Bitter Sweetness Episode 14


We soon found rhythm and our bodies made loud noises as they slapped against each other!! Each stoke was pulsated with squashy sounds of liquid which was coming from her K!ttyC@t. I had lost any form of reasoning and was just ramming my way through her body. She too was now making stifled cries like a baby while supporting herself using the washbasin by one hand.

The towel was stuck in-between her legs and were only held on by her knees that had to remain knocked because of the furious Bleeping I was giving her!! This lasted for a couple more minutes and when I felt I was going to spill my seed, I asked her to turn around. I needed to FK her in another position.

She staggered when I let go of her indicating I had Fed her wobbly and was she about doing as I said when my eyes went to her K!ttyC@t again!! Her entire pelvis was filled with thick white liquid that I knew was a result of the pressure I had applied to the juices she had in her! She had Pour severally on my J0yst!ck but I usually do not take that for a sign to stop.

As I turned her around taking time to observe this, I felt my animalistic nature take over me at once and I got on my knees, turned her towards the sink with a bend and with a furious pull buried my entire face into her K!ttyC@t!! I was served early breakfast!!! I sU-Cked her vigourously and she cried!! I could not see her eyes but from her numerous sniffing, I knew she was crying!! Maybe, no one had ever done this to her before!! I felt pity and love and even pulled her hips further back into my entire face.

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I lapped on her juices and the remnants of our last love making. She encouraged me by pushing my head further front into her meaty m—d. My nose was completely filled with the muskiest scents I had ever perceived. She tasted very raw and sweet and I never wanted to stop.

I was trying to locate my J0yst!ck again when we heard the gate to the entrance foyer open! The sales boy was back! Everything suddenly dissolved into a scene of indecisions and quick thinking.

“Please do not leave me now”, I could hear her plead! But I remember seeing myself pulling my shorts back on. I did not have the brain to calculate how much pleasure I was sacrificing. Uncle D’s spy was back and I would be the biggest fool if he found me with my entire nose buried right inside his master’s wife’s K!ttyC@t. We needed to postpone the pleasure. I was glad she understood this soon enough because she suddenly grabbed her towel which was now on the floor, gave a hiss and began making it back to her bedroom.

She must have felt so ravished and yet so unsatisfied. I promised her in my heart right then that I was going to give her the F*K of her life someday and quite soon! “So he even found the pink tissue paper after all” I suddenly heard her add as she got into her room, closing the door behind her. I quickly coded. It was simple arithmetic; three persons in the house; unexplained need for a pink tissue paper (rare commodity); one person on errand; two left alone; then a sweet bang!! She was absolutely brilliant!!

However, I subsequently had an over- washed bundle of cloths to deal with while still fathoming where exactly would be my definition of workplace, this already fabulous morning!.

to be continued