Blind Desire Episode 29


‘where is this place mummy?’ Ifeanyi asked as i held her lands leading her to my room in the hotel ‘why arent we going to our house?’
‘Ifepams…’ i called smiling.
‘yes mum?’
‘lets get to the room first, then i’ll explain everything to you. By the way, are you hungry? Should i order fried rice for you?’ i asked.
She regarded me for a while and pouted, her pink lips reminding me so much of her father. My heart thumped a little as i remembered Ralph. His kisses, his touch, everything about him.
I inhaled deeply.
‘where’s aunt Chime?’ she asked as i inserted the key into the keyhole.
‘she’s in this room…’ i said pointing to the room directly opposite us ‘aunt Chi!’ i called ‘Ifepams is back from school…’
‘i’m coming…’ she said from inside.
I led Ifeanyi into the room and undressed her, leading her to the bathroom.
As i scrubbed her body, i noticed the way she intently gazed at me. I pretended not to notice until she asked ‘mummy, can i ask you a question?’
I smiled at her ‘yes dear, you can ask me anything. What is it?’
‘where’s my dad?’
The sponge fell off my hands as i looked at her. She had an inquisitive look on her face and i wondered what brought about the question. Ifeanyi was just five years old for crying out loud! How could a five year old ask such a critical question?
‘teacher Susan told us today that those who are fatherless are bas.tards…is it true mummy?’ she pouted again.
‘i…i…teacher Susan..i mean, why did she…’ my heart was beating fast as i spoke. God help me, telling the truth wasnt the best thing right now, Ifeanyi was too young to know about all this ‘why would she say so?’
‘someone called Nike a bas.tard in school, and when i asked her what the meaning of ba.stard was, she told me its those who do not have a legitimate father. Whats legitimate mummy?’
‘thats…i wont tell you. All this big big grammar that you speak is too big for your age..’ i forced a chuckle as i resumed scrubbing her body ‘so tell me, who’s Nike?’
‘her father owns a veryy big house..’ she used her hands and eyes in describing how big the house was ‘she told me you would practically get lost in her house if you’re new there. Mummy, i want a big house just like that..’ she pouted again.
‘Ifepams!’ i called frowning ‘you should be contented with what you have and dont eye other people’s properties, thats ungodliness, the spirit of covetousness, very bad!’ i scolded… ‘and the next time you do it, i’m going to spank you’
Her face suddenly became pale and her eyes teary ‘i’m sorry..’
I smiled at her and rubbed the soap on her cheek ‘dont feel bad baby, i’m only trying to correct you so you grow up to be a responsible child and not make the same mistakes i made’
She suddenly looked up at me, the good old inquisitive look returning to her eyes ‘what mistakes did you make mummy?’
‘maybe you should eat now baby..’ i said turning on the shower and stepping backwards as she giggled splashing the water everywhere wetting my clothes in the process.
Someone touched my shoulders and i jerked and turned. It was aunt Chime.
‘have you called Chief?’ she asked.
I sighed and looked back at the window ‘no. I’ll call him tomorrow’
‘Ivyy! Some issues are better solved now than later…’ she placed her index finger under my jaw and turned my face towards her ‘are you alright? Whats wrong with you?’
‘i’m fine aunty..’
‘you and i know very well that you are lying’ she sat beside me ‘whats wrong? Is it Chief?’
‘no..’ i said shaking my head.
I shook my head before looking at her ‘which Ifeanyi?’
She chuckled ‘your lover of course!’
I didnt find it funny so i didnt laugh ‘Ifeanyi…Ifepams asked of her father today..’ i said slowly.
‘what? How come?’
I shook my head as the tears that had gathered in my eyes fell off ‘i dont know aunty…’ i sobbed ‘i didnt get to give her an answer and knowing Ifeanyi well, she’s going to ask again’
‘calm down…’ aunt Chime said placing my head on her ‘dont cry, Ifepams wont ask again and even if she does, dont give her an answer’
‘how possible is that aunty? You know Ifepams very well..’ tears washed my face ‘i was thinking of Ralph, i just remember him. Whenever i look at Ifepams, all i see is him. I shouldnt have killed him aunty, i regret it!’
‘shhh…’ aunt Chime quickly whispered ‘dont you ever say that again! Dont you know that walls have ears?’
‘we should never let anyone know about what we did to Ralph, do you understand? Besides he deserved it. Who was he to mess your life up just like that? And i’m sure his death would have pained his stupid and heartless mother who didnt care about you or her grandchild, thats enough revenge for her callousness’
‘but aunty, it doesnt change the fact that i killed Ifepams’ father..’
‘you killed my father?!’ a voice said behind us.
We quickly turned.
Ifeanyi stood behind the door, her face widened in shock.
Oh God, would this day get any worse?