Blind Desire Episode 24


I would never forget that day in my life.
That day when i stood by the window watching my mates dressed in their neat and well ironed school uniform hurrying off to school with their fancy schoolbags slung over their shoulders.
That day when it dawned on me that i might never smell the school gate anymore. That day when it dawned on me that i was going to miss my teachers. Especially Mrs Asemota. That day when it dawned on me that i had disappointed very important persons in my life.
I knew without being told that mama was going to be very upset with me wherever she was.
I lost. I lost on both ends.
Immediately we left the onowu’s house that fateful day, aunt Chime had dragged me to Ralph’s house.
We met his mother and she threatened us after throwing some money to us, never to come close to our house again.
She called me names i knew i deserved and told me to terminate the pregnancy immediately and i shouldnt drag down her son simply because i was also going down.
Aunt Chime had retorted and had told her that if she had given her son a proper upbringing, then he would never have impregnated a girl while in secondary school.
And the woman had looked at me and said i was more shameless because even though Ralph had impregnated me, that wouldnt stop him from going to school becoming what he’s destined to be. But as for me, mine was finished because it will take only a miracle for a responsible and well respected man to marry me.
Aunt Chime had been very mad. And she had stood in front of the woman and told her that plus my pregnancy minus my pregnancy, i was going to be greater than her son in the future.
The woman had laughed and ordered her securities to throw us out. I couldnt stop crying.
At a time, the thought of suicide crossed my mind. I couldnt stand the shame and all.
I looked at the window once more. I saw Mesoma and her friend, Chisom going to school. I was far better than those girls. I was far better than Henna who was scre.wing her own father. Why was i the only one with badluck, i agreed i made a mistake, but did God have to punish me for that?
The door opened and Aunt Chime entered the room with a tray in her hands.
‘Ivyy dear, breakfast in ready, come and eat, have you brushed your teeth?’ she asked concernedly dropping the tray on the table.
‘good morning aunty, i’m not hungry…’ i replied wiping my tears with my hands.
‘are you crying again?’ she moved closer to me ‘baby, you have to stop crying. You really have to stop dwelling on your mistake..what has happened has happened and you have to move on. You have to be in good condition and eat well for your baby’s sake…’
At the mention of baby’s sake, i broke into tears.
She pulled me closer to herself ‘you’ll be just what you want to be my dear, pregnancy will not stop you. You will carry this pregnanct, you will give birth to this baby, you will nurse it for one year but after that one year, Ivyy, i’m sending you to the city, you’ll drop the baby with me, i’ll train it and treat it like my own. With all my savings, i’ll make sure you go to a very good school over there, i would do everything i can, even if i have to open my legs for every man in this village, i will do it. You must show people that early pregnancy cannot stop you from being whatever you want to be. Pregnancy does not take long, just nine months, after then, its over. Just take it as a nine-month break in your life. Moreover, you shouldnt be sad. You are going to be bringing a new life into this world. Do you know how much i’ve prayed to God to grant me this nine-month rest? You are opportuned to get it Ivyy so relax and be happy. If you think your pregnancy will cause you to stop schooling, then it will not, you’ll start school again, you’ll attend university and you’ll graduate with a very good result, i’ll make sure of that. I’ll prove to that useless woman that plus pregnancy minus pregnancy, you’re destined to be greated than that psychotic son of hers…’ she said with such venom in her soul.
I couldnt believe this was the woman i once i hated. I couldnt believe this was the woman whom had flogged me that day..mercilessly.
She was my second mother.
I rested my head on her shoulder and cried.
‘and if anyone tries to mock you, just tell me, i’ll show them a every vagin.a has hair, everywhere in the world except that of a small child! Pregnancy is a gift not everyone has the opportunity to recieve, so if you’ve recieved it Ivyy, then you should cherish it. Dem no born anybody well make they come meet you tell you nonsense, i go tear their cloth for their body!’
I cried. I hope everything becomes as aunt Chime had said it, God being my helper.