Breast Cancer Research


Statistics suggest that a woman dies of breast cancer globally every 69 seconds. Nevertheless, in Ghana insufficient breast cancer awareness and education tops the list of reasons usually assigned for delayed presentation among women. Currently in Ghana nearly 3000 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer annually, and tragically about 50% of this number are lost.
Statistics reveal that 12.5% of women and 1.25% of men are at risk of contracting the disease. Even more alarming is the discovery that in Ghana more women in their early twenties are being diagnosed with breast cancer and according to President of Breast Care International, Dr. Beatrice Wiafe-Addai, “the Ghanaian situation is different from diagnoses done abroad.” This makes aggressive awareness creation among young women in particular of high priority now more than ever.

Yet even in the month of Breast Cancer there is a general apathy in Ghana that is fueled by a culture that prefers to just carry on living as though nothing could go wrong in the hope that it won’t. As usual, ‘Y3 di ama Nyame’ … but have we? Really? Seems more like we have a certain passive callousness. One that has been etched in by too many hard times to the extent that we only care about others when they are directly connected to us or when there are side benefits to be gained. Again, an archaic values system entrenched by a poverty mentality. Could this be why the ‘proverbial’ Ghanaian hospitality is kind of… well… ‘proverbial’?
I still believe though that there are many out there who know that every little drop of attention to good causes counts… whether or not cut-backs are involved… so we won’t give up… we can’t! The Pareto Principle holds… if we can get the 20% to pay attention, we would have done our part. …….TO BE CONTINUED ‪#‎KizalsaGoesPink‬

By Kwabena Ricci – Creative Director/CEO (Mastermind Concepts)