Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 6


Samuel felt like letting go of the whole escape plan. But his spirit was a strong opposition. He had spent alot for this, in cash and in comfort! He had to spend the night here just for a perfect escape. He had promised Isaiah, he can’t afford to fail his friend. “aaaaaarrrh” Isaiah let out, slowly opening his eyes. 
Samuel: you’ar awake!!! Just in time bro.
 Me: yeah, the pills did the magic….is everything set? 
Samuel: yes…i mean no…. er…thing is cops are guarding you! 
Me: what! Where are they?
 Samuel: ssssh don’t raise your voice….they are outside…first things first! Lets get those cuffs off you. He used a tiny piece of metal in unlocking the cuff. Hitherto, my right hand was cuffed to the hospital bed. 
Samuel: here take this bag, in it you’d find a pizza boy’s wear, black shade and a phone-size device. The red signal on the screen indicates where the bike you’d be using is parked while the green one shows your hide out, i’d join you there in no distant time. 
Me: how about the cops? Or is there anyother exit? Samuel stood still for a while, probably devising a plan. 
Samuel: i’d think of something, go to the restroom and change alre……. 
Policeman: hey doc! What the heck are you doing with the patient? Whats taking you so long and what are you both discussing? 
Samuel: (whispering) go go, change fast!!! (loud) officer i was giving him instructions on how to take his medicine. He couldn’t end the sentence before an officer barged in. 
Samuel: uh….. 
Officer: where is he? (in a very harsh tone) 
samuel: he’s in the rest room.
 Officer: scumbag!!! your hands on your head! 
Samuel: its not what it seems i just…… 
Officer: (pointing the gun to samuel’s head) i said shut up!!!! 
While wearing the ‘camouflage’ samuel gave me, i was hearing indistinct chats which i didn’t take serious. I was about stepping to the main ward when something told me to peep, i obeyed the vioce. From my ‘peeping spot’ i saw Samuel with a man clothed in blue, i cop i guess. Samuel was struggling to grab the gun from the man, the officer wasn’t yeilding either. 
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 Grace, Isaiah’s mum woke up pretty late this morning yet Isabella who was an early waker isn’t up yet. Thats quite freakish of her. She decided to check her up in her room. 
Grace: Isabella dear, are you okay? I mean its 7am already and you’ar still on the bed, is everything okay?
 Isabella: no mum…i mean yes.
 Grace: now i know you’ar hiding something! Whatsup? 
Isabella: you see i had this terrible nightmare, it was so real. Grace sat next to her daughter on the bed. She was rubbing Isabella’s hair lightly.
 Grace: tell me all about it.
 Isabella: i dreamt that Isaiah was stabbed and rushed to the hospital, in the dream he was fighting for his life. 
Grace: you know sometimes when you think too much you….
 Isabella: no mum, i have a hunch something isn’t right. My dreams always mamifest, you know it. 
Grace: i know but…..lets just hope this dream of yours doesn’t come true. 
Isabella: i’d be visiting him this morning 
Grace: let me take my bath, we’ar going together. 
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The officer was over powering Samuel, Isaiah ran to the scene to help in the fight against the cop, just when he was about kicking the cop. POW! A gunshot was heard in the room…..
 😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉