Broken Vows Episode 9


Yaw Kuntu’s bags were already in the car and he told her to eat whilst he let himself out. Kwansema hugged him, and there were tears in her eyes.

KWANSEMA (tremulously)

Oh, my sweet, dearest love! These past few weeks have been my most joyous! I love you, Yaw! Yaw Kuntu hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately and ardently.

YAW KUNTU (tenderly)

My precious Princess! I love you too much. Can’t wait to come back and finalize our adoption process!

They kissed again, and then she saw him to the car. He drove out, and then wound down the window and looked at her.

KWANSEMA (waving)

Drive carefully, my love. And come back soon.


Will see you sooner than you think, my love. Don’t let your food get cold!

KWANSEMA (smiling)

Hm. The way I’m hungry! I’m going to discipline that food immediately!

He drove off, blowing her a kiss, and with a huge smile on his face. She used the remote to close the gate and ran inside to finish off the jollof rice cooked with the loving hands of the love of her life! And so Yaw Kuntu drove off.

He stopped once to fill up on petrol, and as he moved out of the filing station he stopped the car along the edge of the road. He was suddenly sweating as the magnitude of what he had done hit him! It took his breath away, he had just murdered his wife! He was shivering, and he felt a sharp pain in his heart. Just then his phone rang. He picks the call.


My love! How did it go?

YAW KUNTU (trembling)

It is done. Just left the house.


Well done, my love. You will come back to her dead body. Be brave, and don’t be afraid. I’m with you all the way, love!


I’m suddenly scared, my love.


I know you would be, but remember, you’re doing it to give us a chance, to give your mother a chance, and to live happily ever after. I’ll be waiting for you, dear. Be bold. I love you so much.


Yes, yes, I’ll be with you on Monday night. I love you harrrrrd!


Okay, my love. I’m with my Uncle Ato, the one I said I would take you to meet this week. I’ll check into our usual hotel and wait for you.


Yes, my love.


Love you so much, Yaw.


Love you too, Precious!

Yaw Kuntu cut off the call, sighed heavily, and drove to Akosombo. He checked into his hotel, and went to the conference centre for the opening ceremony. He got back to the hotel very late and checked his phone. There was no missed call from Kwansema, and he breathed with a mixture of elation and sadness. He was elated because he knew he was going to be a very rich man. He was sad because Kwansema would have called him a long time ago to check if he had arrived…. had she been alive! Her failure to call confirmed that she was indeed dead, and he was a widower!

He switched off his phone, overcome with a rare moment of grief. And, in his moment of darkness, he got drunk, and slept like a log. He forced himself to get through the next couple of days. The symposium ended on Monday afternoon, and Yaw Kuntu called Adwoa’s number; he couldn’t reach her, and left a voice mail on her phone that he was on his way back to Accra since they had planned to spend Monday night together before he arrived home on Tuesday morning.

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And then he drove to their usual hideout, a plush resort within the Cantonments vicinity. He was informed that she left the hotel on Saturday morning not long after she checked in, in the company of a man, and had not been seen since. Yaw Kuntu was getting worried and madly jealous now. Adwoa with a man? Left with him and hadn’t returned? What did it all mean? Or was that man the mysterious Uncle Ato? Well, he went to the room to wait for her.

He took a shower, and had just returned from the bathroom when his phone rang. He picked the call.


Yeah, hello?


Hello, good evening sir.


Good evening.


Am I speaking to Mr. Yaw Kuntu, please?


Yes, you are. Who’s this please?


Sorry, sir. I’m calling from the Eden Hospital. We have been trying to reach you since Saturday. Your wife came on admission and she gave us your number. We’ve been trying to get to you but haven’t been able to get through to you. Your phone was off.

Yaw Kuntu’s heart was hammering so hard that for a moment he almost passed out. His hand was shaking terribly, and he held hard on to the phone to stop the trembling. . Sweat fell down his face in torrents, and he tried to stay focused.


Sorry, I had a fault with my phone. Please, how is my wife now? There was a long pregnant pause at the end.


Please, could you come to the Eden Hospital? An administrator would like to-

YAW KUNTU (breaking in harshly)

I asked you how my wife was!!

FEMALE VOICE (unsteadily)

I’m afraid we lost her, sir. She is dead. If you could kindly-

YAW KUNTU (cutting in)

Thank you very much. But it is a bit late, so I’ll come over in the morning.

He hung up the phone and sat down wearily on the bed. He felt crushed. Tears came to his eyes, and they shimmered on his eyelashes, and his vision was blurred, but the tears didn’t spill down his cheeks. Kwansema was dead!

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To Be Continued…