually achieved something..
“Addressing the models as we speak, in the Hall room”
You can imagine the guts, who does she think she is..I followed to the hall room and bounced in, interrupting Joanne
“Joanne, you didn’t inform me of your unexpected visit”
I said as I approached her
“I appreciate the informality but I would soon be your boss so I would love it if you show some respect”
Her words sent fire to my brain..keep calm bukky, keep calm bukky
I met her now, putting my hands in back pocket and with a gesture I smiled and answered
“Soon, not yet..”
She made an attempt to walk out but I held her back
“And one more thing Joanne, make no mistake, I bow to no one”
She shook of my hands..
“Well we shall see about that, wouldn’t we bukky”
As I watched her walk out my spirit boiled within me..what was really going on? David has alot of explanation to give..I turned to the models starring and murmuring among themselves
“Look around people, without you and I, there is no House Of Earl..So we bow to know one, remember that!”
Well they were all well behind me on this one..I went straight to David..he was in his office as expected..starring out the glass windscreen
“David what’s going on here?”
He was quiet for a while, before he turned to me
“Don’t worry I’ll handle it”
His answer was not satisfactory, and for some silly reasons it annoyed me
“Handle what?! Your so called fiance is flaunting about threatening to take charge of this house and you’re like I will handle it!”
He was still calm..
“Bukky sit down, and hear the whole story”
When he was thru I gently walked out of his office..don’t worry I would tell you what he said but for now I need someone
Vodka happened to walk by..just the person I was looking for
“Bukky, I am sorry for everything, I’ll change..”
I didn’t let her finish, I hugged her
“It’s OK, vodka I don’t need you to change, there is a battle we need to handle together, what do you say?”
Without hesitation she replied
“Count me in”