Broken Seal Prologue 


Reading books, mags and stories on relationships, even from what i see around me. I found one thing common with all human relationships – there is no relationship that is hitch free, especially marriage-leading relationships. Why so? Is it ‘coz man is a complex being whose heart and mind are a mystry?
Well mine was an exception, i was on my way to breaking a world record of having a ‘hitch-free, marriage-leading relationship.
In Ella, i found all i ever needed, to c—-x it all, our relationship was without grim.
Just when i was on the verge of shattering the shield guarding a spotless relationship, my Ex came into the picture, she turned all my dreams and hopes into a nightmare. To make matters worst she was having my baby!
WTF! How did that happen? What do i do now? Should i leave Ella? But i love her!
Should i go with Ella? What about my child?
I can’t abandon mother and child, no not while am still alive.
What decision would i take without hurting anyone and myself? Is it really possible not to hurt anyone giving the situation at hand? Find out in this breathtaking story BROKEN SEAL; the cord that binds.
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