Beyond My Heart episode 3


Kendra! wake up is time for school, that was a usual song i hear every morning,with a gentile tap on my lap waking me from my sound sleep. Aahh I hate this moment ,when my nanny had to come wake me up for school.I reluntuntly stood up from my bed after several stretching and yawning.

Your hot water is ready ,go have your shower while I prepare ur lunchbox.I left the room to my bathhouse,nanny called our maid to come dress my bed .Throughout my life I have always being treated like a princess.I went to school with my favourite lunchbox.specied spaghetti with fried potatoes.

Kendra u are late, i guess is cos of your birthday ,Kendrick said walking closer to me,I have done and submitted your assignment for u..I smiled at him upon hearing that.That’s nice of u ,see what I brought for lunch?we will use it as panic when we go to the gardens after school.

I said opening the lunchbox to him.Wow perfect I also brought drinks and cookies. We headed to our class after the talk.Trust me for the whole day I got nothing from what our tutors taught ,all I was thinking was how to break the news of my departure to him.I knew he wouldn’t take it light but had no option.

At around 3 pm classes was over and we headed to the garden where we sat to have our lunch and play in the garden.Ken I got something to tell u.OK what is it?he asked with curiosity. Well I will be leaving for Ghana this coming June for my little brother’s birthday but will return right after that.

Immediately I completed my statement the look on his face changed gradually.Kendra u are leaving? how can I stay in school .u know i have no one in this school to play with.pls don’t leave me.he said with a tears choked tune.Kendrick don’t worry I will come back very soon. That is my promise to u.

After breaking the news to him ,his mood changed all day.As weeks pass by Kendrick tried pursuing me to stop going but that wasn’t possible.I was missing my family soo much.Finally the day came,the enthusiasms was enough to fill the sadness of leaving nanny and I went to bought our ticket for the next plane.
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