Beyond My Heart Episode 14



  We drove to his apartment near East legon. Silence  crept both of us throughout the drive not even a cough was heard. I started feeling uneasy. I followed him to his apartment where I was made to sit and wait for him. I have change over the years so has Kendrick. He wasn’t the shy guy I knew.

  He came back to me with a glass of juice,which made me remember my rape incident. Ohh thanks I’m ok, I lied. He place the glass beside me and turned facing me in the sofa. Kendra I didn’t bring u here to have sex with u, rather I want to know what happened to u and why u have turned into this.

  Where is the noble kendra I knew. I sent u several mails but I had no reply there I knew u had forgotten about me. Where is the doll I gave u? He ended with a gaze.Look Kendrick I m here for business so please let roll on and stop asking me ridiculous questions.

  Don’t try to rescue me cos I don’t want to, I yell. One thing I hate is  distracting during business. Kendra don’t worry I will pay u triple of the amount when u are ready to go. I just want to know what happened to my kendra,u have no idea how I struggled to live without u in school. I miss u my best friend.

  He said almost in tears. Don’t feel pity for me ,well if u aren’t going to use me for the night I guess I have to leave. One might be wondering why I was behaving that way,well I knew falling inlove as a prostitute means destruction and that I had to give up everything. But honestly I really missed  ken, my ken.

  I wish I could run into his arms and tell him how much I love him. Gudnyt ken, I said turning to go. Kendra please wait, he held my hand turning me to face him. I could feel his heart beat from the touch of his arm. Kendra cnt u see I still love u, I don’t care what happened and who u are now, just tell me all that went on in your life.

  At that moment It was like a flame of desire burning within me, Even when I try conflicting it ,it wouldn’t. I sat beside him and started narrating all the terrible events in my life. From my family murder to how I ended up in prostitution. The sad look on Kendrick face as I narrate to him was indescribable.

  Kendra will u give up the prostitution and be my girlfriend? He managed to speak out of tears. I looked up to him with amazement. Ken do u still love me after telling u all this horrible incidents? He knelt before me as he spoke. Kendra I love u just as u are, I don’t care of all that .To me they are your past, let start our new life together

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