Blind Desire Episode 28


I looked at the mirror once more and added finishing touches to my make up. I picked up my white handbag, picked up my phone from the bed and left the room.
Approaching the sitting room, aunt Chime was seated on one of the sofas watching her favourite soap opera that showed every morning. I was thinking of setting up any business for her, maybe a supermarket or a boutique or a restaurant, anything to keep her busy.
‘aunt good morning…’ i greeted cheerfully.
She turned, accessed me with her eyes then returned her gaze back to the plasma tv on the wall.
‘aunt Chime?’
She turned again, eyed me then returned her gaze back to the television.
I walked to the beautiful center table in the middle of the sitting room, picked up the remote and switched off the television.
‘whats the meaning of this Ivyy?’ she asked angrily.
‘aunt, i greeted you, you did not answer…’
‘so?’ she retorted angrily ‘what has your greeting done for me? Will you turn on the television at onece?!’
I regarded her for sometime and smiled ‘is this all about Chief’s proposal?’
‘give me the remote…’ she said reaching for it.
I drew back and hid the remote behind me ‘answer me aunty…’
She eyed me and hissed ‘i dont have time for this…’ she said approaching the stairs.
I let out a sigh, checked the wall clock and saw i was twenty five minutes late for work. I dropped the remote on the table, i was going to talk to her later.
I honked and honked. Where were those silly security men who were supposed to be at the gate?
I blared the horn once more, no one came out.
I came down from the car angrily ‘security!’ I shouted as i approached the gate. I wasnt really conversant with their names.
The middle aged man came out of wherever he had been holding his gun to his side.
He smiled at me through the see-through gate making no attempt to open the gate ‘madam goodmorning oo’ he greeted.
‘where did you go to? Open the gate at once!’ i said turning back to leave.
‘madam, they say make i no open gate for you oo..’ he said and i turned instantly.
‘who said?’
‘the oga kpatakpata. He talk say if i open gate for you say him go fire me oo’
‘which oga kpatakpata?’ i asked knowing fully well he was talking about Chief.
‘Chief na. Wait, he even give me letter give you..’ he entered the small building by the gate that served as his “office” and came out with a brown envelop which he handed to me.
I quickly took it from him and opened it.
I let out a gasp as i read the later. It was a sack letter from the company. My services were no longer needed.
My heart shattered into million pieces. I never knew Chief was serious with his threat, i had to act fast, i knew i had to.
‘okay…’ i simply said and walked back to the car. I started the car and drove away.
My phone rang.
I looked at the id, it was aunt Chime. I ignored the call, afterall, i was heading home. Whatever she had to say could wait till i get home.
As i approached my gate however, i sighted aunt Chime from afar standing by the gate with several luggages in front of her. She was talking with the security man who had a stubborn expression on his face.
I immediately stopped the car and came down.
‘whats happening here?’ i asked.
Aunt Chime heaved a sigh of relief on seeing me.
‘Ivyy…’ she said holding my hand ‘you have to call Chief. You have to beg him, he has chased us out of this house. He came with his thugs immediately you left and threw out things out, Ivyy, you really have to call him, biko..’
I was shaken. Why was Chief doing this? First it was the office and now the house? Who knows what next…maybe my clothes and shoes.
Tears trickled down my cheeks. I couldnt say a word. I was slowly loosing everything. Everything i had worked so hard for.
Aunt Chime turned to the gateman begging him for something i couldnt remember.
I wiped the tears in my eyes with my handkerchief.
I turned to the gateman ‘please help me, lets carry these boxes to the booth…’
‘what?!’ Aunt Chime gasped unbelievably.
‘i’m sorry i cant…’ the gateman said ‘who knows if this is a ploy to get me out of the way so you can enter?’
‘dont worry, its okay. Dont bother. We will carry it ourselves..’ i said lifting a box and carrying it to the car.
Aunt Chime stared at me as if i had gone bananas. But after a while, she joined me and together, we carried everything into the car. She entered and i drove off to an unknown destination.
‘where are we going to?’ she asked.
‘i dont know. Maybe a hotel or something…’ i replied. My voice was shaky.
In my heart i prayed, prayed for everything to return back to normal.
I drove faster.