BETRAYED By Aaron Ansah Agyeman

Mr Kwame Awuah suffers a heart attack just few minutes after the opening ceremony of the multipurpose hospital he built for his son. His whole body is totally paralyzed and he has only a few weeks to live.

He has nobody to turn to, not even God because even with his benevolence and kindness to everyone, he’s a staunch atheist. He receives sympathy from everyone who has heard and experienced his kindness but no one knows that the Heart attack that sentenced him to death was caused by the two people he loved most, his wife and his son. He had caught his son making love passionately with his wife.

He is shown kindness by a nurse in the hospital and with the love he gets, he lives beyond the timeline given to him by the Doctors. But his son and wife who says they’re madly in love with each other are not ready to give him the chance to come back to life.

He is totally paralyzed and can’t tell anyone of his plight. His son and wife are desperate to end his life. Can there be a way out for him? What would be the end for the betrayals? This you will find out as Aaron takes you on this wonderful ride, first episode drops at 12pm



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