Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 26


Tomas got ready and drove straight to the park where he met the strange woman yesterday. He searched and searched but she was nowhere to be found, no one agreed to have seen her around. He felt disappointed and left for his car after two hours of unfruitful wait. Kate alighted from a cab and went straight to the point where she met Tomas yesterday. A lad who was begging for alms accosted her. She gave him out of the little she had. 
Lad: thanks ma’am Kate: (showing him Tomas’ picture) have you see this person today? The picture portrayed a younger version of Tomas, better still the boy was able to recognize him. 
Lad: yes, he even gave me 50bucks!
 Kate: is that so? Any idea where he his? 
Lad: i think he had gone already, his car was parked here ( he turned towards the direction where Tomas’ camry was parked. ….oh his car is over there, i think he is still around. 
Kate: okay…… She scampered to where Tomas’ car was parked, he also alighted when he saw her coming. 
Kate: Julio!!! She threw her hands towards him in a hug, he held her hands in the air. 
Tomas: can we seat over there and talk? 
Kate: oookkaayy….. 
Tomas: i have had amnesia for a couple of years now, everything about my past was in the dark until i met you yesterday, you seems to occupy a handsome sector of me, who are you??? 
Kate: oh my!!! So sorry about that….i’m your wife Kate! Do you remember anything? We had a child, can you tell me her name?
 Tomas: El….EL….
 Kate: yes Ella! They continued chatting, their chats was helping Tomas immensly, his memories were coming to him in a more clearer form……… 
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 Ella sobbed for minutes and later comforted herself. Rodelio have now turned into a beast. She can’t take it anymore, she don’t know what her fate would be in the next hour. She need to escape, she knew she wouldn’t make it out successfully if she go through the main entrance. She went to ‘her’ bathroom the glass made window was narrow but fair enough for her body size to scale through. She seized the light blanket spread over her bed, and made it into a twine. It was long enough because  the window wasn’t too far from the ground level. She tied one end of the twine to the water closet, letting the other end fall freely outside, slowly and steadily she slided down the ‘twine’. She landed with a thud, the window was by the side of the building, nobody was guarding that angle. The house wasn’t fenced either. She made her way out, she didn’t meet a tarred road, rather a narrow rural path, which she plied, escape was more important to her. 
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The police gave us a written note and two police officers to accompany us. We arrived at the service provider’s branch, where an IT expert was assigned to follow us, the GPS indication was showing us Rodelio’s location on Manila map. The GPS led us to a building in the country side. We drove into the compound and alighted from the police van. We were welcomed with a party of bullets as two guards at the entrance to the door opened fire on us. We quickly took cover behind the car. The two officers with us rolled on the ground, expertly gunning down the guards. 
Making it in was gonna be d–n difficult, only God knows what awaited them inside. He left the others and walked round the house with the hope of finding an alternative entrance. Luckily there was a back door and the door wasn’t locked. He kicked it open. They sneaked into the house. He saw a guard who was backing in him, he took quick silent steps towards him, he grabbed the guard’s head and snapped it. The guard fell unconscious, Murdock let him down silently, he would regain consciousness in about 15 minutes. The officer asked us to stay back while he goes inside, we tagged along stubbornly, albeit we had weapons, Mark and Sam were in posession of the dead guards gun while i took two small but incredably sharp knives from a guard’s body.
 “kwwaarrk” “qyaack” 
the sounds of corked guns filled my ears when we got in, i raised my eyes only to see atleas 6 guns pointed at us. Rodelio sat on a couch in the upper floor, with a black shade on, Adrian was by him. 
Rodelio: welcome to hell…. cats!!!!!!!!
 To be continued