Broken Seal~ Episode 1


The rays of light from the sun found its way to my room;brightening the gloomy house. My alarm wasn’t an exception, it also cried to the tone of the rising sun. I rolled frome one edge of the bed to the other, finally waking lazily. I got up from the bed, still on my nighties, by my nighties, i mean creamed coloured pyjamas. I located the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then went the the living room. 
Everywhere was still as untidy as it was the night before, what was i expecting? That angels would tidy my room? No way!!! I don’t even believe in them. Ooops sorry i forgot to introduce my self! Am Isaiah, Isaiah Guidotti from a family of four, dad is the mayor of cebu and mum, a business woman. I have only one sibling, my pearl, Isabella. I was born 27years ago. I spent all my life in cebu city, actually, its only yesterday i stepped out of cebu for the first time. I came down here, to Manila, the capital city of philippine, to work. Dad had that taken care of, so i can start working as soon as i wish. 
*phone rings* 
The caller is no other than samuel my best friend. 
Samuel: hey bro
 me: yeah! How are you doing? 
Samuel: i’m doing good….how was your first night in Manila? (laughing) 
me: it wasn’t peaceful at all, Manila is a noisy city!!! 
Samuel: hahahaha welcome to Manila don’t worry, you’d get used to it… the way am coming over, like right now! 
Me: (happy) thats nice, but come prepared, you’ar gonna help me do some tidy-ups. 
Samuel: exactly why i’m coming….catcha then?
 Me: i’d be waiting, bye. *hunged up* 
That was samuel, my best friend. We grew up together, attended the same high school in cebu, but after high school, he came down here to Manila to live with his family, while i attened college in cebu. I started doing some of the tidying, fixing the kitchen, putting the couches in place and so on. Just then, i heard a knock on the door, of course i don’t need a seer to tell me its samuel. I ushered him in, not after a friendly handshake. 
Me: buddy, i’ve got nothing to offer yet….(shy) 
samuel: i understand, lets fix your house for now, when we are done, i’d take you out, we eat, have fun and show you new places, yeah? 
Me: yeah! Thanks man.
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 Minutes drifted to hours, soon we were done putting the house in order. Samuel called an engineer to take care of the power, which he did pretty well, guess he must be an expert. Samuel and i went to a fast food restaurant in the next street, M, de santos street, while i live at Soriano avenue. We ate some local (philippine) food and also visited some fun parks. Then to samuel’s family house where i was given a warm welcome. 
The day moved really fast, its 7:34pm already! I’m not the type that stays out late, i asked samuel to take me home. Samuel had a car of his own, and lives in a mansion, his parents are filthy rich and he’s their only child. A little wonder he is a spoilt brat. Samuel dropped me at the entrance to my house, before zooming off. I went in and sat on the sofa to breath down for a while. I was kinda tired luckily i don’t have to cook, i ate a delicious meal made by samuel’s mum herself!!! 
I switched on the tv a soap tittled ‘rivers of love’ was being played. I liked the display of love and affection showered by Coco Martins (a philippin actor) in the soap. I unconsciously wished it was me been flooded by ‘rivers of love’ yes i did had a relationship back then, but i’d never describe that as rivers of love, rather ‘desert of love’ yeah ‘coz i don’t know if the love actually existed. The soap ended a few minutes to 9pm, not after leaving a great suspense. I was also getting sleepy, but just as i envisaged, the sounds of rock music, various degrees of car hootings and what sounded like gunshots, won’t let me have a blissful night rest. I shouldn’t have opted to stay in the heart of Manila, but hey! I want some adventures, i’ve heard so much about MANILA. ::::::::
To be continued::::::::