Blind Desire Episode 17


Aunt Chime called me after a silent dinner night. Yes, after the death of mama and papa, i had continued living in their house, i had nowhere to go. She had been very nice to me taking care of my medical bills and school-related fees…she was a very nice woman..but i hated her and barely greeted most times when our paths crossed.
I preferred eating in my room than in the sitting room but that particular night, she had insisted i ate with her and i had grudgingly agreed.
After clearing the table, i was about heading to my room when she called me and asked me to sit.
‘Ivyy, i made a mistake…’ she began ‘i should never have tried to destroy your parents’ marriage..not that i’m more like an enemy of progress but i had a particular revelation years ago before you father married your father that your mother would be the cause of you father’s death…and so i only tried protecting my brother but he never listened to me…’ she paused and wiped her eyes with the edge of her wrapper.
‘i agree that we all made mistakes, your mother shouldnt have cheated on your father but your father shouldnt have equally cheated on her in the first place..and i should have also encouraged him to forgive your mother instead of reporting her to the council but i insisted he did the later because i felt she was ill-luck and she was going to corrupt your future. Ivyy, i’ve always loved you since you were a child and i always wished you the might not be my child biologically but i just want you to know that i love you as a mother will love her child. I’m only human and i’m liable to make mistakes..and i’m sorry that your mother had to die because of my mistakes. I dont know if you will ever forgive me, but nwam biko, meremu ebere (have mercy on me), forgive me, lets go back to the way we used to be before all this problems started. I promise to take care of you the best way i can, even more than your parents took care of you when they were alive. This silence btw us is killing me, you dont know how it feels!’
Ifeanyi and i strolled to the garden that particular evening…i had so many thoughts on my mind, though i tried my best to get rid of them so i could savor the presence of my Ifeanyi, he was going back to the city soon.
We sat on the bank of the stream which was unusually empty. I snuggled closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder.
Ifeanyi was a wonderful guy…few months of dating and he was yet to pester me for s-x or even a kiss..just brief casual hugs between us and he was okay with it.
I was determined to heed to, miss Asemota’s advice…but wait a minute, why was that woman bearing Mrs instead of Miss when she wasnt married. I laughed when i remembered that every teacher in that school had a Mr and Mrs attached to their names, so probably not to feel inferior, she added hers too, lollz.
‘why are you laughing?’ Ifeanyi asked carressing my hair.
‘nothing. Just remembered something that happened in school’
‘tell me about it’
‘because you are nothing but a curious cat. And have you ever heard that curiousity killed the cat?’
‘no, i’ve not heard…tell me, how did curiousity kill the cat?’
I laughed ‘you are not serious’
He placed his hand under my chin and looked at me ‘have you ever been kissed before?’
I shook under his stare. In my heart, i knew it was YES…i thought of Ralph, that scumbag.
But my head was screaming NO NO NO! I had no other choice.
‘no’ i replied curtly and shyly.
‘permit me. Should i?’ he angled his head closer but paused looking at my eyes for permission.
I just closed my eyes and drew closer to him.
His soft cold lips touched mine…his felt different from Ralph’s. Ralph’s had been hard and rough but his were soft and gentle like a perfect gentleman that he was.
The intrusion of his tongue brought out a soft moan from me..this was it. This was true love. Our tongues battled for intimacy as he s—-d on my lower lip. This was it…i didnt care if Ralph had kissed me before or not…this was my first kiss as far as i was concerned.
‘i love you Ivyy’
‘i love you too’
I was rushing to the library with my books in my hands when a junior student approached me and said senior Henna was calling me. He led me to an empty and deserted classroom and ran away.
I peeped inside ‘Henna?’ It was somewhat dark, what was Henna doing here?
Immediately i stepped inside, the door was shut hard.
I turned and i saw Ralph…though it was dark, i saw the hungry look in his eyes and i shivered.
‘Ralph…what the fuc.k….’
He attacked me with his lips…rough and gentle at the same time.
I protested with my hands but he held my hands tightly to my back.
I became weak under the hardness of his lips. And slowly, i gave in, returning his kiss slowly at first but soon, we were practically tugging at each other’s kiss.
It was so intense that i had loosed my hands from the back and had drew him closer to me. His hands tugged at my shirt
0h my!
Unbottoning my blouse quickly. His hot hands covered my bre.asts quickly and i moaned. What was it about Ralph that drove me crazy? That gave me the inability to resist him.
He laid me on the ground, and unbuckled his belt bringing out his hard member.
He raised my skirt high above my waist and took off my panties. He went down on me, kissing, sucking, biting everywhere he could.
Then he came up on me and kissed me again, his member positioned at my opening.
He tried enter but it was difficult for him. I wasnt in control of my senses anymore and i urged him to try harder.
Well, he finally did and plunged into me.
I winced in pain.